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ACCT322 Management Accounting

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Answer: Financial Accounting vs. Management Accounting Financial accounting is of utmost important to the stakeholders and other parties who have an interest in the functioning of the company. Such parties include investors, employees, government, agencies, etc. Financial accounting helps in providing clear-cut information to the parties at large. The stakeholders refer to financial accounting because it aids in decision making process. It is...

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HLT54115 Nursing

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Answer: Community placement reflection My critical incident took place at a patience home during my thirty weeks community placement. This report will be bout my experience with a dying patient during my community placement. The incident began after being assigned to assist a team of nurses to take care of a dying patient. The patient was under home nursing care so that he can die closer to his family members. To achieve my reflection writing...

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ACC202 Management Accounting

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OPTION A: Manufacture canisters:
Particulars Labour Hours Rate
Direct Labour  12000 15
Variable overhead  12000 10
Fixed Overhead 12000 45
Particulars Subtotal Unit
Purchase Price  $7,60,000.00  760000
Subtotal  $4,32,000.00  760000
Total Cost  $11,92,000.00  760000

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7311MED Social Determinants Of Health

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Answer Substance misuse Introduction Substance misuse is one of the major public health issues that have an adverse impact on the society. Almost every community is affected by substance misuse and taking a heavy toll on the society. It has deleterious social and psychological effects and is a major cultural and public health problem. Although, it affects the individuals directly, it also affects a segment of the indigenous populations in bo...

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ACCTING 7014 Management Accounting

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Answer: Introduction: Management accounting topic has been the major point of discussion in the past few decades as innumerable researches have been done in this scenario. Over a substantial time span, there has been a major stress on the management accounting topics. Moreover, management accounting topics have undergone immense challenges by various researchers. The Management control system has conducted many studies in the r...

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ACCFIN4051 Strategic Management Accounting

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Answer: Task One P1: Explain management accounting The current business scenario requires the managers to make decision on a consistent basis. That involves decision relating to the day-to-day activities, planning and management of strategy. In order to make this decision the managers are required to obtain information that are reliable and based on sound or tested process (Wijaya et al. 2015). In the context of accounting, the informa...

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7311MED Social Determinants Of Health

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Answer Introduction   The development of the communities is dependent on the changes in the structural and the educational systems. It helps in supporting the health conditions of the communities. Knowledge and education help in undertaking the sustainable approach; thereby helps in enhancing the health care bring in a change in the mortality rate. Education and proper knowledge helps in making the people aware of the different aspe...

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NURBN1004 Determinants Of Health

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Answer: The current assignment focuses upon the social determinants of health within the Dandenong community of the Victoria region of Australia. The region shelters a huge number of immigrants who has been suffering from adverse health issues lately. The current assignment focuses upon the common perils faced within the community and the impact of the social determinants upon the same. As per my analysis, some of the common health perils whic...

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MA512 Management Accounting

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Answer Review of processes and techniques used in management accounting in meeting internal manager’s information needs Synopsis Management accounting plays an important role in measuring performance and efficiency of the management of the company. Corrective measures are taken based on the same in order to improve the performance of the company. Management Accounting helps in assessment of risk so that risk can be minimized. It helps in...

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200494 Management Accounting

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Answer: Task 1 The GRI sustainability reporting standard guidelines are important in order to ensure a quality data report. This framework is used effectively by the company in order to maintain overall sustainability standard. These standards are addressed in the company annual reports. On the other hand the G4 guidelines related to issues like shareholders inclusiveness to identify the stakeholder’s involvement and other reports. Simi...

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ACC5MCR Management Accounting

Downloads : 2 | Pages : 5

Answer: Issue 1 The application of a budget is done by a business with a view to plan, coordinate and controls the activities of the business. The management of a company can appropriately set targets on the basis of the past year and current years trends with the help of a budget. This further ensures that the company is in its right path towards the strategic goals and objectives of the business. The company which is considered for the asse...

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Economic Status Social Determinants Health

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Question: Discuss About The Economic Status As The Social Determinants Of Health.   Answer: Introduction Socio economic status (SES) may be defined as the measurement of the combined economic status of the combined economic and the social status and generally tends to be associated with better health. SES influences the heath by the ability to purchase the health treatments and other resources; it helps in the socialization of the...

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Social Determinants Of Health And AIDS

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Question: Discuss about the Social determinants of health and AIDS.     Answer: Introduction: HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) can be considered as one of the most important and most dangerous communicable disease, which has effectively threatened the health and wellbeing of communities due to the excessively high risk factor for this disease. Another very important factor associated with this is the fact that the curability p...

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Globalization And Its Impact On Health: EVD

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Question: Discuss about the Globalization and Its Impact on Health for EVD.   Answer: Introduction  Ebola (or Ebola Haemorrhagic fever) is a life threatening viral fever caused by the Ebola virus. It is responsible for blood clotting problems which often lead to internal bleeding from small blood vessels (Goeijenbier, Kampen, Reusken, Koopmans, & Gorp, 2014). It also leads to tissue damage and inflammation. It is h...

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Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive

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Questions: 1.Has culture influenced the development and persistence of this belief? how? eg what cultural traditions have impacted this belief? 2.Why the health belief exists even when it's not supported by credible evidence? eg how has this believe been perpetrated?     Answers: 1.According to the reports published in Loh et al. (2017), intake of sugar does not appear to cast any significant impact on the behaviour of the child...

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