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FBLT050 Human Resource Management

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Answer: Homage’s existing HR practices The company Homage Engineering plc does not have its own Human Resource Department, the company takes the assistance for payroll administration from an outsourcing firm that mainly specializes in payroll administration. For its recruitment/selection of senior staffs, the company is completely dependent on a local recruitment agency. For other ordinary posts the company practices internal recruitmen...

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LLAW3253 Labour Law

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Answers: 1. For purpose of determining whether person is an employee or independent contractor, three test are introduced by Court in different cases: First test is control test, and this test was used by Courts in 19th Century for the determining whether master controls not only the acts of the worker but also control the manner in which worker perform the act. This test was identified in the case Yewens v Noake (1881) 6 QBD 530[1], and as per...

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CCJ 221 Introduction To Criminology

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Answer: Dennis Lynn Rader, The “BTK” Stranger Discussion Dennis Rader who is known as Dennis Lynn Rarer is one of the famous American serial killer who has been found guilty for murdering 10 people in Kansas in the year from 1974 and 1991. This killer also recognized as the BTK Killer or the BTK Strangler where B for blind T for torture and c for kill. When he murdered someone he used to send letters to the police about describ...

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LAW210 Business And Corporate Law

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Answer: Issues Is Brad capable to make a contractual relationship amid the Supplier (Caltex) and Tina?   Is Paul is in violation of his duties as an agent and is he liable to pay back the profits to Tina? Applicable Law The law of agency, authorities and the relationship amid an agent-principal must be analyzed to resolve the raised issues. When any person appoints any employee then the employee must act as per the directions of his...

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LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law

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Answers: Introduce and enforce the rules of the constitution with Hart analysis: Developing the rules is the need for the functioning of the daily life in a tribe there are various kinds of persons present in a tribe. The rules and regulations are introduced for the benefits of all the members present in the tribe although there are certain decisions which are favoring the majority having powers in hand. According to Hart’s law is moral...

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LAW2480 Business And Corporations Law

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Answers 1. Issue The key issue in this case relates to the success of Ringo in recovering the amount of $6,000 as rent in arrear from Elena. Rule Under the contract law, there are certain vitiating factors which make the contract void or voidable at the option of the aggrieved party. One of such vitiating factors is misrepresentation. Under misrepresentation, one of the parties is induced into formation of the contract by making a false state...

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LAW 6508 Employment And Industrial Relations Practice

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Answer: Letter of Advice 23 March 2017. Local Carpenters and Joiners Union, 89 Downing Street, Sydney, NSW. Dear LCJU, RE: Legal action against Brilliant Joineries After listening to the problems you are presently facing, as a result of the conduct of Brilliant Joineries, I have conducted some research regarding the employment and industry relations legislations and case laws. After a thorough examination of these, it is my professional o...

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INFO5301 Information Security Management

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Answer Security and Privacy Issues in the Internet of Things Introduction: The ability of daily objects to create connection with Internet is referred to as the IoT or “Internet of Things”. This has been helpful in sending away and receiving of data (Roman, Zhou & Lopez, 2013). A research is needed to be conducted to deliver a summary report providing information about IoT. The scopes of engagement, used tools, summarie...

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BLO1105 Business Law

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Answers: Business Law In common law, a contract needs to have consideration to serve as its bargaining piece. To some extent, a contract will risk losing it legal power if it would be formed without consideration. And if it would demand the court to enforce it for the sake of justice, the law will have the burden of seeking other elements like an intention to be legally bound so as to enforce the contract. These factors brought by the rules o...

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LAWS20060 Taxation Law Of Australia

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Answers: Answer to Question No 1 Answer to (i) The condition mainly reveals that there is precise advantages that is given to a business researcher flyer on a regular basis from Webjet. In general situations, these general advantages that are given out by the airline organizations are not regarded under the taxable income, which has been explained by in the Taxation ruling of TR 1999/6.  On the other hand, the ruling system of Australia...

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ECON102 Intermediate Microeconomics

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Answer: Introduction: The global economy is interconnected with one another and is highly sensitive to reactions of one or more macroeconomic variables. According to Frydman and Phelps (2013), macroeconomic variable are those factors that influences the changes in the socio-economic pattern of the economy as a whole. It usually includes components like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Consumer Price Index (CPI), inflation and unemployment. Throu...

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BACC318 Taxation Law

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Answers 1. Issue With the help of the sustainability of the expenses under the 8-1 ITAA 1997, there are few issues that are important to understand. In the first question, these issues have been identified and explained below: i. The new system allows deduction in the cost of the machinery for the new site. ii. It also allows deduction in the cost of assets along with the insurance coverage. iii. It has the ability to deduct the legal expens...

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LML7004 Advanced Australian Migration Law

Download : 0 | Pages : 20

Answer: Introduction: Migration is defined as permanent or semi-permanent changes occurred in the place of an individual or a group of individuals from one location to another. Every person wishes to live happy and free life in that country where they get equality and also secured future for themselves and their families, and not many nations provides such equality and freedom to immigrants but Australia does. This is the reason number of mi...

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BLO2205 Corporate Law

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Answers: Introduction On October 25th, 2016, a fatal accident took place at the Dreamworld leisure park located on the Queensland Gold Coast, which resulted in the death of a number of patrons while riding at the Dreamworld. This leisure park was being operated by Ardent Leisure Ltd, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. As a result of this, the company was liable to follow the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations g...

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ITC595 Information Security

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answer: Topic: Wireless Network Security and Preventive Methods Introduction Background The report depicts the crucial necessity of developing different security approaches, in the application field of wireless network system. Due to the adaptation of the security approaches the users will be able to keep the confidentiality of the system from the data breaches and external attackers. Scope of engagement  As the usage of technology i...

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