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LAWS6016 Taxation Law

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Answer: Introduction: According to the case study, Peta mainly bought the house two years ago, where it holds two old tennis courts. The intention of Peta was mainly to reside in the houses, while generating income from nearby tennis courts. Nevertheless, later in some point Peta sold the tennis courts for $600,000, which is mainly termed as the assessable income. However, the overall motive of Peta was to reside in the property and earn from t...

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ISYS215 Introduction To Systems Analysis

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Answer:  In the proposed information system for the pizza shop the stake holders will be as follows,  The owner of the restaurant or the sponsor of the project to develop the information system. The owner is responsible for the creation of the environment so that the information system development project can be completed in time and budget. Other stakeholders in this information system development project. Staffs at the shop (Such...

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ACCT20072 Accounting Systems And Information Assurance

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Answer: Analysis The construction of the paper has been based on selecting the precise university where business law and accounting degree can be completed. It is seen that selecting the appropriate university is important so that one can complete their course in a proper manner and can gain knowledge about the subject and after the completion of the course one can success in future. It is very important to get a job after completing the cour...

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CJSP109 Interpersonal Communication Skills

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Answer: Introduction This report demonstrates effective professional communication in context of the healthcare sector. The effective interpersonal communication skills are significant for healthcare professionals because it helps to make a long-term relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and patients. Therefore, it can be said that effective professional communication could directly influence the personal and professional life of hea...

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HRMG203 Human Resources Management

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Answer Introduction Human resource management is one of the most essential activities of any business organization. The most important resource of any business organization is the work force and its effective management is essential for the success of the business organization. The management of the human resource is a challenging task for the business organization and has to be taken up diligently by the management of the organization. This ...

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ACC303 Contemporary Issues In Accounting

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Answer: Introduction Accounting is the first and foremost function which shall be adhered by each and every organization whether it is the private sector companies or the Government sector companies. Without the accounting no one can judge how the particular company is functioning and which company will have high stock price, etc (Anastasia, 2015). These considerations come only from the accounting and which in turn help the users of the fina...

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FNSACC506 Implement Internal Control

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Answers: Introduction In the recent two decades, the prominence of corporate governance has increased in the business environment of Australia. The recent cases of corporate collapse and the financial crisis have forced the government, company and shareholder to push for more robust corporate governance procedure. In Australia and the corporate governance has developed in an Ad Hoc manner. However, the companies have embraced the evolution in...

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BAO2203 Corporate Accounting

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Answer: Part 1: Introduction: This report depict about the financial position of Bellamy’s Australia limited. Through this report, the ratio analysis has been done to analyze the investing condition of the company. Consolidate final statements of the company has been analyzed. Company overview: Bellamy’s Australia is mainly operating in the food and beverage industry in Australian market. The parent company is Bellamy’s A...

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FNSACC501 Provide Financial And Business Performance Information

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Answers: Compliance protocol Conflicts of interest It occurs when individual’s personal interest conflicts with the company’s interest as whole. Individuals should not have any economic interest in position or relationship with any person to which the company compete, if such interest influence their action on behalf of company. Corporate Opportunities Officers, directors and employees should be prohibited from getting personal o...

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CPT350 Cloud Computing

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Answer: Introduction In today’s world information technology and internet have provided solutions to a lot of problems related to health care and issues related to transport and communication. Information communication technology has become a huge platform for managing the issues like dyslexia and many more. Information technology has created a lot of advantages which can be utilized for human welfare. One of the most important inventio...

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ECON2002 Principles Of Economics

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Answer: Introduction: Market is defined as a place where goods are bought and sold. However, in Economics, the term Market is used in a wider perspective, here it means the entire area where the sellers and the buyers of the product are spread. Market Structure refers to the organizational as well as other characteristics of the market. It refers to the degree and nature of the competition that exists in the market, which are determined by th...

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LAWS20060 Taxation Law Of Australia

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Answers: Answer to Question 1: Answer to Part i: The condition mainly identifies that there are pertinent benefits given to a business analyst availing Webjet. Under the normal scenario, such benefits that the airline firms have provided are not taken into account under taxable income, as laid out in “Taxation Ruling of TR 1999/6”. However, the ruling of Australian taxation depicts that certain criteria are evident that is r...

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BUSN20019 Professional Project

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Answer Chapter 1: Introduction Background of the study This research study will highlight the important aspect for higher sales of an organization through their effective research & development and advertisement regarding their products or services. Laws et al. (2013) highlighted that innovation is the main objective of research and development department. So, in order to identify the leaps in market participation and creating strong marke...

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IRHR3540 International Human Resource Management

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Answer: Trump’s threat to Toyota U.S. President Donald Trump debilitated Toyota on Thursday with a "major border tax" in the event that it didn't fabricate cars that are implied for the U.S. within the states, the most recent in a progression of assaults on auto producers and the first run through since his decision that he has undermined a remote organization. The $1bn manufacturing plant will be formed at Guanajuato, a state in the ce...

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HI6026 Audit Assurance And Compliance

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Answers      1. a) Threats in each situation for Auditors Independence Conversation with Chris In the given conversation, it has been noticed that Chris, being the CEO of the company has tend to politically develop an environment within which the auditor gets trapped. He on the first have appraised the working of the audit firm and thereafter puts the condition on the part of the audit firm stating that the audit engagement wi...

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