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BFA522 Risk Management

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Answer: Introduction: Companies are likely to have engaged in various sustainable approaches that are more likely to establish the stakeholders for long term agreement. In the view point of Courtney et al. (1997), the risk management practices are no longer adequate to deal with the threats that the companies are facing in the recent time. Factors like intense competition, huge dependency on fossil fuel and others pose a new level of threat t...

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BFA522 Risk Management

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Answers: Environmental or climatic change has some direct effects on business, one of which is increase in cost and taxation on carbon emission. However, business is largely responsible for carbon emission, which is one of the major reasons of climate change. A report on inside out analysis says that climate change has adverse effects on business (Lowitt 2014). Firstly, it results in changing the temperature and weather pattern, which in turn ...

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HAT 202 The Hospitality And Tourism Market

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Answers: The hospitality sector is considered as one of the biggest industries in the world. The industry is growing rapidly. Hilton Worldwide Holding Inc or Hilton Hotels Corporation is a multinational hospitality organisation of America. It manages and charters a wide range of resorts and hotel.  Discussing the competition For analysing the competitive position in the market and devising further strategies, it is important to carry ou...

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BUS103 Accounting For Managers

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Answer: The new management must reply to the comment of the plant manager with regard to the responsibilities related to the operations and functions of the plant manager.  The reply must consider the following points:  The plant manager needs to make a variety of decisions that will prove to be resource and not burden and thus, the manager has to have an effective process of decision making progress. The manager is also responsible...

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686AA Human Nutrition

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Answer: Description of services Keeping in mind our goal to improve the health conditions of local community and giving consultation to obese, hypertensive, high cholesterol, uric acid and diabetic patients. The pharmacy is going hire a dietitian who would advise patients regarding their dietary needs and requirements, as in the kind of diet and nutrition they should follow. We will also employ some aboriginal workers in our team in order to ...

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EPM5740 Project Risk Management

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Answer:  As stated by Baucells and Rata (2006), an individual’s perception towards risk depends on the assessment of probability and the consequence of the events. Workplace risk assessment depends on how well the risk is assessed and exposed rather than the probability and the consequences. There are numbers of factors that directly contribute towards the decision making ability of a subordinate. The internal factors include memory, ...

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MKT203 Services Marketing Uber For Perishibility, Simultaneity And Hetrogeneity

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Answer: Purpose of Study  Defining the elements of Service  Description of Servicing Business using Intangiblity, Perishibility, Simultaneity & Hetrogeneity  Analysis of the Marketing Mix  7P of Services Definition-Service Marketing It emerged as specialized branch of Marketing in 1980’s.  It is the promotion of economic activities offered by business toits clients.  The rel...

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MC258 Mechanical Engineering

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Question: Discuss About The Evacuation Movement In Apartment Buildings?   Answer: Introducation The September 11, 2001 attack commonly known as the 9/11 attacks was a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks on United States. The attack killed around 3000 People and injured more than 6000 people. It caused around $10 Billion loss in infrastructure and property damaged. The attack changed the minds of several leading engineers ...

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Hospitality & Tourism In Australia

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Questions: 1.Identify and discuss the prime ethical and governing issues presented in the Vanuatu’s Broken Dream video. 2.Did PO Cruises act ethically in this case? 3.Discuss how Australian and/or Vanuatu’s governments could have resolved identified issues. 4.Suggest at least three recommendations to overcome such issues in the future.   Answers: 1.From the video, there are various ethical issues presented. The first...

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Case Study Of Mr XZ

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Mr XZ.     Answer: Introduction The paper deals with the case study of Mr XZ, a 43-year-old man diagnosed with central diabetes insipidus. In the previous 3 months, he was complaining of polyuria, polydipsia, and nocturia. The water deprivation test confirms the illness and eliminates diabetes mellitus. In response to the case study, the paper discusses the aetiology and pathophysiology ...

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Social Media And Nurse Informatics System

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Question: Discuss about the Online Social Media System And Nurse Informatics System.     Answer: Introduction The important aspect of the high quality care is Patient-centred care. It can be facilitated by the nurses by using the informatics and online social media system. The assignment identifies the key features of the online social media system and nurse informatics system. The essay evaluates the quality of both the systems...

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Consumer Behaviour: Social Media And Internet

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Question: Discuss about the Consumer Behaviour for Social Media and Internet.   Answer: The paper presents a brief overview of the consumer behavior. It explains that how social media channels and internet sources influence the buying behavior of the consumers. Consumers play a vital and significant role in the economy. It explains that how various factors affect the pre-purchase and post-purchase behavior of the consumer. It exp...

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HAT 202 The Hospitality And Tourism Market

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Question: Discuss about the Operating in Australia the Great Barrier Reef.     Answer: Running for a stretch of a staggering 2300 kilometers, ornamenting the north eastern coastal region of Australia the Great Barrier Reef, is a natural wonder that fascinates anyone who is a travel enthusiast. It is situated in the state of Queensland near the Equator. True to the name this marine ecosystem is comprised of almost 2900 individual ...

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The Cartwright And Craig Stances

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Question: Discuss about the Cartwright and Craig Stances.     Answer: Four stances of Cartwright and Craig corporate governance model: Corporate governance can be defined as the structure of lawful, institutional and cultural factors shaping the patters of the influence that is exerted by the shareholders in the process of managerial decision making. According to Tricker and Tricker (2015) board of directors forms the basis of c...

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Professional Practice: Scope And Limitations

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Question: Discuss about the Professional Practice for Scope and Limitations.   Answer: Introduction Purpose, Scope and Limitations The report is formulated in order to describe the different types of recruitment strategies of the Australian employers to the students. The employers are using different methods of competitive recruitment and selection strategies in order to select appropriate students from the campus so that they c...

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