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Marketing Management

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Students are required to read case and relevant chapters indicated in the case matrix. ALL cases and questions in the end of case study must be answered. Case studies are in the textbook.  Case matrix Assignment 1 - Case studies Tasks  1. Pg 36, Company case: Pegasus Airlines: delighting a new type of travelling customer  2. Pg 171, Company case: Porsche: guarding the old while bringing in the new  3. Pg 270, Company case...

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Business Management

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Generally, we all know that elements like teamwork, communication, training, and motivation have positive relationships with leadership. But, in order to support these statements, we need evidences by using real life examples. So, the tasks would be: Write about: 1. Two Successful Leaders in Business World that fit to the Statement (Steve Jobs) (Howard Schultz) (1000 words) 2. One Leader that Fail in Business World that Did Not Fit to Statement (...

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Leadership In Business: Extraordinary Creativity And Leadership

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Question: Discuss about the Leadership in Business for Extraordinary Creativity and Leadership.    Answer: Introduction: Steve Jobs Steve Jobs was the most renowned person with extraordinary creativity and leadership qualities. He had a great vision about the future, and he knew that what future should look like. He was a famous innovator, who reshaped the whole industry with his innovative ideas, intellectual min...

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Importance Of B2B Services In Current Competitive Market

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Question: Explain the importance of B2B services in Current Competitive Market.    Answer: 1. Introduction (Research topic): In recent years, business-to-business marketing (B2B) process is increasingly popular in the global market. Through the involvement of the B2B marketing, organizations obtain the opportunity to enhance the business in the global platform. In the B2B process, some of the business practices including outsourc...

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Formal Business Report

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Your first assessment requires you to write a formal report. For this formal report you are required to assume: 1. Your role (e.g advisor, Tax consultant, Tax Manager etc) 2. Your company (you may choose the company you are working on) 3. The profile of the company (you may summarise the information that are publicly available) 4. The current state of the company (you may assume the figures, it is not required to obtain actual/real facts) By the ...

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Business Management

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Select a brand/product category of the choice. Conduct Marketing Research and Analysis  for the Report and Presentation. Describe the current marketing activities of the chosen brand for section 1-7

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Concept Of Compliance

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Questions: 1. Provide a report outlining how the change introduced will affect your chosen company    2. Illustrate your analysis with calculations where required  3. Draft an action plan for the future of the company on the factors that will lead  to overall benefit to the company  4. Provide consideration of professional ethics to your action plan  5. Outline strength and weaknesses of your report. ...

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Business Management

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Learning outcome assessed: 1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the key elements of the various theories of leadership 2. Critically evaluate a range of theoretical and conceptual perspectives on leadership 3. Evaluate issues from a range of perspective and be able to integrate these into a considered and practical approach to leadership and organisation Assignment: You have recently been promoted to the position of Head of a new department in...

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Business Management

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Sally Hong is the director of a major charitable organization in Singapore. A single mother of one young child, she earns what could best be described as a modest income. Because charitable organizations aren’t known for their generous retirement programs, Sally has decided it would be best for her to do a little investing on her own. She’d like to set up a program to supplement her employer’s retirement program and, at the same...

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SWOT Analysis: Targeting

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Question: Write an essay on Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.   Answer: 1. Marketing Analysis SWOT analysis: Strength ·         Strong brand name with huge brand loyalty ·         Burger King markets a number of burgers that is in general not obtainable in all other snack food restaurant ("BURGER KING®" 2016) ·&n...

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Personnel Management

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Question: Write a report about the personnel management of the marketing department.    Answer: Introduction SingTel is a telecommunication company based on Singapore. It operates in 25 countries. This is the largest mobile network operators in Singapore and the subscriber base of this company is 500 million customers. The company provides IPTV; mobile networks; line telephony services; ISP. It is also largest firm in terms of ma...

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Business Management

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You are required to work in a group of four to six, the groups will be created by your lecturer. As a group you are required to create a powerpoint/prezi/slide share presentation where you will address part 1-5. Part 6-7 must be submitted as a paper in either word or PDF format. All team members must submit parts 1-6 (group assessment) and part 7 (individual assessment) in order for this assessment to be marked.  It is each student’s r...

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Pandemic Influenza National Preparedness Plan

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Question: Literature review on pandemic influenza national preparedness plans ( history, how closely they follow WHO guidance documents, usefulness, policy planning for influenza).    Answer: Introduction Influenza viruses achieve pandemic proportion once they spread rapidly leading to worldwide pandemics. Increase in awareness of threat caused by pandemic influenza on public health over the last few years has led to growing focu...

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Time Management: Self Managed Learning

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Questions: LO1 Understand how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development   1.1 Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning1.2 Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged1.3 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organisationLO2 Be able to take responsibility for own personal and professional development   2.1 Evaluate own current skills...

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Business Management

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Select one case statement from the collection of materials under Week 1, Course Material, Sample Case Statements.  (You may also use a case statement that you find yourself, but you need to give me a copy.)  Imagine that you are a senior fundraiser or a fundraising consultant for your selected nonprofit organization, which has asked you to provide a “skeletal strategic plan”—a concise framework for how the selected NPO...

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