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World Health Organisation- Palliative Care

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Question: a) Discusses the importance of providing age appropriate palliative care reflecting a palliative approach for a person and their family. b) Illustrate your understanding of nursing care using a palliative approach when applied to your chosen life span category.   Answer: According to World health organisation (2002), palliative care is an approach that inhibits and reduces the suffering related to life threatening illness by ...

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Communication Skills Training In A Nursing Home

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Question: Describe about communication skills training in a nursing Home?   Answer: Communication forms an essential part of the healthcare practice, which involves effective means of sharing information and educating the patient. Notably, learning of effective communication skills is one of crucial requirement as competency, which helps in achieving (Sprangers, Dijkstra & Romijn-Luijten, 2015): Professional satisfaction and eas...

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General Purpose Financial Reports: Public Sector

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Question: Discuss about the General Purpose Financial Reports for Public Sector.   Answer: General Purpose Financial Reporting (GPFRs) GPFRs are required to be prepared by the reporting entities according to the Australian Accounting Standards which is the governing body. The GPFRs are prepared in order to meet the needs of those users who are not in a position to demand financial reports from the company as per their tailored needs. ...

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Health Safety Act In Australia

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Question: Each State and Territory has a principal health and safety Act which sets out requirements for ensuring that workplaces are safe and healthy. These requirements spell out the general responsibilities of different groups of people who play a role in the workplace. Research the Work Health Safety Act in your state or territory and discuss the follow: • The key Objects of the Act • The duties of employers and employees under t...

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Capital Gains Tax Assignment

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Questions: Dave Solomon is 59 years of age and is planning for his retirement. Following a visit to his financial adviser in March of the current tax year, Dave wants to contribute funds to his personal superannuation fund before 30 June of the current tax year. He has decided to sell the majority of his assets to raise the $1,000,000. He then intends to rent a city apartment and withdraw tax-free amounts from his personal superannuation account...

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Taxation Law Australia

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Questions: 1. Alan is an employee at ABC Pty Ltd (ABC). He has negotiated the following remuneration package with ABC:   • salary of $300,000; • payment of Alan's mobile phone bill ($220 per month, including GST). Alan is under a two-year contract whereby he is required to pay a fixed sum each month for unlimited usage of his phone. Alan uses the phone for work-related purposes only; • Payment of Alan's children's school ...

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Business Capstone Project Management

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Question: Discuss about the human resource management.    Answer: 1.0 Introduction Human Resources are the main assets of every organization, as each task is ultimately done through them. Therefore, every organization should maintain their human resources properly with great care and proper guidance. Human resource management (HRM) is the process to manage the employees within organization through structured and proper manner. It...

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Essay On Parol Evidence Rule

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Question: Write an essay on parol evidence rule.    Answer: The parol evidence rule refers to the rule of the substantive common law that applies in those cases of contract where any party is prevented in any written contract from making the presentation of the evidence that is extrinsic and makes the disclosure of ambiguity. The parol evidence rule also makes the clarification or makes the addition to terms of the contract t...

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Performance Management

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Question: Write an essay on Performance management.   Answer: Introduction Performance management is one of the most important aspects of an organization or company. In an organization, the performance of the employees or their working process must be monitored, and if there is any problem, it must be solved by the superiors or the management of the organization. There are various aspects of performance management that need special at...

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The Healthcare Business

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Question: Describe some processes at which we can progresses the healthcare business effectiveness using IT.   Answer: Introduction In today's date computer and Information Technology (IT) are an essential part of every business. In this competitive market, every business needs to invest more in IT. Information technology benefits the business world by allowing organizations to work more efficiently to increase productivity. Informati...

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