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KMGT702 Sustainable Programme And Portfolio Management

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Answers: Program and Portfolio Capability Program portfolio is a factor that instigates change in an organization.  Change is a factor that receives opposition when the right culture is not installed in the workers. It is thus imperative for an organization to apply the services of a change agent.  They are individuals who are conversant with tactical and strategic objectives of the organization.  The change agents will aid the...

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BUSI3313 Marketing Principles

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Answers: Introduction The Highbury English Language School can be regarded as a profitable and well-renowned English language school situated in North London. In the last eight years, the management of the organisation has succeeded to develop a strong client based in North London. It is a family based school, run by Kevin and Jill. However, the organisation is facing some difficulties in the recent era as Mazubishi; one of its major clients ...

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7AC002 Accounting And Finance

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Answer: Introduction The present report is based on analyzing the costing procedures of the company claret and Blue Ltd. The company is involved in production of machinery components to the customers as per this requirement. The company carries out its operations on the cost plus’ basis. In this context, the report has provided an analysis of the cost incurred on job number 339 and the methods of production overheads. It has also discus...

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ACT202 Management Accounting

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Answers: Question 1 Differences between operating, investing and financing activities: Operating activities: Operating activities covers cash activities that are relating to net income. It involves transactions related to supply of goods and services to the customers and also the expenses incurred to generate revenue. These activities has the major impact on ‘income statement’ activities. Investing activities: Investin...

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0302362 International Business

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Answer: To focus on the value creation, there is a need to handle the project management with the focus on the limiting risks and maximising the opportunities. The effectiveness is considered with considering the allocation of the organisational resources to the programmes and the projects. The organisations are making use of the PMO which is mainly to handle the multiple projects and the other successive business cases to implement the projec...

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HRMM055 Management And Organisational Behaviour

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Answer: Title of the research project is found out the “Significance of CSR practices for keeping up positive relations with Australian communities” in context of retail industries”.  Research Rationality  The research is taken in consideration because most of the organizations are completing the responsibilities for perspective societies. CSR activities of organizations support the business functioning significan...

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STRM043 Competitive Strategy And Inovation

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Answer: The ways has Jeff Immelt redirected the strategy of GE Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric for two decades before Jeff Immelt. Jack Welch was the first of the CEO of the company and the only thing that drove its productivity was his immense contribution and control of the whole organisation. Jack was a believer of transparency and direct confrontation in the management process. The growth strategy before Immelt was solely ...

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HRMM058 Leadership In A Changing Context

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Answer: The rapid improvement in the technological sector and liberalization in the trade activities across the globe have given rise to globalization Companies are expanding themselves in various developed and potential international markets There are many issues which arises at the time of global operations because of several factors such as political circumstances, legal framework, communication and cross-cultural diversity. To manage th...

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CHS 232 Health Sciences

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Answers: 1: Low birth weight and Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR). Low birth weight is the concept used to describe the babies who are born with weight of less than even 5 pounds and 8 ounces i.e. 2500 grams. These babies are more exposed to renal disease as they are not fully developed in the mother’s womb. The main cause of low birth weight is the pre-mature birth of the babies (almost before 37 weeks) (Stanford Children’...

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ECNE 610 Managerial Economics

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Answer Introduction Education is a pillar to the economy of every country. The world is very dynamic especially with the arising issues relating to globalization, technology development, and industrialization. Education of workers in developing countries is very important because it gives these countries a chance to compete healthily with other economies. Education of Industrial Workers in Developing countries Educating and subjecting the w...

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CID138 Clinical Pharmacy

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Answer: Topics In Clinical Pharmacy A renal replacement therapy simulation to strengthen essential pharmacist skill: The main idea in this simulation activity was to reinforced student’s informatics skills, professional communication, literature evaluation skills and ability to offer care for general population. Pharmacist involvement on positive culture review post emergency department discharge: The study is essential in analyzing ...

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BUS633 Managing Diversity In A Global Economy

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Answer: Introduction Diversity is an essential aspect of any organization (Brown 2015). In an increasingly globalized world, it is usual for organizations to operate in numerous countries and for their employees to hail from diverse backgrounds. This diversity has to be appreciated and understood in every aspect of its manifestation, and therefore, it is untenable to analyse and ascertain to the extent of diversity by using just a single lens...

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MIS207 Principles Of Management Information Systems

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Answer: Telecommuting: A remote Solution for small enterprises Telecommuting is an approach that utilizes the features of telephones and computers in order to enable a feature into an organization which will Allow its employee to work out side of the offices as well. Due to the application of Telecommuting an employ can work from home in case of any necessity. Popularity: The utilization of telecommunication has grown from the year 1995. In...

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CIS 444 Cooperative Training Program

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Answer: Introduction: Savola is a company that was founded in 1979 in Saudi Arabia. They started a small company with 200 employees. Their main task was importing and refining vegetable oil and sell it locally. They had a clear vision for their future of becoming the leading investment group for their region and generating high profits for their investors and shareholders. Hard-work and commitment leg to growth and expansion. After that, Savo...

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BUS491 Principles Of Marketing

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Answers: Introduction  Marketing principles or the principles of marketing are considered as marketing concepts which companies utilize an operative marketing approach. They are identified as principles upon which companies construct product promotion policies. Business organizations employ the marketing principles for the effective advancement and endorsement of goods, products or services. Marketing is the aspect of business that is hi...

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