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The People Of The State Of New York V John C. Mitchell

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Question: Describe about the procedural history in the case of The People of the State of New York V John C. Mitchel?     Answer: Procedural History The procedural history in the case of The People of the State of New York V John C. Mitchell has been that the defendant had been convicted for committing second degree murder during the jury trial as he had stabbed a prostitute to death. The defendant had claimed that the convictio...

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Linked With Diabetes- Reflection Account

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Question: Explain and Discuss How Obesity is Linked with Diabetes- Reflection Account?   Answer: What? It was one of Ms. Holmes' infrequent visits to the pharmacy. She was panting from the sheer effort of walking to the counter. She was a 62 year old, who had to stop and catch her breath before she asked for pain medication. Her knee pain was troubling her again. Her high BMI made the pain worse. While taking her seat she almost fell ...

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Corporate Communication

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Question: Critically analyse the use of corporate communication for CSR. Discuss the use of intranets, newspapers and annual reports as a corporate communication medium for the use of CSR.   Answer: Use of corporate communication for Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate communication is used for making aware of the organizational to the internal stakeholders like the employees and external stakeholders like community vendors, med...

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Corporate Communication Channels

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Question: Describe about corporate communication channels in corporate social responsibility.   Answer: Introduction According to (Baumann-Pa 2013), corporate social responsibility, which is also called as corporate principles or corporate residency, is a shape of corporate self-regulation incorporated into a business replica. Corporate social responsibility functions as a self-regulatory process where a business monitors and makes su...

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Corporate Governance And Social Responsibility

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility.   Answer: Chapter 1: 7 respondents were interviewed by asking them 23 open ended questions. It was seen that the seven respondents had different views regarding every questions they were asked. The analyses of the interviews are given below: It was seen that the first interview had mentioned that “Marketing and Corporate Relations Department” is r...

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Utilization Of Corporate Communication In Addressing Ethical Issues

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Question: Write research questions for "Utilisation of corporate communication in addressing ethical issues".     Answer: Research questions facilitate the researcher to address the key issues of the research topic. Moreover, the research questions provide brief ideas about the research execution method. In this context, the researcher develops research questions on the topic of utilization of corporate communication in addressin...

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Education Is Life Itself

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Question: How Education is life itself.    Answer: When I joined the course on education and came for attending the first class, I was very confused, as I had never attended something like this before in life, and hence did not know how far I will be able to respond to the same. When the participants were being asked for their reason behind joining the course, most of them responded saying that this course would facilitate the...

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Philosophical Critique Of The Contemporary Human Sciences

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Question: Describe about the Philosophical Critique of the Contemporary Human Sciences.   Answer: Personal Philosophy Teaching can be conducted in various manner and different teachers have different manner of teaching. Thus, the philosophy of teaching includes your personal conception in relation to teaching. The manner of teaching is very important for teaching to be fruitful and genuinely impart knowledge. As a teacher, I follow th...

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Fundamentals Of Investing: Valuation And Management

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Question: Discuss about the Fundamentals of Investing for Valuation and Management.   Answer: Introduction: Evaluating the Investments of Mr. Z:  Investment per sq ft price per sq ft Amount Expected rent Property 1 1,200  SGD  2,200  SGD 2,640,000  SGD 6,500  SGD 9,500 Property 2 1,000  SGD 2,500  SG...

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Tourism As A Force For Peace

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Question: Discuss about the Tourism as a Force for Peace.   Answer: Introduction The tourism industry is among the fastest growing industries in the world (Kester 2014). According to Horner and Swarbrooke (2016, p 32), tourism involves travelling for pleasure to places outside an individual’s usual environment. Tourism can either be domestic or international. Tourism is an essential life activity because it directly affects...

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