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MGT100 Organisations And Management

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Answers: Introduction Social responsibility is the core concept which is studied in the context of public companies. There are many researchers who have reviewed theoretical and conceptual implications of corporate social responsibility to analyze its potential benefits for the organizations. However, initial studies have analyzed that there is the connection between CSR and the company’s reputation and performance. In some cases, prior...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: 1.0 Meaning of Reflective essay This is the reflective essay which is based on the personal experiences of the researcher while conducting the research. The research is based on the impact of human resource department on the business sector of Australia. The research needed various activities to be conducted to collect the data and analyse it to get the findings. This has led to the improvement in my skills and also helped me in impro...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer: Innovation and entrepreneurship has a key role to play in any business organisation.  If the business is a start-up, the innovation is an essential factor that has to be considered.  As given in part A, a start-up restaurant has been chosen, that is introducing Indian food in Australia.  This assignment highlights the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship on the business of the start-up restaurant. The impac...

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STAT1060 Business Decision Making

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Answer: Introduction: The concept of objective rationality or rational objectives, in more simple terms can be described as the attribute of the decision maker characterized by the ability to take rationally appropriate critical decisions. It allows the individual decision maker to be adept with the taking the decision that the most reasonable to the scenario, that can be mutually beneficial for all the stakeholders associated with the scenar...

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ITSU3008 IT Project

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Answer: Introduction Purpose of Project Management Plan The target group of the VIC Roads foundation redesign project PMP is all task stakeholders including the project support, senior administration and the project group. The point of this PMP is to give a review on the best way to deal with the task (Kasemsap, 2016). The motivation behind project administration is to anticipate or foresee however many perils and issues as could be allowed; a...

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BUSN20016 Research In Business

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Answers: Introduction This research proposal documents evaluates the past literature on this subject to determine areas of research that have gaps. The research project seeks at finding ways of filling these gaps by doing extra research on the subject. The project proposal begins with a detailed statement of the problem that clearly defines the problem being under investigation. This is followed by clearly stated aims and objectives of the re...

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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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Answer: 1.0 Effectiveness and usefulness of learning experience Opinion on learning experience Learning experience represents the interaction between any course, or program, and the students from where they can learn something. It may happen in traditional learning settings, i.e. in schools or colleges, or it may take place in nontraditional settings such as in excursions in outdoor locations, or through nontraditional interactions such as t...

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HI6026 Audit, Assurance And Compliance

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Answers: Threat for Auditor Independence  First Situation of Chris In accordance with conversation made between the CEO of the company, Chris in the first situation, it appears that there is the threat of promotion of advocacy on part of the independence of the auditor. The presence of the threat of promotion or advocacy is solicited by the fact of having the event where the auditor of the company is asked to promote the company in variou...

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BUMGT6927 Creativity And Innovation

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Answer: Creativity can be defined as ability to surpass traditional rules, relationship, ideas and patterns in order to create new meaningful ideas, methods, forms and interpretation (Shallcross, 1973). Creativity allows people particularly entrepreneurs and organizations to think of new ideas and make new things to improve current situation. Moorcroft (2001) defined it as mental characteristics that allow company employees to think outside th...

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BUS110 Workplace Learning

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Answers Part 1 Step 1: Five predicted career trends While people are trying hard to get their place in a Government firm, career minded Australians can completely rely on private sector jobs for better growth and remuneration. In spite of decline in traditional career option trends, alternative areas of career growth are showing salary hikes and beneficial returns. According to Businessinsider.com (2017) Top five career trends has been chose...

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HC1041 IT For Business

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Answer      Introduction  Johnsons & Johnsons is most popular healthcare organizations in healthcare industry for its quality products for Baby and Band-Aids. This company provides most trusted healthcare products for babies and customers are satisfied with their products. It has been many years that company is serving people with its products and it also develops and sells medical devices and prescriptions drugs. John...

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ITC240 IT Infrastructure Management

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Answers 1: Just-in-Time delivery: It is an inventory strategy in the companies employ in order to increase the efficiency and decrease wastes by receiving goods only, as they are need in the process of the production, which results in reducing the inventory costs. E-Commerce:  Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is a process by which the customers and the businesses involve in buying and selling products or services through electronic mediu...

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BUS110 Workplace Learning 1

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Answers: Introduction  Understanding of job market will help to develop the best decision to change the organizational strategy to overcome the competition among the different organization. This is generally depend on the update information towards the job as well as about the employees connected with the job. Nevertheless, these understanding are another powerful tool that reflects on the performances of the employees within a workplace...

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BULAW5915 Corporate Law

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Answers: The Business Judgment Rule as enshrined in the Australian Corporations Act of 2001, Section 180 demands that the liability of directors and similar officers trusted by the company in question and therefore placed in defined positions by the company to exercise care and diligence in the execution of their duties be protected by the statutory business rule. The rule as documented in subsections 180(2) and 180(3) provides a safe harbor for...

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MKT570 Integrated Marketing Communications

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Answer: Introduction Coca Cola Amatil is an Australian based soft drink company. Coca Cola Amatil is the largest Beverage Company in Australia providing different brands of product. The organization consists of structure, policies and corporate culture in an extremely changing environment. They  operate on franchised distribution system where they only produce  the syrup which is been sold to various bottlers  Coca Cola’s...

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