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ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems

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Answer: Undiscounted Flows 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Costs  $8,00,000.00   $8,75,000.00   $12,00,000.00   $21,50,000.00   $11,50,000.00  Benefits  $-     $11,75,000.00   $15,50,000.00   $18,00,000.00   $19,50,000.00  Net Cash Flow  $(8,00,000.00)  $3,00,000.00   $3,50,000.00&n...

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ACCT 332 Accounting Information Systems

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Answer Overview of Business Processes In today’s businesses, manual business functioning or all the business processes increases the complexity of an enterprise. Business process is a vicious circle that starts on one end and ends on another end targets all the aspects of an entity (Rosa, Van Der Aalst, Dumas & Milani, 2017). Motive of the firm is to accomplish all the aims and targets within a given span of time as the basic intent...

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ACC8003 Accounting Information Systems And Controls

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Answers: 1. Stakeholder analysis It is vital when it come to a resolution of the conflict, as well as administration. The individuals or groups can be easily spotted by the action and sorted as per the influence they have on the action (Connelley, 2012). In the case study, Electronics Outlet is going through a patchy phase amidst tiff with the suppliers and the CEO decided not to write off the stock so that the net profit remains u...

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COIT 20268 Responsive Web Design

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Answer:  This power point presentation is made based on the research conducted on the organisation of JKS Accountants, which is a developing accounting firm in Sydney, Australia. The objective of the presentation is to define Virtual Private Network (VPN); to analyse the problems that is associated to the organisation in terms security that may arise without the use of VPN and the advantages of application of VPN to the same. The situation ...

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ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems

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Answers: Introduction Global Management Accounting Services (GMAS) is an integrated suite of outsourced accounts management services that are provided to several small and medium sized business units and organizations. It aims to maintain the quality and continuity of the operations, implementation of the technologies, resource management and optimization along with better management of labor. There are various services and operations that ar...

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BAP71 Accounting Information Systems

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Answer: As per the profile of the company McDonald it is important that it should evaluate the workings at every location as it is engaged in serving fast food across innumerable locations. Hence, it is obvious that the company must have written policies in a clear cut manner and procedures must be present that will help in revenues, production, ethics and customer attraction. An internal control mechanism guided by the framework of COSO and C...

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BFA221 Accounting Information Systems

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Answer: Internal Control: In the given case, the order is placed through an electronic mode. The order is made over phone for the product. In addition, it is suggested to ask them to fax the details and the values of stock available, including price and the lead-time. In that case, the internal control of the company is required to be increased the mailing process or quotation process should be followed instead over phone calls (Marshall and ...

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HEC132 Accounting Information System

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Answer: How to assess post-implementation stage? Choose phase implementation or big-bang? Pros and Cons of choice. The post-implementation stage is the key to recognize the time spent on the IT project. In the post-implementation stage, openness in the assessment is important (Sykes & Venkatesh, 2017). It need a successful documentation procedure and practices. The Big Bang is chosen as it relate all modules and related processes at the s...

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1103AFE-Accounting Information Systems

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Answers: 1.Cyber-attack at Target Corporation has been a great shame for the company as millions of data and passwords of customers have been hacked within a few seconds. The audit committee of the company has been investigating the cause of the cyber breach in the company. The committee found that there has been an internal person of the company for this breach (Buczak & Guven, 2016). The board of directors of the company has been properl...

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Process Of The Accounting Software System Of B Bakery

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Question: What a Baker does? Discuss the business activities/processes of the organisation to show your understanding about the business.     Answer Introduction The paper discusses the process of the accounting software system. B bakery is a bakery firm that sells wide range of products and services to the customers across the world. The paper explains the business process and requirements of the bakery business. Here is the di...

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Propensity To Concern Opinions In Australia

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Question: What Is The Propensity To Issue Concern Opinions In Australia?   Answer: Introduction: Underneath is the discussion based on different scenarios in case of Mallacota Marina Limited , which leads to lack of internal control on the part of those people who are in charge of management. Non-collectability of Debts: There should be proper segregation of duties among the personnels for collection of debts. That referes, that...

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Audit: Forensic Accountants And Big Data

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Question: Discuss about the Audit for Forensic Accountants and Big Data.   Answer: 1.The platinum Manufacturing group have ordered equipment under its ‘special ordering system’ in which the company spend more than $13 million on its office equipment. These were divided between the range of $3000 to $30,000 were all the payments were categorized in two different section, one that is more than $10,000 and less than $10,...

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Profitability Position Outdoor Adventures

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Question: Analyze and examine the profitability position of the company ‘Outdoor Adventures’ for the month of March 2018.     Answer: Introduction This report undertakes the profitability analysis of Outdoor Adventures for evaluating its performance for the month of March 2018. It also provides suggestions to the company to improve its profitability efficiency on the basis of the performance evaluation. Profitabilit...

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Professional Issue Of IT: Employees

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Question: Write about the Professional Issue of IT for Employees.   Answer: Employees are not free to leave the usability test as they have agreed to the terms and conditions specified in the contract. In accordance with ACS values, employees expected are expected to have an objective position on their professional work [1]. Leaving the test would violate this value as the employees are bound by the terms of the contract. In this...

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Transactions On Services Computing

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Question: Discuss about the Transactions on Services Computing.     Answer: Introduction The use of the Virtual Private Network is prioritising its importance in the market these years. This PowerPoint focuses on the VPN of the JKS Accountants in Sydney. The concept of the VPN has been described in the presentation. The risks that were prevailing in the company by not using the VPN are discussed in the presentation. The benefits...

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