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Fundamentals Of Pharmacology

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Question: Part A 1.  Define the terms 'pharmacokinetics' and 'pharmacodynamics'. 2. What is meant by 'plasma protein binding'? In your answer, explain the effects that plasma protein binding has on the metabolism and elimination of protein bound drugs. 3.  Why should aspirin not normally be administered to a patient who is taking a course of the anticoagulant drug, warfarin? 4.  Explain the 'hepatic first pass effect'. Why is it ...

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Pharmacodynamics And Potential Adverse Effects

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Question: Describe about the Pharmacodynamics and Potential Adverse Effects?     Answer: A: Pharmacokinetics- This concept refers to the manner a body usually reacts to various drugs. This explains largely about physiological matter which occurs once the drug enters into a body. However, the concept of pharmacokinetics includes absorption, breakdown, distribution and clearance of drugs from a human body. B: Pharmacodynamics: Thi...

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Question: Write an essay on Pharmacology.   Answer: Verapamil is an organic compound that is also a calcium channel blocker. It is used as a drug for the treatment of hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, and angina pectoris. Verapamil has been extensively used as a vasodilator and is easily absorbed by the body after oral administration. On administration of the drug, it undergoes the far-reaching epatic metabolism through portal circulat...

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Pharmacology: Diagnosis And Treatment

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Question: Discuss about the case study Pharmacology for Diagnosis and Treatment.     Answer: Introduction The purpose of this paper is to develop an evidence-based pharmacology paper on Asthma. It will give relevant information about the diagnosis and treatment of Asthma. It will review the current literature on asthma and identify what is known and what is known about the issues present in the disease process. The paper will ex...

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Pharmacology : Treatment Of Inflammation Processes

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Question: Describe about the Pharmacology for Treatment of Inflammation Processes.   Answer: Description The purpose of this essay is to describe my experiences while I was working I a clinical ward at Beret hospital (Epp, 2008).  In this case, I was in charge of a cubicle in which many patients suffering from cancer were admitted. In this particular case, I was placed in charge of Mr. Pinte, a patient who was suffering from colo...

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Question: Describe about the Inflammatory Bowel Disease.   Answer: As Mrs. Greenway is diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, there is high possibility of diarrhea and malabsorption because of inflammation. Both these diarrhea and malabsorption leads to deficiency of electrolytes and as result malnutrition in Mrs. Greenway. Mrs. Greenway should be informed about following diet and lifestyle changes. Mrs. Greenway should take more flu...

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Organ Bath Experimentation & Dose Response Curves

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Question: Discuss about the Organ Bath Experimentation & Dose Response Curves.   Answer: Introduction An example of an agonist that can cause contraction of smooth muscles is norepinephrine, while epinephrine antagonises the action. The agonist norepinephrine binds to specific receptors on the vascular smooth muscle hence leading to contraction of these muscles. The contraction action involves a number of signal transduction p...

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Pharmacology: Medical And Biological Research

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Question: Discuss about the Pharmacology for Medical and Biological Research.   Answer: Responsible for Ang II generation Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) generates the production of Angiotensin II (Ang II) that mediates the renin-angiotensin-system (RAS) effects in the body (Becari et al., 2011). On the other hand, Elastase-2 (ELA-2) which is a chymotrypsin-serine protease elastase family member 2A alternatively generates th...

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Regulating Circulatory Sympathovagal Balance

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Question: Discuss About The Regulating Circulatory Sympathovagal Balance?   Answer: Introducation The roles of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in treating arterial hypertension, congestive heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases have been documented well. However, recent study as well as research has shown that treating patients with appropriate doses of ACE inhibitors did not result in permanent attenuation ...

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Metformin: Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

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Question: Discuss about the Metformin for Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.   Answer: Diagnosis Oral glucose tolerance test In this test a person is asked not to take anything for the entire evening or night and the blood glucose/sugar is measured. Afterwards, they will recommend you to take sugary fluids and then after that, they take a sample of the person blood and test for some several hours (8). If the level of the blood sugar ...

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