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The Airbag

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Question: Describe about airbags:     Answer: Introduction: Momentum and the rate of change of momentum principle is used in several real time applications. Airbag is one such application where the rate of change of momentum and subsequent reduction in impact force-principle is used for the safety of the passenger in automobile cars. Whenever the car is moving at high speeds there exists very high momentum associated with the ca...

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Interpreting Health Research And Issues

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Question: Describe about the Interpreting Health Research and Issues?   Answer: Outline of Problem Healthcare management emphasizes on controlling infection within the hospital for maintaining hospital hygiene. It is evident that hospital acquired infection which is known as nosocomial infection is a major concern for the health care providers and professional (McFee, 2009). Nosocomial infection can be described as the infection which...

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Medical Health Care Management

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Question: Describe local or federal policies, or policies that will be created, to achieve the objective. State in what ways public health partners are contributing. If they are not, how could they be contributing?   Answer: Summary: Healthy people 2020 is launched by the department of health and human services in December 2010. The goals of healthy people 2020 are improve the health, longer lives and free of preventable disease. The...

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Tuberculosis Disease

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Question: Describe about Tuberculosis drug?     Answer: Introduction: Tuberculosis an ancient chronic disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis still remains one of the leading causes of death across the globe. Under developed and developing countries being the worst affected. There are three types of TB namely MDR multi drug resistant), XDR (extensively drug resistant) and TDR (Totally drug resistant). India has become highe...

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International Journal Of Qualitative Studies On Health And Well-Being

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Question: Describe about the International Journal Of Qualitative Studies On Health And Well-Being?     Answer: From the starting of the civilization, among the various significant factor, which greatly influences the essential human activity, and regulate the quality of the life, health is very much crucial. In order to develop a proper as well as systematic health care system, safety along with the preservation of the privacy o...

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Survey Of Intelligent Computing In Medical And Health Care

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Question: • Contrast the terms confidentiality, privacy, and security. • Identify threats to the security of health information. • Describe the primary components of the security provision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and extensions by HITECH ACT. • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the health information technician with regards to information security?     Answer: Con...

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Health Care Profession

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Question: Discuss about health care providers, managers, and administrators are faced with a variety of ethical issues?     Answer: Introduction: It is quiet common in health care profession that there is always clash between a patient’s family and health care personnel. It has been observed that few patients inevitably suffer from the consequences, that they made during the course of their care or when they are hospitaliz...

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Autism: Foundations Of Research Inquiry In Health

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Question: Can autistic children improve their daily life from dance lessons?   Answer: Children with autism have difficulty in communication and socially interacting with others. They fail to form the social responses and do not have the relation building ability. Some of the behaviors exhibited by them include response failure, no eye contact and ignoring. Therefore, they fail to develop the social skills and cannot perform group acti...

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Foundation Of Research Inquiry

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Question: Are children who view anime films aware that the characters are not real?   Answer: Introduction This assignment is about exploring the different ways to explore the procedure that are in use to describe the two questions that has been set for this assignment. Based on the selected Qualitative and Quantitative question, the methods for preparing these two questions will be highlighted. Qualitative Question The selected Qua...

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Case Studies On Management Behavior

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Questions: 1. Discuss word root, prefix, suffix, and combining form in relation to determining the meaning of medical terms.  2. Explain how the phonetically spelled pronunciation guide aids you to pronounce medical words or phrases correctly.?3. Describe the major organs within that system, how they work together to perform the major functions of the system, and at least 2 illnesses related to the system.   Answers: 1. Medical te...

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