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EEPP4022 Events And Entertainment Planning And Project

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Answer: 1. Background including scope and objectives 1.1 Project Background The project had been made for realizing and effectively using the developed project management concepts for the forming the development of the event of VIP wedding and ceremony. The project involves the development of the project plan for the event along with necessary activities and processes. The project would do activities like selecting cameraman and videographer...

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications

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Answer Company Overview  Dunkin Donuts is based in Canton, Massachusetts which is in Great Boston. It is an America based company which deals in donuts and coffee. The company serves at around the world locations. The company’s products are baked goods, iced, hot, frozen beverages, soft drinks and sandwiches. The parent company is the Dunkin Brands Inc. which is a public company. The company is in food and beverages industry. It wa...

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PEV302 Total Quality Management For The Events Sector

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Answers: Introduction Total quality management includes the organization-wide efforts to settle and create a climate in that a company continuously enhances its ability to provide the products and services with high quality to the customers. The total quality management is a methodical way, which is used for the analysis of the quality of the business operations. In the process of total quality management, employees and managers come together...

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ATAT5001 Airline Travel Agency And Tour Operations

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Answer Introduction Thomas Cook is among the best in world’s tourism industry. Started in 1841, Thomas Cook a 32years old cabinet-maker used to walk from his home in Market Harborough to the neighboring town of Leicester to attend a temperance meeting. Thomas Cooks footmark currently enlarge to over 223 locations including 21 airport counters in 85 cities covering India, Mauritius Sri Lanka and is braced by a strong partner network of 9...

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PGN508 Digital Marketing

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Answer: 1. Introduction  Digital marketing is not only a rapidly developing force within the field of current marketing but is also implemented to the marketing future (Ryan 2016). Therefore, it also seems that the digital media would soon together replace more conventional forms of marketing strategies (Leeflang et al. 2014). Hence, in this context, this report sheds light on designing a new digital marketing strategy of Amazon in order...

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications

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Answer: Introduction PureGym is a lean fit gym which is 24*7 hours open gym. The best specification this gym is that customers can customize their own services without contracting with the company. Currently the company holds 176 stores and 930,000 customers in UK. PureGym is planning to diversify its business and provide its affordable fitness services to age group of 13-19 (PureGym 2017). Further the communication plan of PureGym is detaile...

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EIDE4019 Effective Ideas Generation

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Answer: There is a famous saying, “An Idea can change your life.” The saying is fully true. A good idea coupled with thorough analysis and timely implementation can ensure success for the idea generator. A person can generate unlimited ideas in his / her lifetime. Any point of time, an idea pops up in our mind. “What If” questions juggles everyone’s minds at some point of time. We may think, “What if I use a...

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ACSK4001 Academic Skills

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Answer Introduction In the assignment, the subject related topic ‘UK's exit from Europe' is taken into account for academic writing. The topic, ‘UK's exit from Europe' is significant, as far as political, social and economic factors are concerned. According to Alex and Brian (2016), the term ‘Brexit' is popularly used to denote the schism between England and the European Union. It is noted that England is ostensibly isolated...

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications

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Answers: Introduction The report is totally about the marketing and communication strategy of Nike, one of the leading business giant in the production of footwear and other accessories. For every organization, it is very important that it does a good review and study about its marketing and communicating strategies which includes studies about different environmental factors, market segmentation of the organization and other important elemen...

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CUTO5007 Cultural Tourism

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Answers: Introduction The report investigates the cultural aspects of Valetta in Malta as the European Capital of Culture 2018. This report is written as a part of the role of the as a ‘Graduate’ Travel Consultant for a leading U.K. Tour Operator, as a part of training. The report aims to examine different cultural tourist types and link them to their markets in Valletta. The report explains the importance of the cultural diagram. T...

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POG303 Strategic Management

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Answer: Introduction Joint venture is an agreement between two or more organizations who share ownership, risk, returns with shared governance. In this agreement the companies share resources to accomplish a particular task. The task can be start a new project or improvement in existing operations. In joint ventures the business partners share profit and losses and contribute assets. Numerous factors like technology need, investment need, dev...

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GSBS6300 Integrated Marketing Communications

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Answer: Rational The promotional mix theory contains the arrangement of tools that any business can utilize successfully to convey about the advantages or positives of their products or services. This mix is a piece of the more extended marketing mix (Baker 2014). It comprises of the accompanying tools: advertising public relations sales promotion direct marketing personal selling The promotional mix gives a path to the clients to t...

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IHRM4032 Introduction To Human Resource Management

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Answers Introduction The aim of this report is to learn about the human resource management and its importance of the business organisations. The company on which the discussions will take place is Palermo Safe Storage. As we know that the workers are the relevant part of every organization like Palermo Safe Storage (Wong, 2013). The actual need is to analyze the potential of the employees and allocate them the correct task and position so that...

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IHRM4032 Human Resource Management

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Answer: Introduction: The report has been formulated by the HR manager of Palermo Safe Storage, where there is a serious drawback in hr functions has been identified by the author. This report aims to perceive the board members about the importance of human resource strategies in contemporary organizational success by understanding HR roles and functions, planning and managing the change within the organization. Lastly, the author has recomme...

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IHRM4032 Introduction To Human Resource Management

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Answers: The report gives focus on human resource planning which should be taken into consideration so that smooth and proper functioning can take place in the organization. Also training and development should be taken into consideration. If any change happen in management is should be introduced in proper way so that employees can work with full dedication and can give efficient and effective results. The report covers each and every part wh...

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