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Termination And Change Of Health Insurance Policy

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Question: Describe about the Termination and Change of Health Insurance Policy?   Answer: Introduction The insurance intended to claim or use in order to cover the medical expense incurred for the treatment of diseases among the individuals is called as health insurance. The individuals who work with government firms or private sector are usually availing the facility of health insurances. The employer can pay the insurance premiums o...

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Drug Use And Addiction

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Question: What positive influence can this factor have? Explain. What kind of negative impact, if any, can the factor have on drug use? Explain in detail. What kind of negative impact, if any, can the factor have on drug addiction? Explain in detail. How are factors that influence drug use different from those that influence drug addiction? Explain in detail.   Answer: Drug use and Addiction Introduction The condition od addiction ca...

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World Health Organisation- Palliative Care

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Question: a) Discusses the importance of providing age appropriate palliative care reflecting a palliative approach for a person and their family. b) Illustrate your understanding of nursing care using a palliative approach when applied to your chosen life span category.   Answer: According to World health organisation (2002), palliative care is an approach that inhibits and reduces the suffering related to life threatening illness by ...

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Biochemistry: Assignment

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Questions: 1. Glucose can be metabolised through glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation to produce energy for the body in the form of ATP.a. Calculate the net number of ATP that can be generated from four (4) moles of glucose in the liver. Assume that this is occurring under optimal conditions. Show all workings.b. Would the same number of ATP be produced if the four molecules of glucose were being metabolised in the mus...

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Desease: Bachelor’s Of Nursing

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Question: Describe about infectious disease in bachelor’s of nursing?   Answer: Measles also called as morbilli, rubeola or red measles, an extreme infectious disease caused by measles virus. Measles is mainly an infection which generally causes to children and this disease can be averted by vaccination. The symptoms of this disease include sore throat, cough, inflamed eyes, and fever, running nose and red rashes on the skin. Alt...

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Public Health: H1N1 Dominant Influenza Virus

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Question: Describe about H1N1 dominant influenza virus?     Answer: Summary H1N1 is related to dominant influenza virus that had affected people from different parts of the world. Though the World Health Organization or WHO had in the year 2009 declared to end the serious problem associated with H1N1.  The spread of the problem has been on an increase due to unawareness amongst the people. H1N1 is a viral problem, and coul...

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The Airbag

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Question: Describe about airbags:     Answer: Introduction: Momentum and the rate of change of momentum principle is used in several real time applications. Airbag is one such application where the rate of change of momentum and subsequent reduction in impact force-principle is used for the safety of the passenger in automobile cars. Whenever the car is moving at high speeds there exists very high momentum associated with the ca...

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Peer Review: Health Care Provider And Faith Diversity

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Question: Descrieb about Peer review on health care provider and faith diversity?     Answer: This paper has analyzed the relationship and idea of faith diversity and health care provider. The aim of this paper is to clarify the concept of Buddhist and Christian beliefs in health care system. The author of this paper has explored the similarity and dissimilarity between these religions and how these two religions play a major fun...

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Financial Position: Memo

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Question: Discuss Medbox's overall financial reporting and financial position.?     Answer: Overall financial reporting and financial position analysis of Medbox The quarterly financial statement of Medbox shows that the gross profit levels of the company are negative and hence the gross profit ratios are negative. The present GP ratio for September 30th 2014 is around (5.91) which suggests that the company lacks financial profi...

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Complex Area In Nursing: Case Study

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Question: Sonia is a 36 year old involved in a motorcar accident (MCA) on her way home from work Friday night. Her medical diagnoses are: L Pneumothorax (ICC inserted)Lacerated spleenL shaft of femurSuspected internal bleeding not identified during surgery.Sonia:• Has had a general anesthetic and a laparotomy with repair of the liver laceration.• Was infused with 4 units of whole blood during surgery• Has an epidural line for ana...

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