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LAW5201: Company Law System

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Answer: Introduction: The Companies Act 2016 has been enacted in Malaysia which has replaced the previous act titled Companies Act 1965. The act has come into the force from 31st January 2017 along with Companies Regulations 2017. The objective of this act is to modernise corporate regulations, reduce the costs of compliances, facilitate economic growth, and remove corporate conflicts (EY, 2017). The act is targeted towards providing a c...

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Guidelines For Individual Executors & Trustees

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Question: Describe about the Guidelines for Individual Executors & Trustees?     Answer: Constitution: Activity 16: The main issue to be decided in this case was that whether the President was authorized to make a law for seizure of private property in the absence of express authority by congress or the provision of the American constitution.(Lee, T.R. 1999) The facts of the case are that the President made a rule for seiz...

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Australian Social Work And Law Journals

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Locate and examine multiple sources of credible practice research in the selected area including effective interventions. Refer in particular to materials on recommended reading list and Australian social work and law journals, in the first instance. This question is asking you to do some thinking and a little bit of reading/research about the way social work is and could be practiced in relation to the two court settings and matters your group...

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1. Read the case as many times as they feel necessary to be able to identify the key legal issues;

2. Pick out the key legal issues, the relevant law and the decision,

3. Prepare the report in their own words


Note in the case study there is no requirement to:

4. Consider other cases, use footnotes or prepare a bibliography; or


5. Do further reading outside the case study itself, unless the students wishes to do so.

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Late-night Drinking Regulation - Police & Law-Makers

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The topic is Late-night drinking regulation Main topic for individual report is Police & law-makers The description and the topic have attached in the file below. Front 12 Arial Deadline 06-01-15 12:30AM (AUSTRALIA TIME ) 1. Introduction about Police& law-makers (150 words) 2. Body Individual report about Police & law-makers (500-800 words) - can use academic sources and online sources that specifically relate to the topic - can use t...

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 This below information is given by our lecturer and please follow the instructions and one is also attaching files and the important information is in the which i am uploading there will be a format given by lecturer please how to write please don't copy that exactly. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: please compare the departments in IT filed. For example if you take Games testing. so you need to compare three concepts in games testing. And belo...

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Tax Implications On Different Scenario

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1. Allan and Betty were living and working in Melbourne. They decided on a ‘tree change’, sold their Melbourne home and purchased a large country house on a 10 hectare block in central Victoria. Betty works part-time as an accountant and Allan as a locum doctor. Allan is popular with the elderly patients in the town and regularly is given home-made cakes and scones, along with his fee. On one occasion he treated a local wine maker&rsq...

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External Environment Analysis

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Task B: Assignment/Report – External Analysis – Frim Analysis (30%) • Length: A written report of approximately 2,500 words • Due: Week 9 Requirements Part 1 – External Environment Analysis – Macro and Industry Level You are to choose one of the following industry sectors or associated sub-sectors: • Hotels – Four Star • Fast Food • International Courier • Mid-range Clothing – Reta...

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Computer Behaviours And Topologies

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Question: Discuss the Different types of computer behaviours and topologies, Comparison of the similarities between different types of computer criminal behaviour and topologies and Analysis of how organizations can benefit from understanding each of these different computer criminal behaviours and topologies?   Answer: Introduction According to Gostev (2012), the development of digital technologies represents an opportunity for any bus...

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Computer Security

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Part A : 40 Marks Answer the following questions : 1. Reports of computer security failures appear frequently in the daily news. Research and summarise the article that exemplifies one (or more) of the principles: easiest penetration, adequate protection, effectiveness, weakest link. Ensure the link and full reference is included. 2. Explain why asynchronous I/O activity is a problem with many memory protection schemes, including base/bounds and ...

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The New Lawyer Was Our Prima Book -check The Blog For Further Details If Needed Http://www.johnwiley

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1.Over the first nine weeks of the course, reflecting on what you have written in your journal about what were the really interesting things we have covered together and why? 2.What was less interesting or perhaps not likely to be of much use to you and why? 3.How did you collaborate with your student colleagues during the course? Be specific about what worked for you (the forum, the blog, peer wise etc) and what did not work for you?

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QUESTION 1 A crime is established if:  (A) The accused has carried out the actus reus (B) The accused has carried out conduct which has an effect that the criminal law prohibits  (C) The accused has carried out certain conduct with a guilty mind  (D) All of the above QUESTION 2 Which of the following statements are true? (A) A corporation cannot be charged for committing criminal offences (B) Children under 17 years have n...

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Write a paper identifying and analyzing at least three constitutional challenges aimed at preventing governmental abuse in the policing of computer crime and cyber space. In our paper, you should include the following: 1.Identification and analysis of at least three constitutional challenges aimed at preventing governmental abuse in the policing of cyber-crimes 2.Analysis of potential negative effects of these constitutional challenges, including...

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Causes of Criminal Behavior Computer crime can take on many different forms with many different levels of severity. It could be as small as “hacking” into a computer simply to see if it can be done, causing no harm to the system once access is achieved. However, it can also be much bigger than that, including sex crimes, hate crimes, and white collar crimes. Just as with any criminal behavior people try to figure out why computer crim...

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Report format CHOSEN COMPANY: SAINSBURY'S please follow assignment guide and format: 1. introduction- Abstract before 2. Employee engagement- definition should be taken from a book 3. Types of Employee engagement(EE) 4. Dimension of EE 5. How to increase EE on within organisation 6. Relationship between motivation and EE. 7. Advantages of EE-INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC - The impact of EE on profitability - The imapct of EE on customer satisfaction - ...

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