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The Corporate Travelers An Business

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Travelers An Business.     Answer: Introduction The corporate travelers are the ones who undertake travel for business purposes within the country or undertake international travel (Sherry, 2015). They have specific requirements and priorities and they undertake the travel strictly for official purposes. The objective of this research is to identify the features of the corporate travelers an...

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Factors That Influence Perception

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Question: Discuss the factors that limit and distort our Perception and Contribute to bias. What can individuals and Organisations do to overcome this?     Answer: Introduction Perception is called a process that makes the individual organises the ideas & interprets the sensory impression to give meaning to the environment.  The behaviour of the individual in an organisation depends on the perception of what the reality...

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Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability

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Question: Discuss About The Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability?   Answer: Introducation Premier investment operations have had both positive and negative impacts on the environment and society. Positively this company has supported two organizations, the RSPCA and Paw Justice which deals with animal welfare. (Hedberg, 2013) Additionally, this firm has extended its support on education sector by supporting children cha...

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Account And Financial Management: Traded Company

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Question: Discuss about the Account and Financial Management for Traded Company.   Answer: Summary of Findings This study deals with examining the financial performance of a publicly traded company known as Woolworths Limited for the year 2015 and 2016 (, 2017). For this study, information is generated from the annual reports of Woolworths Limited for the year 2015 and 2016. The main motive of business is to g...

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Diploma Of Management

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Question: Discuss about how manage budget and financial plans.    Answer: Performance objective The objective of the performance is to demonstrate the different financial approaches of the management. It shall include the management of the financial resources of the company. 1. Role Played by the Scenario Appendix 1 Big Red Bicycle company produces bicycles sold to the retailers in the domestic Australian Market. The structure...

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Environmental Factors Influencing Development

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Question: Discuss about the Environmental Factors Influencing Development.     Answer: Introduction: Based on the personal opinion, it can be stated that Malaysian Airline does provides a product or a service to the clients. Malaysian Airlines is a global aviation organization with its auxiliary and equity investments, organized into four distinct commercial sections namely, Air transportation, Ground services, Aircraft leasing an...

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Analyze The Macro Environmental Factors

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Question: Discuss about the Analyze The Different Macro Environmental Factors.     Answer: Introduction The report helps in understanding the concept of contemporary marketing in hospitality industry in Australia. Contemporary marketing is defined as the businesses that are usually associated with the profit making motive as well as to earn huge revenues. The contemporary explanation of the hospitality industry helps i...

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Association Of Certified Fraud Examiners

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Question: Discuss about the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.     Answer: Introduction: There have been observed various cases frauds in companies wherein the employees have been found to be involved in misappropriating the business assets. For example, a worker of IKEA was found to be misappropriating company’s cash by way of diverting the money from customer’s refund account (McMenamin, 2008). The study of ...

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Citizenship And Communication

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Question: Write an essay on the "politiscram".    Answer: The introduction – outline and achievement of the game:  The essay includes a detailed study of the game called "politiscram”. This game is a board game which I conducted and it starts with spinning of the dice. The game includes steps like: set up- each player would choose an avatar and process the game in an democratic way, how to win- overcoming various...

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Marketing And Entrepreneurship: Funding And Ethics

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing and Entrepreneurship for Funding and Ethics.   Answer: A non-profit organization that implements the marketing concept. Nonprofit organizations are slowly adopting business-like techniques in their operations, and are becoming involved and more confronted with market pressures which are only typical to the profit-making entities. These include elements such as competition, funding, and ethics...

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Global Sustainable Information A Society

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Question: Discuss About The Global Sustainable Information A Society.   Answer: Introduction This essay discusses the importance of internship in the current business economy and society. Interns are one of the most important people in the service sector. These people provide with valuable services (Shade and Jacobson 2015). They are the source of fresh ideas and smart works hence mentoring opportunities for the staff. The economi...

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Benefits & Issues Of Online Learning

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Question: Identify and analyse the Benefits and Issues connected to both Online Learning and face to-face learning in higher education. Support your discussion with evidence and examples.     Answer: Introduction In the world of education, the technology has brought a big revolution. The face-to-face learning in classrooms has been facing tough competition from online learning. With the advancement of technology, students across...

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Academic Writing: VR Technology

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Question: Discuss about the Academic Writing for VR Technology.   Answer:  The selected academic writing is a review on the 360-degree VR technology used in a short-documentary film “Clouds over Sidra”. The writing has been produced in an essay format, which requires proof reading and editing in parts due to some incongruence in the writing style. For academic writing, I followed the process of academic wri...

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Calculation Of Ratios

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Question: Explain calculation of ratios.    Answer: Calculation of Ratios Average debtor days is the number of days taken by a company to recover its dues from its creditors. It will be given by the formulae (365 Days*Average Receivables)/ Credit sales.(Gibson, 2012) Since given from the statement of financial performance and the ledger, average receivables are 362,500 and also given that credit sales during the year were 1,450,0...

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Practices For The New Brand In TK Ceramics

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Question: Discuss about the HRM Practices For The New Brand Tim And Kate in TK Ceramics Company.     Answer: Introduction TK Ceramics is an Australian company that imports tiles from Europe. The company operates from Melbourne and has a workforce of 70 employees. The company was started by Tim Bortolli and Kate Johnson after the two left their university and are not the joint owners of TK Ceramics. On one of her motorcycle tours...

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