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Corporations Law: Satin Co.Ltd And Cotton Ltd

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Questions: Question 1:   Cotton Limited holds 89.5% of the shares in Satin Co Limited. The remaining shares are held by Silk and several other small investors. The Board of Satin wants the company to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cotton Limited as they expect this will result in both taxation benefits and a saving on accounting fees and administration charges of about $230,000. Cotton Limited offers to buy the shares held by Silk an...

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Business Law And Justice

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Question: Describe about the Business Law and Justice?   Answer: Issue: The main issue in this case is whether the time is a relevant essence or not, and the validity of the contract is also in question. In this case both the parties are blaming each other but there was no concurrent proof in relation to that. The time for execution of the contract was changed without proper notification to the appropriate party. The performance from ...

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Debate About Motivating Factors For Hackers: Sara Gordon

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Question: Sara Gordon, who has conducted extensive research regarding the psychology and motivations of virus writers and hackers, shared her view on whether there is a psychological difference between cybercriminals and real world criminals in her interview on PBS’s Frontline. Write a paper based on the previous scenario that includes: •An assessment of your thoughts on Sara’s views; •An explanation of whether you agree or...

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Ethics In Workplace

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Question: Describe about ethics in workplace?     Answer: Report Title Ethics in the workplace and how it helps developing an organisational culture that serves as a competitive advantage against rivals. Optional: Ethical leadership as the driving force behind the development of an ethical culture Research Aim To analyse the role played by workplace ethics in developing an organisational culture that serves as a competitive a...

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Business Law ADR And European Union Law

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Questions: i) Evaluate the purpose of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and, with particular reference to the services provided by Acas, assess to what extent it is a successful means of resolving disputes outside the formal judicial process(ii) Explain why European Union law takes precedence over domestic law in the United Kingdom.     Answers: 1. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Introduction: In present time alternative dis...

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Pharmacology Lab Report: HPLC

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Question: Describe about measuring inhibitors of Purines and Xanthine, Allopurinol and Oxypurinol within aqueous solution with the help of HPLC?     Answer: Introduction: Allopurinol (Zuloprim as well as generics) refers to a drug that is used for treating the increased amount of uric acid in blood plasma (hyperuricemia) as well as chronic gout. This Allopurinol is said to reduce the level of uric acid within the body by simply ...

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Digital Environment And Its Impact

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Question: Describe about the Digital Environment and Its Impact?   Answer: Introduction: In today’s world we can access the data within the one press of fingertip. With the digitization in environment, it seems convenient and beneficial for those citizens, who are having access to this digital environment. Even advertising on the internet has become a necessity to promote a product. Consumers use internet and the internet assist...

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Manage Organizational Changes

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Question: Describe about manage organizational changes in technology?     Answer: Introduction: Mobile technology, the technology focus for restaurants has complete big stride in the direction of mobile platform. According to this new development are seen in loyalty programs, order, compensation etc (Steve Myers, 2013). Developers are increasingly combining this function into a single solution, adding up an extra layer of conven...

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Business Economics Changes In UK

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Question: Story 1 A firm that is either merging, attempting to take over other firms or diversifying. Story 2 A firm that is being affected by change with respect to at least one of the following general external environmental factors: political, economic, social, technological, legal or ethical/environmental, i.e. affected by changes in at least one of the general PESTLE environmental factors. Story 3 A firm that is being affected by ...

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Business Economics: Housing Market In The UK

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Question: Describe the following points?a. Identify the nature of resource cost structure and the practical significance of different costs. b) Explain the factors influencing optimum size and the significance of demand and supply relationships.c) Demonstrate an understanding of the relevance and limitations.     Answer: Introduction The housing market plays a crucial role in the economy. The housing market influences the econo...

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