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Key Contextual Factors

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Question: Give an overview of the story and key contextual factors.   Answer: The morning was a bright one as usual. But for Grace and her family it was the beginning of a new happiness. Grace and Wesley were a happy couple. For a long time they didn’t have a decent holiday in years, due to their busy schedule. So they decided to go for a holiday after a long time with their two children. Grace had a sister named Lily, who used t...

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Advance Diploma Hospitality Of Management

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Question: Discuss the budget analysis of international Hotel Group.    Answer: Budget Analysis of International Hotel Group The budget analysis of the hotel is based on existing budget report and the proposed budgets for improvement are shown below as follows: Existing reflection of the expenses The present budget estimation has total expenditure of $67000. The cost of the various item such as Accommodation, Equipment, Food/Cat...

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The Mechanical Disaster

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Question: Discuss about the Mechanical Disaster.   Answer: Introduction: Essay A RMS Titanic existed as a British travellerliner, which lapsed in the North Atlantic Ocean during the initial morning on 15 April 1912, as soon as crashing with an iceberg throughout the maiden voyage starting from Southampton to New York City. Over 1500, travellers died in the lapsing out of the total 2,224 travellers as well as the crew on board, wh...

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Strategic Business: Agriculture System

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Business for Agriculture System.     Answer: Political Analysis The government of Australia has a close relation in the entire practice of processing rain. Deregulation of the Australian government has a direct impact upon the processing of rain as it plays an important role in the agriculture system of the whole nation (Watkins et al., 2012). Australian government supports the practice...

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Corporate Finance : Profitable Investment Decisions

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Question: Describe about the Corporate Finance for profitable Investment Decisions.   Answer: Introduction: Corporate finance deals with the money related decisions of the business. The most important factor to run a business is money. The money needs to be invested in profitable investments. Corporate finance helps in making effective decisions about the investments, the financial factors, and the dividends. That means the study of c...

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System Protection And Automation

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Question: Discuss about the System Protection and Automation.     Answer: Introduction: IEC61850 is a standard integral to the application of modern networking technology for the purpose of automation, control and protection of electric power substations. It is a systems architecture, a modelling approach and a protocol. Beyond automation, this protocol was developed to simplify communication between several types of utility sys...

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Understanding Organization : Surroundings Of Organization

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Question: Discuss about the Understanding Organization for Surroundings of Organization.   Answer: Part 1: Improving organisation: Organisational culture includes values and principles, which makes a successful contribution in the communal and psychological surroundings of an organisation. According to Alvesson and Sveningsson (2015) organisational culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organisational mem...

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European Business Organization Law

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Question: Discuss about the European Business Organization Law.     Answer: Introduction Auditing is the process of checking and verifying the accounts and books of accounts of the organisation so that the shareholders and the public get actual face and position of the organisation. The report focuses on the liability of the auditors after the global financial crisis and the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The given scenario says t...

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Public Policy : Pharmaceutical Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Public Policy for Pharmaceutical Industry.     Answer: Introduction: The use of professional judgment in the adoption of policies and measurements are vital for preparation of the financial statement. It is important to exercise a degree of caution for determining the actual assets and income which are not overstated whereas expenses and liabilities are not understated (Almandoz and Tilcsik 2015). &nb...

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Introduction To Management : Initialising Business Regulations

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Question: Describe about the Introduction to Management for Initialising Business Regulations.   Answer: Introduction Business management is all about domineering, scheduling and initialising regulations that abide by the company’s business.  Managers serve several essentials roles in an organisation and among all the roles perfect management of the organisation is the most important one. For a perfect management of the org...

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