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Foot Health Training Guide For Long-Term Care Personnel

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Question: Describe what they would feel and what they could do to alleviate the problem?     Answer: The trouble of a person starts from the situation when he starts walking in the dark room and accidentally hit a metal chair. A person while walking in a dark room must follow certain steps. He must open his eye as long as possible so that he can figure out some shadow or a very small quantum of light which can guide him in that d...

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Diabetic Foot Infections With Osteomyelitis

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Question: Describe about the Diabetic foot infections with osteomyelitis?   Answer: Treatment Procedure And Management Plan As the lady is 60 years old and she is suffering diabetes type 2 from last 15 years, general treatment of osteomyelitis is not favorable, as generally its treatment  includes use of antibiotics and in some severe cases it need surgery. As surgery for diabetic patient has a great risk for infection and takes a...

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The Extremely Painful Corn

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Question: A patient presents with an extremely painful corn on the sole of their foot. The corn is located directly under the first metatarsal-phalangealjoint. What gait pattern would be expected.? What would the effects of their condition be on various parts of the gait cycle?|   Answer: Gait pattern: Considering the given case study identifying the patient with very painful corn on the sole of the foot under the first metatarsal-pha...

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