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Effective Practices In Childhood Education

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Question: Discuss About The Effective Practices In Childhood Education?   Answer: Introduction According to the Government of UK (2017), The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards of learning, care and development of children from 0 to 5 years. The main areas of learning that has been highlight by the EYFS include language andcommunication development, physical development, literacy, social, personal and emotional ...

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Challenges Faced By Human Resource Managers

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Question: Human resources are one of the greatest assets in any organization thus it is important that human resource management is taken seriously. In undertaking their duties, human resource managers face numerous challenges. Discuss the challenges that human resource managers are likely to face in their work. Suggest any five strategies that organizations can apply to address the challenges you have identified.     Answer: Int...

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Environmental Policy Analysis For Decision Making

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Questions: 1.Explain why the values might be different and which gives rise to the larger Environmental Values.   2.Discount rates can influence the outcome from a benefit Cost analysis. Should a high or low discount rate be used if you are considering a policy that will produce benefits over multiple generation.     Answers: 1.There are several methods which are used to study and compare the non-market value of the goods....

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Diagnostic Tools Of Communication

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Question: Discuss about the Diagnostic Tools of Communication.     Answer: Introduction Communication can be used as a form diagnostic tool for restoring the mental balance of a particular individual. Diagnosis through communication is an effective way through which a mentally broken down person or even children in growth phase can be influenced for improvement or development of mental condition. There are several communication ...

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B716 Managing Financial Resources And Performance

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Answer: Tata steel limited is a public company that began its operations in 1907 in India. It is the leading steel-making company in the world with crucial activities in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Europe. According to Muruganandan (2015) main products include metallurgical machinery, steel ball bearings, household items, wire products, and steel casing pipes. Tata Company exists as a group company with a parent company and some subsi...

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Oedipus: Psychological And Political

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Question: Discuss about the Oedipus for Psychological and Political.   Answer: Introduction  Oedipus the King reveals as a psychological, political and a mystery story. From the beginning to the end of this great mythic story of patricide and criminal congress, playwright gives special importance to the person who was determined to expose, trade down and penalise an assassin. In the opening of the play, ...

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Public Perceptions Of Benefits And Risks

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Question: Discuss about the Public Perceptions of Benefits and Risks.     Answer: Introduction Vaccinations are always recommended from our healthcare facilities for every child. However,some parents do not necessarily feel the need to give the child these services. As a result the governments globally are making it mandatory for children to be vaccinated from a certain age limit. This although has met mixed reaction from parent...

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HINF4211-Optimization In Health Services Organizations

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Answers: 1.a.Taking into account the pharmaceutical company’s production plan in the manufacture of the two drugs at Indianapolis and Los Angeles, the company has to produce 200 pounds of drug 2 and 1000 pounds of drug 1. The excel sheet will this be implemented as follows Pharmaceutical data Drug 1 Drug 2 Indianapolis Los Angeles Indianapolis Los Angeles Unit cost $4.10 $4.00 $4.50 $5.20 Machine time 0.20 0.24 0.30 0.33 Units prod...

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BSB61015 Advanced Diploma Of Leadership And Management 2

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Answer: Activity 1: Part A: Identification of the change requirements and the opportunities 1.. Existing Business Practices Business Objectives Required change (gaps) Repairing of cars Building profits and sales Renovation of the garage Fuelling of cars Increasing customer traffic Hiring of trained employees Provide groceries to customers Building customer loyalty Pr...

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Importance Of Communication Tools In Organization

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Question: Discuss about the Importance of Communication Tools in Organization.     Answer: Introduction: Effective communication helps the organization to perform. Advent of modern communication technologies has changed the scenario of the business organization. Not only it helps the employees or the managers to interact, but also it has changed the decision making process of the organization (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). Nowaday...

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Questions: 1. Identification of key issues in FABOplc 2. Recommended Recruitment and Selection Process 3. Risk and reward of recruitment process 4. Implication of employees related to management of people at FABO   Answers: Introduction FABO plc is a small low budget airline that operates from their headquarters in the UK. They serve several European and Asian destinations. The Managing director Mr. M. Salem is very successful in his...

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MGB401 Event And Tourism Management

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Answer: Introduction: Tourism businesses are engaged in providing services to international as well as domestic guests like day and night tours in city, multiday trips and adventurous tours like camping, boating and rafting. In present economy, tourism industry is significantly expanding and providing commendable opportunities to entrepreneurs for their startups. The present study is based on preparation of proposal for new tourism business f...

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Employee Burnout : Employee To Employee

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Question: Describe about the Employee Burnout for Employee to Employee.   Answer: Employee Burnout Burnout is a situation that many employees experience during their work life, and the rate varies from employee to employee. It is a feeling of being low and un-psyched and it results from a number of reasons. This essay will focus on burnout in employees in their workplaces, and the effects it has on their wellbeing. As explained by Lam...

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Capital Structure: Corporate Finance

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Question: Describe about the Capital structure for Corporate finance?     Answer: Different Sources of Finance In the given scenario a business will be established. The principle task is to forecast the required amount for investment.  Therefore, it is important to identify the different sources funds for financing the business activities. A corporation will be established for manufacturing and retailing high quality doors ...

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EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice

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Answer: Introduction: Communication is an excellent medium through which one can transmit his feelings to others. Communication serves as a significant diagnostic tool that helps to reinstate the mental equilibrium of a specific individual. Based on diagnostic tools, an effective communication can be designed that will improve and mould the mental state of all the individuals.  There are variegated communication tools that can be deploye...

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