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BFA312 Management Accounting

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Answer: Part A Calculation of total variable cost   Particular Amount ($) Direct material 4 Direct Labour 2 Variable Overhead 0.8 Marketing Cost 0.5 Total 7.3 Calculation of Fixed Cost   Particular Amount ($) Fixed Overhead 10000 Other fixed costs 15000 Amount...

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CIS5302 Professional Skills For Business Analysis

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Answers: Task 0: Vision Document The proposed framework is a Geocaching System that depends on Web. The proprietor of the project is Wayne Johansen. This vision archive is comprise of data like framework necessities, issues in actualizing the prerequisites and potential answers for the issues. The report likewise holds the project scope. The framework prerequisites can be isolated into two areas, for example, utilitarian and non-practical. T...

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NIT6150 Advanced Project

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Answers: Introduction The following document is a project proposal document made for the project named Development of the Patient Management System. The document made would act as the initial or Project Initial Document that would help in conveying the basic requirements and project about to the stakeholders. Background and Client Profile The project involves the design, development and deployment of an effective Patient Management System f...

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ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory

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Answer: Introduction The report has been prepared to do the review of Legitimacy Theory in accounting and presence of Social Contracts. The roadmap of the review has been explained using the appropriate headings and sub-headings with the intention to find the applicability of social contracts and different associated theories along with legitimacy theory on corporate disclosures made by the company. The review has been started with aim and me...

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LAWS20060 Taxation Law Of Australia

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Answers 1: The present case study is associated with the assessment of the residential status of Marty as an individual and Planks Pty Ltd as a company. As per the Australian taxation, the first test of assessing the residential status of an a person is performing the Resides Test. If a person living in Australia will be regarded as the Australian inhabitant if the person satisfies the domicile test and 183 days test. From the existing case st...

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FIN200 Corporate Financial Management

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Answers a. At the present time, pensions plans or retirements plans have become basic need to individuals. These plans have turned out to be fundamental for the endurance of individuals after their retirements. They need to secure their future by putting a little measure of funds in such plans. Moreover, salaried employees mainly show their interests in such investment plans. The primary explanation for it is they would be qualified to do work a...

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BAO2001 Corporate Finance

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Answers: Question1  Calculation of annual returns: Month Apple Ltd Returns Month Orange Ltd Returns Month   Market Index Returns Share price ($) Share price ($)     (ASX index) Jan-16 13.05 0.00% Jan-16 20.55 0.00% Jan-16 4650 0.00% Feb-16 13.4 2.68% Feb-16 21.15...

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BAO2203 Corporate Accounting

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Answer: Introduction There are numerous other ways like press releases and individual meetings which also share the company’s information to the people who require it. But it should also be mentioned that these activities of the company vary from person to person. This point stands stable because a whole lot of information about company’s activities is disclosed in the annual report. Though the annual report is tried to be compare...

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ZBUS8102 Organisational Behaviour

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Answer: The organizational behavior plays an important role to determine the settings of organization. The theory of attitude is one of the important theories to be discussed here. The purpose of the topic is to state about the link between behavior and attitude which can be established in an organizational environment. The way the implementation of the link would happen which would lead to the success of the organization in the future. Ultima...

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ACC300 Auditing, Assurance And Risk Assessment

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Answers: 1. (a) As per APES 110 while conducting Audit of company the audit firm is required to obtain reasonable and adequate assurance by collecting more information about the financial position of the company. These document or information collected by the company is required by auditor to form an opinion on the financial statement of the company (Carey, et. al., 2014). But the auditor is under legal obligation of not to disclose the clien...

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CNA254 Nursing Practice

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Answer Introduction Diabetic neuropathies are known as the disorder for damaging the nerves that are being associated with diabetes mellitus. The conditions are from the microvascular diabetic that are considered to be the resultant by involving the injury with the injury that gets involved with the blood vessels that are quiet small in size in addition to the conditions that are macrovascular which helps in culminating the diabet...

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200974 Accounting Standards And Governance

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Current Assets A 18,678 15,055 21,056 17,714 Rio Tinto Ltd BHP Bhiliton Ltd
Current Liabilities B 11,225 9,362 11,366 12,340 2017 2016 2017 2016
Current Ratio C=A/B 1.664 1.608 1.853 1.435 1.664 1.608 1.853 1.435

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301061 Construction Work Safety

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Answer: Introduction Currently, the construction industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous industries in various parts of the world. According to the Safe Work Australia, 2018, approximately 3414 death was recorded between 2003 and 2016. Most of them are due to human error. In order to help reduce or even completely avoid these accidents, a study should be conducted in order to find out the following; cost of accidents, effectivene...

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400777 Leadership For Quality And Safety In Health Care

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Answer: Introduction According to a description disseminated by the World Health Organization, human factors is an umbrella term and refers to organizational, environmental, and job factors, as well as individual and human characteristics that exert an influence on performance and conduct at the workplace, in a manner that impacts safety and health of the employees (Holden et al., 2013). Processes leading to abnormal complications was the mos...

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HA3042 Taxation Law For Receipt Of Annual Payments

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Answer: Rule: The taxable income is subjected to income tax and it is usually added to the taxable income. Ordinary income refers to the income with respect to the ordinary concepts and it is considered taxable under the “S 6-5, ITAA 1997” (Barkoczy 2018). Usually much of the earnings that comes in the taxpayer is treated as earnings within the ordinary concepts. The judicial concept of ordinary income is explained through th...

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