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Multiculturally Sensitive Mental Health Scale

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Questions: 1. Theories applied for addressing the moral status in this scenario?2. Recommendation presented by the theory?3. Approach of the theory recommended for this action?     Answers: 1. Theories applied for addressing the moral status in this scenario: To determine moral status of a fetus in this present scenario, application of Jon Wetlesen’s multi criteria theory is literally important and genuine (Chao & Gree...

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Effectiveness Of Mouthwash

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Question: Describe about effectiveness of mouthwash using a chlorhexidine solution in theadults’ patient in reducing prevalence of ventilator associated pneumonia in the adult Intensive Care Unit?     Answer: Background The patients who are critically ill, have been ventilated mechanically for a time longer than 48 hours, have the risk of developing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP). It is a hospital acquired infection...

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Disability In Lewisham Community

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Question: 1. Health and social care practice perspective?2. Disability issues in specific group?3. Policies on this issue in Lewisham borough ?4. Physical and medical model of disability?     Answers: Introduction: Given the area of disability and mainly the physical and medical model around this vis-à-vis anti-discrimination practice and anti-oppressive policies, and having gathered much recognition among policy makers, ...

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Prevention Of Adolescent Substance Abuse

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Question: What health risk do you expect to tackle by implementing this intervention?     Answer: Selection of the group and the reason of selection In the assignment, the researcher has made an analysis on the three families and the young children. The researcher have selected this group as he wants to make dome of the deeper analysis and also can be able to take some of the adaptive strategies and the in order to solve any kin...

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Assignment description: Glaucoma is a symptomless disease and adherence to long-term therapy is a highly significant issue. Consider the drugs that have been used, and are now used, to treat this condition including their mode of action and their side effect profiles. Investigate the rationale behind combination therapy and any novel means of drug administration currently being researched. Paragraph structure (PEE): 1. Make a Point 2. Give an Exa...

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Terms And Their Related Health Risks

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Questions: Part 1: Define these terms and list the potential health risks of each: Include the definitions the resource where the definition was obtained. Normal weight Overweight Underweight Obese Morbid obese Ethnocentrism Part 2: For this assignment either find a willing participant or you may use yourself and calculate BMI. Check the BMI chart and decide what category the person is in according to the WHO. Develop a diet teaching plan accord...

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Financial Position: Memo

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Question: Discuss Medbox's overall financial reporting and financial position.?     Answer: Overall financial reporting and financial position analysis of Medbox The quarterly financial statement of Medbox shows that the gross profit levels of the company are negative and hence the gross profit ratios are negative. The present GP ratio for September 30th 2014 is around (5.91) which suggests that the company lacks financial profi...

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Biochemistry: Assignment

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Questions: 1. Glucose can be metabolised through glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation to produce energy for the body in the form of ATP.a. Calculate the net number of ATP that can be generated from four (4) moles of glucose in the liver. Assume that this is occurring under optimal conditions. Show all workings.b. Would the same number of ATP be produced if the four molecules of glucose were being metabolised in the mus...

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Kellys Personal Construct Theory

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Question: Identify the internal and external users of secondary data Distinguish among healthcare databases in terms of purpose and content?     Answer: Introduction: The first theorist to adopt the cognitive perspective was George Kelly and he held the view that people are like scientists. By referring to persons as scientists, Kelly meant that every individual is constantly engaged in the process of understanding themselv...

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While on clinical placement a case study is to be conducted of an acutely ill patient whom the student is caring for at their placement venue. This patient could be in accident and emergency, intensive care, operating theatre or recovery room, or a patient on a medical or surgical ward who is post major surgery or has a complex medical condition. The condition may be a chronic illness that has caused an acute hospital admission. Note: The patient...

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Quality Improvement / Change ProposalPart

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Part A: Quality Improvement / Change Proposal [3,000 words, 75% of total grade; assesses learning outcomes 1 - 4] Prepare an evidenced based proposal for a quality improvement/change to be implemented in your organisation. Use the following headings to structure your assignment: 1. Introduction 2. Aims and Objectives for the Proposed Quality Improvement / Change 3. Rationale for the Proposed Quality Improvement / Change For example: a. Briefly as...

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Managing Quality: Health And Social Care

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Questions: 1. Perspectives of Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust’s Stakeholders regarding quality?2. Standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality?3. Evaluation of effectiveness of systems, policies and procedures used in achieving quality?4. Methods for evaluating health and social care service quality with regard to external and internal perspectives?     Answers: Introduction: Effective quality ...

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Pharmacology: Effect Of Injecting Insulin, Insulin

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Question: Describe about about complications of diabetes side effect of insulin and effect of injecting insulin?     Answer: Insulin lowers the level of blood sugar inside the human system. Insulin is the main hormone, which controls glucose uptake from blood to liver, adipose tissue and muscle cells. Hence, insulin deficiency or receptor insensitivity plays a major function in all types of diabetes. Most common insulin side effe...

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Project Design Proposal.

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Prepare a detailed design document for the user interface for your project. Your design document should be based on your Project Requirements and Scope document and your Project Design proposal. Your design document should include the following sections, as a minimum: Design overview; Project scope; Business and User requirements; Key assumptions;  Design process to be used; Interface Design, including the following sections with ju...

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Termination And Change Of Health Insurance Policy

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Question: Describe about the Termination and Change of Health Insurance Policy?   Answer: Introduction The insurance intended to claim or use in order to cover the medical expense incurred for the treatment of diseases among the individuals is called as health insurance. The individuals who work with government firms or private sector are usually availing the facility of health insurances. The employer can pay the insurance premiums o...

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