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Alternative Dispute Resolution By ACAS

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Question: Describe the purpose of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with references to services provided by ACAS?     Answer: An introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution The process of Alternative Dispute Resolution can be considered as a collection of the processes which can be used for the resolution of various conflicts and other disputes in a more private or casual manner. The entire process of Alternative Dispute R...

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Concept Of Professional Autonomy

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Question: Describe about the concept of ‘Professional Autonomy’?     Answer: The concept of ‘Professional Autonomy’ is a widely used concept among some professions. By definition, professional autonomy refers to the process of having the freedom and authority to take decisions as per the knowledge base and experience of the professional. In many professions, the professionals are not given the freedom to t...

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Apple: Benefits Of Present Market

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Question: Exploiting the benefits of present market trend caused by technology and innovation management?     Answer: Brief Background and Aims for PhD: The company background: Apple Inc. is known worldwide for its successful management of the company in the competitive market of consumer electronics industry. Its innovative products have huge differences with similar products launched by other competitor companies:  start...

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Strategic Management Of Global Manufacturing Networks. Production Planning & Control

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Question: Strategic Management of Global Manufacturing Networks for Production Planning & Control?     Answer: Company Profile: Sainsbury Sainsbury is one of the largest retail supermarket in UK aftere Tesco is been considered. It is the longest standing food chain that was operated in the year 1869. Sainsbury is proposed to serve more than 16 million customers and have more than 800 retail stores across the country. Recentl...

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Strategic Management: Strategists At Work

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Question: Task A:  Provide a table that presents a brief description and key references of concepts and tools with respect to organisational resources and capabilities. Task B:  Provide table(s) and/or figure(s) to illustrate the application of value chain analysis to this case study. Show where and how key capabilities are developed, employed and managed. Task C:  Drawing on your value chain analysis and on concepts / tools o...

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Nivea: For Men Case Analysis

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Question: Expain Nivea - For Men Case Analysis?     Answer: Introduction: Nivea is actually a Global brand for skin as well as body care products owned by a German firm named Beiersdorf. This company began in the year 1911 when Beiersdorf developed water in the oil emulsifier as a proper skin cream along with the excerpt. Beiersdorf is also amongst internationally leading firms for the skin care and it is even ver...

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The Economics Of Financial Markets: Managerial Accounting

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Question: Describe about The Economics of Financial Markets for Managerial Accounting?     Answer: Introduction Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) explains the relationship between the risk and expected return in a rational equilibrium market. CAPM method is based on several assumptions related to risk, return and equilibrium market. The main assumption is that market returns are properly modeled by a normal distribution and bet...

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Business Communication Essentials: Management

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Question: Describe about a H&M efficient PR and communications department and adopt ethical practices in their advertising and other communication?   Answer: Summary H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a multinational company based in Sweden. It has become one of the largest retailers for offering fashion clothing for all the categories, women, men, children and teenagers. The communications and department of H&M works at a globa...

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Managing Change Across Boundaries

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Question: •    Critically reflect: either on a recent change process that has happened or is currently happening in your own work situation; or on a change process that has happened in an organisation of your choice? •    Produce recommendations as to the lessons you have learned from the change process which will enable you to more effectively enable change in the future?   Answer: Introduction ...

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De-westernizing Film Studies

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Question: Discuss about the De-westernizing Film Studies?   Answer: Introduction The films ‘Peter and Ben’ and ‘The Apology Line’ are chosen to show two completely different aspects of human emotions. On one hand, the bond of love between an animal and a man is shown in ‘Peter and Ben’. While ‘The Apology Line’ deals with the darker side of human emotions. Theme & Subject  &...

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