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LAWS19033 Taxation Law And Practice

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Answers Part A 1. The inspector general for the taxation is an independent officer for the statutory office who recognizes the concerns related to the law management. Generally, they are concerned regarding the management issues that are not in favour for managing the administration of good tax. The inspector general provides an independent suggestion to the government officials. 2. The following legislation governs the authority of the taxati...

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HRMT11011 Human Resource Management

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Answer: Introduction The various business relationship in this time of overall competition is endeavouring to make a common work culture which is associated with both trade and corporate frameworks remembering the ultimate objective to develop individual's sense of duty regarding the overall achievement of the affiliation. In this following strategy, workers of the firms are the prime individuals and thus the technique is known as performance...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer Knowledge Management and eCommerce Introduction Knowledge management refers to the efficient handling of the resources as well as information that is present within the organization. eCommerce is referred to the conducted commercial transaction that is done electronically over the internet. The current report critically analyses the knowledge management and ecommerce and evaluates its impact in enhancing the business practices of Uber. ...

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PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies

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Answer Introduction Construction projects required highly experienced and knowledgeable manager who can handle difficult situations during the project. The responsibilities of a construction project manager includes planning, cost management, time, quality and safety management, CM professional codes and practices, contract administration etc (Meredith, Mantel. and Shafer, 2013). They have to make sure that they break down the timescale accordi...

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ISYS1055 Database Concepts

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Answer: Trivial Functional Dependencies: Table Name Attributes Dependencies Author Email Name, Address, Telephone1, Telephone2, Telephone3 Publisher Name Address, URL, ABN WrittenBy Email, ISBN Title Book ISBN Title, Edition, Year, ListPrice, PublisherName StokedAt ISBN, Code StockQty ShoppingCart CartID Timest...

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MN624 Digital Forensics

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Answer: Introduction Digital forensics or computerized crime scene investigation is a top to bottom review of PC networks as well as digital gadgets to gather evidential data, such that this data would be adequate for the confirmation of digital crime in the courtroom. The digital or computerized forensic, named as digital forensic technology is the main branch of all computerized science. This study include...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer: The report deals with the Rio Tinto mining corporation. It is the Australian based company and among the metals and the mining corporations, it is one of the world’s largest companies (Tinto, 2014). The company produces many commodities and it has placed itself among the world leaders through series of mergers and acquisitions. It produces various commodities such as aluminium, iron, copper, coal, uranium diamond. Although the co...

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CMU202 Marketing Communications Plan

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Answer: 1. Introduction The report presented herewith is prepared considering the importance of integrated marketing communications that includes application of traditional as well as modern communication techniques for creating specific goodwill image of company’s product among its customers. BOOST JUICE BAR is private sector Company having expanded business operations on international basis with it headquarters located in Melbourne, A...

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ACCM4200 Financial Accounting And Reporting

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Answers: Thanku you so much for the email. I am glas that the company has been listed as a public company and I am writing this email for t he issues you have pointed .I am working on the issues you have raised and conscripted replies for the questions Issue 1 A large number of  customers buy products on wholesale basis for selling the products on outlets  and the shopkeepers give credit facilities to them. The main motive of the p...

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HI3042 Taxation Law

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Answers 1. Issue The central issue is to determine whether the taxpayer Harry is considered to be tax resident of Australia or not. Further, the objective is to comment on the source of income derived by Harry and the relevant tax treatment available on the amount of income received in America. Rule  In order to determine the tax residency status of the taxpayer s. 6(1) of Income Tax Assessment Act, 1936 would be taken into account that ...

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BUS 314 Project Management

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Answers: 1. Management information system is a computer based tool which helps the manager to organize, evaluate and manage all the departments of the organization (Serumaga-Zake, 2017). Management information system helps in keeping track records of all the management functions in a proper manner. Purpose of Management Information System The primary purpose of the management information system is to assist the manager in developing the strate...

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ENGL 101 Introduction To Expository Writing

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Answer: Introduction Millenials are the Generation Y, also called Net Generation, who directly follow Generation X as a demographic cohort. The terms are generally applied to the generation of people who were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. The propensity of these people to move back in with their parents due to economic restraints or to wish to delay certain typical adulthood rites has made them be referred as the Pete...

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ACC00716 Finance

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Answers 1. Initech Company intends to evaluate two capital budgeting proposals (device part project and conveyor system). The cost of capital of the company is 14% which would be used for discounting the cash flows so as to arrive at the present value. Proposal 1 Device part project - Production of new generation mobile device parts in the existing production (expansion of production unit) The necessary information regarding the project is ou...

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15336 Systems Thinking For Managers

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Answer System Description/Problem under Investigation Systems thinking model is a computer-aided methodology that is applied to project design and analysis (Neuwirth, et al., 2012, p. 1). It is usually used by individuals to solve dynamic problems arising in ecological, economic, managerial and complex social systems. These systems are characterized by mutual interaction, interdependence and information feedback. This means that the sub-sy...

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32558 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Introduction Information technology has introduced many revolutionary solutions that help organisation cope with market demands as well as improve their business operations. In the healthcare industry, for instance, the challenges of managing services and integrating clinical operations with payment setting has forced the industry’s stakeholders to adopt business intelligence systems (Ashrafi, Kelleher & Kuilboer 2014). Usin...

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