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The Roman Politician Augustus

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Question: The Roman politician Augustus rose from relatively humble origins to be the most influential governmental figure in Roman history. Shortly before his death, he commissioned a lengthy inscription of what he considered to be his accomplishments and ordered it to be placed in strategic areas across the Roman Empire. This text is known as the Res Gestae, “The Things Accomplished” or, in short, “The Deeds.” Read the ...

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Management System: Database

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Questions: What does database bring to our world? What does a database do to a company’s bottom-line?     Answers: Introduction: A collection of information, which can be organized, is called a database. It is organized so that it can be easily managed, accessed and updated. Databases can be classified according to its contents such as numeric, bibliographic, images and full-text. Relational database is a tabular database ...

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Satisfaction Of The Employees: Performances

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Question: Describe about the Satisfaction of the Employees for Performances?     Answer: Introduction Performance measurement is the degree to which the performance of the employees is measured against a certain predetermined standards. This is done to achieve the objectives of the business. Performance is defined as the role the employee has in the organisation, and the inspection of their activities and work. Critically it is...

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Theories Of Socialisation

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Question: Evaluate contrasting theories of socialisation with reference to different different types of socialisation (you have to describe the learning and evolutionary theory, also you have to evaluate both theories i.e discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both)?     Answer: Introduction Socialization is a name given sociologists to the life long procedure of inheriting and dissemination of the customs, norms and ideolo...

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Implementing TQM In Small & Medium-Sized Organizations

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Question: Describe about the Implementing TQM in small & medium-sized organizations?     Answer: Introduction Business organisations must consider various reasons that described “Why it is essential to consider the quality issues for producing the quality products for their customers. “Total Quality Management” has been considered as a philosophy with several core values and principles that are centred over...

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Research Methods In Anthropology: Qualitative And Quantitative Approaches

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Question: 1. Produce a critical appraisal of relevant literature synthesised into an appropriate conceptual framework?   2. Demonstrate a firm grasp of differences between research philosophies and the justification of that selected and a critically informed research design with the appropriate combination of methods; sample sizes and selection criteria?   3. Demonstrate effective independent study skills in relation to academic wr...

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Marketing Strategies And Digital Marketing: ZARA

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Question: Describe about customer profile details of Zara. Ansoff matrix analysis of Zara, UK and igital marketing for Zara, UK?     Answer: Introduction Zara in UK is much more than clothing. Zara is a part of Inditex group. Zara has more than 5000 stores in different corners of the world. They have their presence in Europe, USA and Middle East countries. The designs that one can expect from Zara cannot be expected from some ot...

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Business To Business Marketing In JCB

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Question: Discuss the factors affecting business process, Technology, Economy and Finance?     Answer: Introduction Business to business marketing is a facet of organization in which the manufacturers have a relation with the dealers forming an integral component of the business. JCB is considered as the second largest manufacturer of all the construction equipment in the world with about 122 countries having collaboration with ...

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Buyer Behaviour And Celebrity Endorsement

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Questions: 1. Key concepts for celebrity branding?2. Conceptualise and methodology?3. Evaluation of the individual, social, environmental and cultural influences on consumer behaviour?     Answers: Introduction The strategies adopted by the companies to market the products and services offered to the clients differ. Marketing strategies has to be simple and effective as this will help the management to reach out to maximum numbe...

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Business Social Research Methods

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Question: Required to produce a written submission demonstrating the skills involved in the process of defining, developing, conducting and reporting a research project and creating a research proposal? Proposal will include areas such as a title page, contents page, an introduction to the topic of interest, a mini literature review, a research question /sub questions drawn from the literature review, a choice of method/s and a timeline of work...

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