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BUSI 1342 Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Answer Introduction: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays crucial role in image building of every organization. It helps the organization to achieve desired reputation in the society (Castellanos, Parra and Tremblay 2015). Every business organization incorporates some CSR policies into their rulebook to improve their public image, as transparent image is highly beneficial for every organization to achieve long term goal. CSR act as an ...

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BUSI1329 Project Management

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Answer: The project scope statement was chosen with the help of qualified staffs who formulated the rules that are applicable in this particular instance of vending flowers. The obtaining of the statement was with the help of combining aspects of the strategic nature for enhancing success to the particular success of the ready flowers entity.  This is reflective aspect that facilities vast experience was used to derive the scope statement...

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UOGA3014 Understanding Oil And Gas

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Answer: Introduction The oil and gas industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Oil and gas have been used for thousands of years for lighting purposes. The first successful oil well was drilled by Edwin Drake in 1859 for the purpose of finding more oil (Devold 2013, P. 1). Since then, the industry has been growing rapidly with the advancement in technology. Currently, various products can be produced from oil and natural gas. The...

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NJW10 Working With And Leading People

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Answers: Introduction  The function of human resource management plays a vital role in the success of the organization. The continuously increasing competition in the global and domestic market makes the organizations focus on developing their strategies, which eventually increase the investment on the human resources department. It has been long recognized that appropriate investment in the human resource department can provide the orga...

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POG350 Development In Oil And Gas Industries

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Answer: Introduction The following report aims to provide the analysis on governmental action that influence the profitability of oil and gas retail industries in the region of United Kingdom. The present study highlights the scenario of oil and gas industry with the help of elements of current data as well as the structure of oil and gas sector for the petroleum products. The present assignment incorporates certain factors that influence the...

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IS3167 Management And Innovation Of E-business

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Answer: Introduction: The customer engagement can embellish the business activities as well as the sales activities of any company. The companies are now focused on developing smartphone apps that can engage more and more customers. The report will focus on the various aspects which can be followed to engage more and more customers. The areport will showcase the cloud technology concepts that can be helpful for customer engagement. Oracle Li...

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NJW10 Human Resource Development

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Answer: This particular study has provided in-depth knowledge and understanding on how designing an effective and systematic training program is highly important for evaluating the learning style of an individual employee. HSBC is popularly known as one of the largest financial service organization all over the world. Headquartered in London this particular organization provides services around 37 million customers Worldwide. The primary miss...

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PH311 Employee Law And Relations

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Answers Introduction A contract of employment in the European Union is negotiated under private law. The contract is between the employer and the employee and it has to comply with the formalities of a contract (Philip, 2015). Recruitment involves analysis of job requirements, advertising for the job vacancy, interviewing applicants, hiring and eventually integrating them into the business. Selection on the other hand includes identificatio...

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NJW10 Business Strategy

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Answer: In an international business environment it is very crucial for any business to understand the dynamics of business and marketing strategy (Morrisons-corporate.com, 2017). This report is aiming to build a marketing strategy for Morrisons and to do that at first the environmental analysis would be conducted in details. Recommendation strategies are devised and put forward after being evaluated by different tools and methods. By all thes...

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UHRM3009 Understanding Human Resource Management

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Answers 1. Introduction One of the main disciplines of the organizational management is organizational structure. The structure of the management helps in coordinating the functions and the operations of the different constituents of the organization. The contribution of management professional is to maintain and supervise the day-to-day operations that involve the best approach of the manager. The affectivity of employing the best practice...

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications

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Answers: Part 1: Introduction:  Nike is among the top multinational retailers of sporting equipments for many decades. Unique design and high quality products of Nike have allowed several world class athletes to perform their best at their respective games. The marketing strategies of Nike have allowed proper development of brand portfolio, which eventually created major impact on the brand popularity (Khan 2014). Presently, Nike is loo...

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HI6026 Audit, Assurance And Compliance

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Answer: Introduction: (A) In a situation when the auditor is not free enough to take a decision, or there is an indirect pressure from the client on the auditor with regard to his views, it is said that the auditor’s independence is jeopardized. The effect of the same under different scenarios is as follows: In this situation, Geoff has been asked by LTH to speak about them in a travel agency seminar, with a view to promoting the bus...

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PSAC4056 Professional Skills For Accountants

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Answer: Introduction: Increasing the productivity level is among the crucial goals of any organization. However, this activity is only accepted by the HR managers as a justifiable approach. While most of the HR managers accept that their job is to establish the policies, processes and programmes that assist in managing the people, very few attempts are taken to align these objectives to increase the output of the employees (Clarke 2013). No ...

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BSB40212 Business Accounting

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Answer: The major difference between them is he time-period for which they are prepared. The balance sheet presents an overall depiction of the financial position of an entity at an instant of time. On the other hand, the profit and loss statement depicts the revenue and expenses realized by an entity during a financial period. The balance sheet is developed for determining the working capital that is assessed by comparing the relation betwee...

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INDU 1098 Resource And Talent Planning

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Answer: Introduction: Human resource is one of the most prestigious and responsible departments for managing employees and measuring their talents.  Human resource management needs to maintain a set of responsibilities that can create learning atmosphere and opportunistic career management for the associated employees. Talent management is one of those responsibilities that the human resource management needs to maintain in terms of moti...

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