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REM400 Real Estate Finance

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Answers: 1 . The respective net gross interest rate was calculated by incorporating the present market value of the bond and the future value of the bond with the impending time bound each of the bond has(DeFusco and Paciorek 2017). The summary of the same is given below: Time Period 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month Face Value 100 100 100 Market Value 99.5 98.25 97.25 ...

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CPT140 Database Concepts For Functional Dependencies

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  • Course Code: CPT140
  • University: Peekay University
  • Country: India

Answer: (A) Considering R (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) D → G, B E → A B → G, E, C A → F, C By using inference rules to find the minimal basis the key of the relation is D For the relation to be in BCNF the key which is D has to be in the left side for all the FDs which is not the case thus the relation Is not in BCNF  (B) Considering SALES(Cost, Emp_Name, Emp_ID , Make, Grade , Price, Serial_No, Commission, S...

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Social Innovation And Social Entrepreneurship

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Questions: 1. Describe the two additional (untold i.e. you are making it up) magical transformations that the fairy godmother made with the two objects corresponding to your two words. 2. Write a news story headline involving the reversion of one your objects from Step 1 back to its original form on the way to, at, or o...

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The Strategies Of Game Theory

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Question: Discuss about the strategies of Game theory.   Answer: In the given two person game,   Strategy A B C Players 1 D 9,6 7,6 8,7 E 8,10 6,8 9,9 F 7,8 5,8 7,10 There is no pure Nash equilibrium. A Nash equilibrium, in a two-person game occurs at a point where, both the persons have their welfare maximized and fr...

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Cloud Privacy And Security

Download : 0 | Pages : 12

Question: Discuss about the Security threat and risks evolving in the Australian Stare Government with the Implication of DAS in the scenario.     Answer: Introduction Cloud Computing is an emerging topic in the modern world of Internet Technology. It has created many advancement in the market of technology. The deployment models of cloud computing has provided risks and security in the business organization. There are different...

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Evaluating Research Sources

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Question: Discuss about the Evaluating Research Sources.     Answer: Ted French, from an informed point view, summarizes the set theory; highlighting most relevant and commonly applicable aspects of the sets as outlined in discrete mathematics. The author dwells on aspects of the set theory that mainly used in computer science in defining variables and building functions. To achieve this, in particular, the article discusses set ...

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Pharmaceutical Mathematics: Administering Medication

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Question: Discuss about the Pharmaceutical Mathematics for Administering Medication.   Answer: Definition of Pharmaceutical Mathematics Pharmaceutical Mathematics is the application of measurement and calculation tools for preparing, prescribing and administering medication. The major mathematical approaches considered for application in the field of pharmacy are statistical analysis methods, quantitative analysis and algebraic ...

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Population Growth And Economic Development

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Questions: Discuss about the  Mathematical Modelling and Mathematical Investigation.     Answers: Introduction: In this report, the population growth in the country Australia is being studied. Australia is a country having a medium density of population. The growth rate of the population of Australia is 1.8 percent per year which is quite high. The main objective of this report is to analyze the growth rate of population of...

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Business Finance: Investments

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Questions:  1. A. How many years will it take for an investment of $20,000 now to grow to $40,000, where the rate of interest for the investment is 5% p.a. and compounding occurs every two months?B. Suppose you invest $2000 in a bank account which provides 5% p.a. interest compounded daily. To what value your investment will grow after 5 years.    Answers: 1. a) It will require 13.92 years to grow the investment to $40000. T...

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Biology: Hungarian Press

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Question: Discuss about the Biology for Hungarian Press.   Answer: Introduction The function is to make lactose and the breaking of sugars into simple proteins such as milk. B/b has been describes as follows: B = the capacity of the genotype to make production of the lactase enzyme and be able to digest the final result of the milk. Small letter b is used to represent the genotype inability to digest the lactose in milk. AA ...

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Financial Modelling: Performance Of Business Entities

Download : 0 | Pages : 14

Question: Discuss about the Case Study for Financial Modelling and Performance of Business Entities .   Answer: Introduction The financial modeling has been focused on brief observation over financial performance of business entities. It has developed brief measurement on different brands of Beer companies with the introduction of statistical financial modeling. The use of statistical tools, techniques and approach on the beer compani...

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Mathematical Thinking And Numeracy Process

Download : 0 | Pages : 7

Question: Write essay on "The nature and the development of the mathematical thinking and numeracy process in children".    Answer: Introduction Mathematics is usually the most international of all the curriculum subjects, and the understanding of this issue influences majorly on the decision making in all the areas from private, civil and the social aspects.  Maths education is a key to the increase of the post school and t...

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Quantitative Analysis

Download : 0 | Pages : 11

Question: Write an essay on quantitative analysis.   Answer: This particular study is aimed to build a quantitative analysis in order to do a proper risk assessment for the risks involved in the food chain of the organization. The quantitative analysis can be done in both ways such as using primary research and using secondary research method (Pierce & Sawyer, 2013). However, this study has chosen the secondary data collection tech...

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Kris Marginal Tax Rate

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Question: What was Kris’ marginal tax rate for 2014? Briefly explain. Kris’s marginal tax rate. Calculate the amount of income tax that Kris owed for 2014. Show your work. Round your answer to the nearest penny.   Answer: If an earthquake and its powerful aftershocks temporarily disrupt the production and distribution, then in long run the overall price level will increase and the level of output or GDP will stay remain same ...

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Algorithm Social Issues

Downloads : 231 | Pages : 3

Questions: 1. Summarise your selected social issue to provide context to your colleagues. 2. Explain the implications, as you see them, of your selected social issue. 3. Identify algorithm and computing technologies associated with your selected social issue. 4. Explain why or why not people should be concerned about the implications of your selected social issue. 5. Fully state and justify any choices, assumptions or claims that you make using ...

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