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Mobile Application In Business

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Question: Describe about the Mobile Application in Business?     Answer: Abstract: Mobiles are being used for almost every purpose of business, education, healthcare, government etc. Apart from being a communication device, now it has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has become an important part of business. Especially with the emergence of smartphones and mobile application the use of these mobile applications in ...

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Internet Technologies And Communication Protocols

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Question: 1.1 Critically evaluate different internet technologies and communication protocols                  1.2 Critically compare different internet services and internetworking servers                  1.3 Discuss network management concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security, reliability and performance ...

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Sales Tracking And Decision Making Analyses

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Question: Describe the Sales Tracking and Customer Relations Analyses? and to analyse a set of data, and write a brief report, identifying and explaining your insights into the operation of “The FedFone Co.”?   Answer: Executive Summary Businesses evolve around data, now a days, every business process of any organization generates a lot of data. Analysis of those data gives critical insight in the business process, future ...

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Roles And Types Of Database Administrators

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Question: Comparison between different application based on platform (Operating Systems) and How it will give benefits to the Database administrator?     Answer: 1. Introduction Databases are important for storing and managing any types of data for any organizations. Databases are administered by Database Administrators. They are specialized in database management. In the next sections of this report, there will be brief discus...

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

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Question: Describe about the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?   Answer: Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system is a real time based system that operates in a real time environment. The system takes into account the external along with internal information and data flow that is essential and used in the organization (Ma, 2013). There are several organizations that undertake ERP systems for the better collabor...

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Outsourcing Information Technology Risk Management

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Question: Describe about the IT Risk Management?     Answer: Introduction This report is about outsourcing information technology from a third party in business process of a company named Aztec that operates in Australia. Outsourcing IT involves variety of function such as operating services, local area network and software hardware and software, application development, etc IT outsourcing is a common phenomena in financial ser...

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Marketing On The Web

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Question: Describe about the Marketing on the Web?   Answer: Concept Online marketing helps the company in approaching maximum number of clients, from different markets. Through this method, it is possible to introduce product based marketing system. With the help of such a system, the company attempt to build long term relationship with the existing and potential clients. Web marketing strategies include implementing the best market...

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UNIX Operating System Process States

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Question: Describe about the UNIX Operating System Process States?   Answer: On UNIX PC working framework, a "zombie" methodology or dead process is a strategy that has finished execution yet at the same time has a right to gain entrance in the method table: it is a system in the "Ended state". This happens for child methods, where the right to gain entrance is still expected to permit the root method to study its child's stopped statu...

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Astro Incorporated Financial Investments

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Questions: Case I Astro Incorporated Financial Investments   Astro Incorporated ("the Company" or "Astro"), incorporated in Delaware, is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of clothing. The Company has three lines of business: (1) outerwear, (2) t-shirts, and (3) tank tops. Astro was extremely successful in its early years when it partnered with colleges and universities to create outerwear, t-shirts, and tank tops for athlet...

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Internetworking With TCP/IP: Assignment

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Questions: Task 1 Explain with the aid of diagrams the TCP/IP Protocol Architecture. Discuss the function of the protocols within each layer. Evaluate the application of TCP/IP to internet based applications. Task 2 Explain the principles of IP addressing based on IPv4 and discuss the key practical issues in implementing IP addressing within public and private networks. With the aid of a network diagram explain how IP addresses are ...

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