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MMK221197 Construction Economics And Procurement

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Answer Introduction  The government of any country in the world is a body of people who are bestowed with the responsibility to control the different aspects of a country such that the overall welfare of the country remains maintained to a consistent level and keeps on increasing. Among the various responsibilities of the governing authorities, one of the primary responsibilities is to develop proper infrastructure in the country and foc...

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PPDI5039 Project/Placement Design And Implementation

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Answer: Introduction The conflict between different participants arises when the individual or the organisation starts looking after its own interest and ignores the other participant’s interest. These and related issues were the basis for understanding the factors which concerned the project of constructing a Dam on the site chosen to construct a power plant at the junction of Nam Kading and rivers. Two potential dam sites were in...

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications

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Answer: Company Overview: Chipotle Mexican Grill is an emerging organization located in the US and abroad, operating in the fast food industry. Founded in the year of 1993 by Steve Elis, the organization has come a considerably long way (Grant 2016). While the organization is still encountering cut-throat competition from some of the rival brands of the fast food industry, such as KFC and McDonalds, the organization, nevertheless has been a...

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MMK221199 Construction Management

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Answers: Introduction Retail industry comprises of individual entrepreneurs and companies that are engaged in selling of finished products to consumers. The business from retail services can be privately owned or publicly traded in stock exchange. It is estimated that about two thirds of gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States emanates from retail consumption. It is therefore common knowledge that retail industry contributes to a gr...

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EVRE5017 Evaluation And Reflection

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Answers: Personal Analysis Strength My strength includes my hunger for knowledge and my physical, mental and emotional abilities. People who know me see my strength in organization and communication skill, my drive to get things done and succeed, my punctuality and prioritization and my leadership abilities.   Most importantly, my education and network communication help me real new goals. Internally attention to details and eyes fo...

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MMK221199 Construction Management

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Answer: Conflicts are born when in an industry, competition is the primary focus. This competitive mindset and several strategic planning make interests collide to mark the source of conflicts. Construction industry requires dealing with various people effectively to devise cooperation (Dearlove and Saleeb 2016). Production is the ultimate goal of the industries and if it is in a critical state then the safety of the staff is questionable. Ini...

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MMK224757 Construction Technology

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Answer: Introduction: The building sector is changing remarkably with the design and construction of buildings taking considerable effort to reduce the energy consumption as well as decrease the greenhouse emissions. However, there are various types of buildings for various purposes such as residential, industrial etc. Therefore, the design engineers should ensure that the design does not alter the usage while still maintaining the efficiency...

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L370 Criminology

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Answers: Introduction In the year 2011, most of the developing and developed countries of the world expressed the concern related to the role of certain hazardous substances that are disrupting the balance of the environment and causing ill effects to an extent where it can kill people and environment.  During the same year, the Environmental experts came out with the formula of People, Planet and Profit (Sullivan, 2018). Under it, they ...

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EG5115 Tendering Estimating &Construction Cost Control

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Answer: Assuming that pricing of Euro 5 million implies the direct cost of the project and indirect cost has not yet been allocated which is allocated on the basis of percentage of prime cost. Thus on the basis of this methodology, the indirect cost that can be allocated to this project amounts to Sterling 3,47,814. `The detailed working has been enclosed herewith and marked as Annexure-1 of the report. The mark up profit in works contract is...

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NURS3046 Nursing Project

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Answer: Problem The problem caused by this issue is the formation of pressure ulcers in elderly patients during their stay in the hospitals. Pressure ulcers are considered localised injuries, which occur due to unrelieved pressures on the underlying skin and tissues. Despite effective preventive approaches, pressure ulcers can be unavoidable in some cases. Even it has been observed that pressure ulcer rate among elderly people has increased o...

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EG 5115 Tendering Estimating & Cost Control

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Answers: 1. Introduction Brief Report on SMM and NRM Suite Measurement The SMM stands for standard method of measurement and it has been defined by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for aligning with the implementation of the detailed calculation and table analysis (Designingbuildings.co.uk. 2018). An industry based analysis had been deployed for uniform measuring analysis of the building works. The adoption of the best practice f...

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POGI6048 Politics In The Oil And Gas Industry

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Answer: The report is prepared for critically analyzing the strategic approach of company by emphasizing on different identified themes. These themes include reputation management, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and ethics and boardroom organization. The selected organization for the purpose of analysis is Conoco Philips which is the largest independent multinational energy corporation based on proved and production rese...

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ST3S81-Case Study On The Emerging Themes

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Answer: Introduction: The emerging themes that are implemented in the daily life process are improving themselves each and every day. The use of technology is a common factor in today’s world. The technology advancement is helping everyone to maintain a sustainable and framed lifestyle. The advancement had once destroyed the natural resources to create products that benefitted human life. The excessive use of such resources have made a ...

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6BUSSW001 Cultural Challenges And Difficulties For Entrepreneurs To Go Global

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Answer: Introduction The rise of globalization in the current era has made the term ‘global entrepreneurship’ a very well known word. The term Global entrepreneurship is used for those entrepreneurs who operate on the global level and businesses around the world. It plays a very important role in today’s businesses, since many of the entrepreneurs seek for the multinational corporations in order to evaluate their skill of...

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Ethical Consumerism: Consumer Marketing

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Question: Describe about the Ethical Consumerism for Consumer Marketing.   Answer: Introduction: Ethical consumerism refers as individual consumption where choice has been informed by a particular ethical issue – be it social justice, human rights, the environment or animal welfare (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte 2012). People often make their consumption decisions on ethically, for instance, standards of labor (rates of w...

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