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Basic Statistics Assignment

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Question: Describe about basic statistics?   Answer: Introduction: We have to check the hypothesis whether there is a relationship between the height and weight of students. We have to also check whether there is any significant relationship exists between GPA and number of hours TV seen by students. We have to see some descriptive statistics for the variables under this study. The list of variables is given below: Variable number 1:...

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Business And IT: Management

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Question: Describe the following points..   1. Purpose of the Paper 2. Important Points / Arguments Presented 3. Approach Used 4. Issues and Questions I’d Like to Bring Forward?     Answer: 1. The 2014 SIM IT Key Issues and Trends Study: 1.2 Purpose of the paper: Since 1980, different universities have been making joint effort with the SIM (Society for Information and management) in order to conduct a survey to fin...

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Research Proposal For Sainsbury

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Question: Describe about the Research Proposal For Sainsbury?   Answer: Executive summary: The report consist of a proper research proposal which would allow the reader to attain full knowledge about the UK’s supermarket conditions regarding the ethical buyer’s and their needs, wants plus demands. Sainsbury’s Supermarkets actually is a global business and its entire buyers search world towards finding novel sources o...

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Marketing Campaign

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Questions: Describe following points..   Part A: Implementation of Public Relation Campaign of Pizza Rush Part B: Methods of Monitoring     Answers: Introduction: In order to open a new business, it is mandatory to maintain the organizational ethics to appease the customers’ demand. Yang et al. (2011) has been eloquent in stating that promotion and advertisement are the essential approach that an organization has t...

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Radians Appendix

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Question: Describe about the Radians Appendix?     Answer: We have taken around 640 points for calculating the ordinates separated by 0.01 radians. Some of the points are shown in the following table, while rest can be found in the appendix.     V1 V2 R 0 121.2436 -100 21.24356 0.01 121.9375 -99.995 21.94248 0.02 122.6192 -99.98 ...

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Algorithm Social Issues

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Questions: 1. Summarise your selected social issue to provide context to your colleagues. 2. Explain the implications, as you see them, of your selected social issue. 3. Identify algorithm and computing technologies associated with your selected social issue. 4. Explain why or why not people should be concerned about the implications of your selected social issue. 5. Fully state and justify any choices, assumptions or claims that you make using ...

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Kris Marginal Tax Rate

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Question: What was Kris’ marginal tax rate for 2014? Briefly explain. Kris’s marginal tax rate. Calculate the amount of income tax that Kris owed for 2014. Show your work. Round your answer to the nearest penny.   Answer: If an earthquake and its powerful aftershocks temporarily disrupt the production and distribution, then in long run the overall price level will increase and the level of output or GDP will stay remain same ...

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Quantitative Analysis

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Question: Write an essay on quantitative analysis.   Answer: This particular study is aimed to build a quantitative analysis in order to do a proper risk assessment for the risks involved in the food chain of the organization. The quantitative analysis can be done in both ways such as using primary research and using secondary research method (Pierce & Sawyer, 2013). However, this study has chosen the secondary data collection tech...

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Mathematical Thinking And Numeracy Process

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Question: Write essay on "The nature and the development of the mathematical thinking and numeracy process in children".    Answer: Introduction Mathematics is usually the most international of all the curriculum subjects, and the understanding of this issue influences majorly on the decision making in all the areas from private, civil and the social aspects.  Maths education is a key to the increase of the post school and t...

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Financial Modelling: Performance Of Business Entities

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study for Financial Modelling and Performance of Business Entities .   Answer: Introduction The financial modeling has been focused on brief observation over financial performance of business entities. It has developed brief measurement on different brands of Beer companies with the introduction of statistical financial modeling. The use of statistical tools, techniques and approach on the beer compani...

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