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ECON1012 Principles Of Economics

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Answers: The market forces of demand and supply is affected by various forces and two of the most important forces is the price of the good and the price of the substitute. Figure: effect of price of solar panel being more than equilibrium price Source: author creation From the above diagram it can be seen that as the price of solar panel increases above the equilibrium price (ceteris Paribus) that is if it increases from “p” to...

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BSBRSK501 Manage Risk

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Answers Part A: Risk management Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks ().   1. Seven step of risk management Establish the context Implement a framework for risk assessment and mapping in a care organization. Identification Outline the responsibilities of risk managers with their respective domains. Assessment Identify and define the risks to which the business is e...

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BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Across The Organization

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Answers: I am writing this letter to inform and report the entire incident which happened with Gary King. This letter also includes the report the review of the statements of Gary King. As, MacVille has been very serious about the problems like employee safety and health of the employees, it was very important to understand and report the incident to the management properly. As I was appointed for the task I looked into into with serious conc...

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UNCC300 Justice And Change In A Global World

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Answers: Literacy and spread of education though often considered as an issue that should be addressed by different countries in different ways is actually a global issue. Spread of education and enhancement of literacy among the common mass should be an issue of common good but this common good is not always realised appropriately. Developed nations are yet to address the issue of illiteracy in myriads of developing nations, and it has been f...

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BUS707 Applied Business Research

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Answer Outsourcing is defined as the methods or rather the ways in which the companies in different fields do entrust the entire processes of the functionality of the business to the external suppliers. The business process can be conducted in certain criteria that are offshore in a location that is obtained from the external source. The inventory management is the example of the functions that are being discussed under this topic of discussio...

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COMMGMT 7001 Business Communication

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Answer: Part 1: It has been noticed that production and revenues have started reducing over time since the introduction of the new systems that were aimed at helping and making work easier. It has also come to my notice that most of the employees are also not using the installed systems in their daily work activities. The reason for poor results has not been clearly identified as the working environment has been created to be conducive to the...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: Outsourcing is the systematic practice with the help of which an individual company lies to perform and provide services for another company. The primary purpose of maintaining outsourcing for a company is saving costs. In many cases, it has been observed that a particular business organization does not have the internal efficiency in maintaining effective customer service system due to the lack of sufficient workforce, internal equipm...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems

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Answer: Present Organization Structures A small Australian business company, trading in electrical products since more than 15 years having less number of employees and deals in day to day cash transactions who are maintaining their books of accounts into manual system. Manual bookkeeping framework is a data framework, it is a composed method for gathering, entering, and handling information and putting away, overseeing, controlling, and ann...

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ACC514 Financial Accounting

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Answers: Answer to Question 1: The proposition of IASB concerning the effective communications of financial information of entities, I have planned to make s submission in response to the same. I have been considering investments in two banking institutions that is ANZ bank and Westpac group. It has been explained that prepares of the financial statement regards the exercise as complex and many tomes it is perceived by investors that performa...

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HC1041 Information Technology For Business

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Answer: Introduction Information technology is the study of systems that includes sending information, storing data, telecommunication etc. it includes the design, administration support of the computer, administration and supports to the computer. For the growth in IT a person needs skills and technics in the IT field, a degree of bachelor’s in IT (Borghoff & Pareschi 2013). It includes software and hardware that a company uses for...

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HS2041 Enterprise Systems

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Answer: The Enterprise resource planning is the integration of the various forms of the corporate functioning that can be gained by using the Information Technology. The main objective for the small and the large manufacturing company have the ERP is to track the activities and the supply chain and the inventory that are been purchased for the final shipments to the customers (Dong, Du and Qi 2016). This form of the integrated view o...

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ACC101 Fundamentals Of Accounting

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Answer: Using the following information, make the necessary adjusting entries. (12 mark) Rent of office premises of $1,216 for the 4-month period ending 30 August is due to be paid in July. Rent A/c…. …Dr 608   To Rent Payable  A/c   608 The Supplies account had a $600 debit balance on 1 July of the preceding year. Supplies costing $1,400 were purchased during t...

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BIOCHEM 2501 Biochemistry II Metabolism

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Answer Acetyl CoA acetyltransferase 2 deficiency. An overview. Acetyl CoA acetyltransferase 2 deficiency (ACAT2D) is a type of metabolic disorder.  Metabolic disorder is a condition where the metabolism process in the body fail to maintain essential elements required for proper functioning of the body. Acetyl CoA acetyltransferase 2 deficiency is therefore a condition whereby there is low levels of cytosolic acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase (AC...

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26100 Integrating Business Perspectives

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Answer: What is the problem? The problem that will be discussed here is the lack of space for giving residential accommodations to the University students of Australia. This is a known fact that students from many different regions of the world want to pursue their career from abroad. Australia is one such place from where they want to pursue their career. The cost of renting a house is immensely high in Australia and students have to suffer ...

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ACC303 Contemporary Issues In Accounting

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Answer: Introduction: The assessment aims in evaluating the annual report of Fairfax Media Limited in accordance with conceptual framework for detecting the fair representation that has been conducted by the organisation. In addition, the different valuation method that has been used by the organisation in preparing the annual report is adequately depicted in the assessment. Moreover, the recognition criteria, the auditor’s report and t...

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