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AFIN818 Investments

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Answer: There are relevant benefits of international diversification for pension fund's equity portfolio, as it helps in increasing the overall return, which could be generated from expanded equity. In addition, being a US pension fund's equity portfolio the overall return, which will be generated from internal equities, needs to be converted in USD. This could eventually help in increasing the return from investment. As depicted in appendix 1...

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FNCE40008 Financial Institutions Management

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Answer: JPMorgan Chase and Company is a well-established financial holding corporation in the United States. It is also well-developed in the financial derivatives market in the world, as it participates in the global credit derivatives market, (Zeissler & Metrick, 2014, p. 10). Its primary subsidiary is the JPMorgan Chase bank. This subsidiary has always demonstrated a significant expertise in risk management that has ensured taxpayers ha...

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INFO5301 Information Security Management

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Answer: Introduction The security breach chosen here is the “theft of customer data at “Scottrade”. It is a private firm, which operates at both online as well as retail locations. This organization suffered a breach in which many of its customer data was stolen. The case described is the hack attack occurred at the social network LinkedIn in the year 2012. This assignment deals with the hacking and data theft occurred in Li...

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ISY00243 Systems Analysis And Design

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Answer: Family Farm Fresh Foods is a company that grows organically certified vegetables. The company was started by Jack MacDonald who was later joined by his wife Jane. The company started off as a small farm but recently they have been having trouble. This is majorly due to the lack of an automated system hence Jack has to take orders manually and this is slow, cumbersome and very time-consuming. It is for this reason that an information sy...

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ACC2003 Business Law

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Answers: 1.a.Issue Whether the four elements required for creating a contract were presented between Lila and the store; and Dina and Lila, or not? Rule A contract is to be defined as an undertaken promise where one side of the party promise to pay the contractual consideration and the other side promises to undertake the contractual promise. For creating a contract, there is a need for the presence of certain elements, which includes offer...

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AFIN818 Investments

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Answer: Evaluating the benefits that could be provided to pension fund from international diversification: From the overall assumption, it could be understood that pension funds could use the international diversification to increase their overall return from investment.  As depicted in the Excel sheet returns provided in international equity is irrelevantly higher than the returns provided from US equities. However, without the conversi...

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ACCG924 Taxation Law

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Answers: Part A. As on 21st July 2013, the equipment cost included Good and Service Tax (GST) worth $44,000. The GST is calculated as 10% of the purchase amount of the equipment. (i.e. $44,000/110*100 = $40,000). Therefore, the GST amounted to $44,000 - $40,000 = $4,000. This implies that $4,000 input tax credit is claimable in this case (Australian Taxation Office, 2015). Hereunder, is a detailed working of the capital allowance on the ...

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MKTG216 Consumer Demographics

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Answer: Introduction  In the most recent years, there is a lot of growing concern with regard to the role of private and public household market in the Australian housing system. according to various research, there is an indication that the landlords in Australia decide to withdraw from the lower end of the private rental markets and that the effectiveness or the investment returns of the negative gearing are continuously becoming lower...

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PHIL2020 Theories Of Social Justice

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Answer: The following paper aims at the illustration of a directive method in terms of providing a conceptual learning to the children at their early childhood. A pedagogical method is going to be considered in terms of educating the early learners thus enlightening them with a conceptual thought process of the contemporary social issues. In this regard, four contemporary social issues have been chosen. The purpose of this paper is going to be...

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BUSL320 Revenue Law

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Answer A. Capital Gain Relating to Office Building Provisions: Section 100 to 149 of ITAA97 specifies the regulation regarding general rules for ascertaining capital gain tax liability and special topics. Capital gains are assessable as statutory income and are part of assessable income as per section 102 -5(1) of ITAA 97. Section 104-10 CGT event A applies in case the asset is purchased after 19/9/85 and must have been sold to other enti...

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BUS840 Business Project Management

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Answer: Sustainable development can be defined as the arrangement of theories and principles to achieve several project development goals and simultaneously maintaining the natural systems ability to give several resources and services to the society (SILvIuS and SChIPPER 2012). There is an extreme necessity of sustainability in every project. Sustainability brings success to the project by providing proper guidelines to the project. The purpo...

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MGMT4007 Contemporary Issues In Management

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Answer: Introduction: The current report is based on the fact whether or not emotional labor service work promotes gender occupational segregation in the labor market. The economic perspective indicates that the influence in a segregated job on wages can be described through multiple investments in human capital. It is observed that different human capital investment of both men and women are interpreted as being the outcome of a rational cos...

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BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications

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Answer: Introduction The message or information that is provided from one person to another is called communication. The organizations try to effectively pass this information from the source to destination by the help of various tools. These tools are used to ensure that the communication between two or more parties is accurate. In this paper, various tools are used to get my self- reflection. My strengths and weaknesses are found by using d...

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COMP247 Data Communications

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Answers: Transport layer The transport layer of the TCP/IP appear, the data transmission is done using UDP and TCP. In the present years, Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is introduced for transmitting the data stream and the data residing in the transport layer can be broken into different segments and transmitted to the host using the network layer. The data transferred using the transport layer are isolated into segments and sent ...

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CHC30113 Early Childhood Education And Care

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Answer: Early Childhood Education in Australia The council of Australian government has developed a framework for the educators in Australia to give the young children the chance to increase their potential so that they can develop a foundation that would ensure their success in learning in the future. The vision of the council of Australian governments is that all the children should have the best start of their lives so that they can create...

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