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Pathophysiology And Pharmacology: Cardiovascular System

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Questions: 1. Give an account of the roles of calcium in the cardiovascular system. Using named examples, explain how drugs perturb the cellular functions of calcium (directly or indirectly) in order to exert their physiological effects?2. (a) Give an account of the pharmacology of catecholamines and their actions in the cardiovascular system?(b) With reference to appropriate guidelines, explain how antagonists which perturb the cellular functio...

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Marketing Management: TESCO

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Questions: 1. Apply a marketing audit framework to complete an internal and external environmental review using selected criteria for evaluation. From this analysis, which could be tabulated, a well-conceived SWOT is required to assess and summarise the current position.2. Analyse Market Attractiveness, Market Segmentation and market targeting, Impactful brand value propositions to secure a competitive position, specific, relevant marketing mix ...

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Question: Write a essay about Zolpidem ( Ambien, Stilnox)?     Answer: Zolpidem Clinical Use Zolpidem is used for treating insomania or sleep disturbances caused by imbalance in certain brain hormones. Zolpidem is available by two forms immediate release and extended release. In immediate release, Zolpidem initiates sleep instantly and brand names of immediate release zolpidem are Ambien, Edluar, Intermezzo, Zolpimist etc. In c...

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Question: Write an essay on Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) for influenz?     Answer: Clinical Use Oseltamivir or more popularly known as Tamiflu is an antiviral medication that works by blocking the actions of influenza virus A and B in the body. Oseltamivir is used for the treatment of influenza in people who are one year old or more. This medicine is not used for the treatment of common cold. The drug is administered orally and it read...

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Medicinal Chemistry

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Questions: 1. Consider, for example, conducting a microbiological assay where inhibition of growth of bacteria is determined when different concentrations of drugs are applied. What factors may lead to variability or errors within the results and how could these variations or errors be minimised?2. Why is it important to have information on physico-chemical properties (such as logarithm of the octanol:water partition coefficient (log P) and log ...

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Business Strategies For British Petrolium

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Questions: Task 1: The student must set the context for the assignment with a focus upon the competitive market position together with the challenges faced. This provides a sound platform from which to proceed.Task 2: Based upon task 1 weaknesses in the current business model must be highlighted to indicate and then priorities inadequacies for action in relation to the current and anticipated future market landscape Task 3: Based upon task 2 cor...

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Childhood Obesity, Crisis And The Cure

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Question: Discuss about is to look at the obesity of the children, highlighting the main causes of the obesity and its effects on the children?   Answer: Introduction The main aim of the assignment is to look at the obesity of the children, highlighting the main causes of the obesity and its effects on the children. BMI has been considered as one type of measurement, which has been used in order to determine the obesity among the childr...

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Demand And Supply Analysis: Economic Phenomenon

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Question: Describe about the Demand and Supply Analysis for Economic Phenomenon ?   Answer: Introduction Demand is an Economic Phenomenon that refers to the want of consumer and a price that the consumer is willing to pay for a particular services and goods. Keeping other factors constant, when the price of any good increases, demand for that good will decline (Colander, 2006). So, there is a negative relation between price and quantity...

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Potential Employment: Developed And Demonstrated

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Questions: 1. Three key strengths, related to potential employment options, with examples of how you have developed and demonstrated these.   2. An area/skill, related to potential employment options, which you need to develop, together with a realistic action plan for overcoming your area for development 3. Your work values and how they may impact on your career choices.   4. A significant achievement of yours, which demonstrates...

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The Strategy Process: Concepts And Context

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Question: Discuss about The Strategy Process for Concepts, Context, Cases?   Answer: Introduction: Steven Paul Jobs aka Steve jobs was the CEO of Apple Inc and the primary investor of Pixar. Steve was facing an issue with music piracy. In April 2003, apple launched an internet-based music selling called IPod that could play only I-Tune downloads. The invention of iPod was a smashing hit and it facilitated the organization to increase ...

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