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N201 Business Management And Leadership

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Answer: Introduction  Leadership is the essential part of every organization. It does not work only in certain organization but also it has wide nature in every sector. In this report Fit for the future - Public Health People, (PHE 2016) and Health 2020 (WHO, 2014) both highlight the importance of inter-sector working and planning. Apart from that it will reflect the development of ‘governance for health’ rather than the old ...

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CFS2155 Computer Programming

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Answer: Calculating the value of equation coefficients Iz = Ix + Iy; V1 = (Rx * Ix) + Vz; V2 = (Ry * Iy) + Vz; Vz = Rz * Iz; The crammers rule is like below: Ax + By = Z1; Cx + Dy = Z2; If Matrix M = D|M| = (a*d)-(b*c); According to crammers rule M =     Aug = Now made new matrix M1 like below Mx = Now x = (D|Mx| / D|M|); My = Now y = (D|My| / D|M|); In our case (Rx + Rz) * Ix + Rz * Iy = V1; Rx * Ix + ( ...

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EDMA241 Mathematics Education

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Answer: Mathematics as subject for learning among other subjects is interesting to learn and has got a long history. It is a subject that has far reaching myths especially for most learners who have adopted a wrong mentality of the subject. It is believed to be difficult yet for the lovers of the subject, it is interesting to learn and comprehend (Bradley & Corwyn, 2016). It is more practical and requires utmost practice so as to get acqua...

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PACC6011 Accounting Information Systems

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Answer: MYOB Accounting software is simple software for accounting for small and medium enterprises. This system is simple but at the same time is powerful software for accounting that emphasises on business procedures and work flows. This software is GST compliant and GST ready. The latest version of the software is compliant with the Windows 8 version. To keep the business moving, the users need to invoice the customers and clients and ...

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ENR101 Essential Mathematics Algebra And Trigonometry

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Answer: Project overview The paper mainly focuses on the project “opening of a cafe” in Cambodia. It is found that the café was opened near to a college in Cambodia so that the students of the college can spend their free time with their friends during break hours in the college for enjoying coffee and snacks within a reasonable price in an excellent ambience. The main aim of the project is to undertake feasibility analysis...

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BIOL10212 Biochemistry

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Answer: Introduction The aim of the question is to obtain Km and Vmax and also to determine the type of inhibition of A and also the type of inhibition of B. To answer the question of the type of inhibition, we will plot the graph on inhibitor A and inhibitor B together with the graph of S. We will use the graph to determine the competitive inhibitor and non-competitive inhibitor. According to the first graph enzymes inhibitor A is the c...

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M248 Business

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ACCT102 Management Accounting

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Answer: Introduction  The selected company for this task is Singapore Airlines which is the flag carrier airline for Singapore. It is one of top ranked airlines known for premium services and is also a member of Star Alliance. The key hub of the airline is Changi International Airport. Currently, it has a fleet of 117 aircrafts and operates to 64 destinations globally. The airline has various subsidiaries which are operating globally and...

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ACC101 Fundamentals Of Accounting

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Answer: Using the following information, make the necessary adjusting entries. (12 mark) Rent of office premises of $1,216 for the 4-month period ending 30 August is due to be paid in July. Rent A/c…. …Dr 608   To Rent Payable  A/c   608 The Supplies account had a $600 debit balance on 1 July of the preceding year. Supplies costing $1,400 were purchased during t...

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MATH 115 Mathematics For Liberal Art

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COHE 6310 Health Care Accounting And Financial Administration

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Answer: Answers to the project are to be submitted as a project quiz.  This is an individual, graded exercise to be completed by the due date. The project quiz will prompt you to submit your spreadsheet file as a file attachment.  Rename your file:  Your_Name_Cost_Analysis_Project.  Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis  Given:  A primary care provider group has negotiated to provide medical care to 20,000 benef...

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COSC2473 Introduction To Computer Systems And Platform Technologies

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Answer: Question 1 - Number system: The student number is S3543535. So, the last 5 digits are 43535. Hence, (43535)10 = 1*2^(15) + 0*2^(14) + 1*2^(13) + 0*2^(12) + 1*2^(11) + 0*2^(10) + 1*2^(9) + 0*2^(8) + 0*2^(7) + 0*2^(6) + 0*2^(5) + 0*2^(4) + 1*2^3 + 1*2^2 + 1*2^1 + 1*2^0 = (1010101000001111)2 Now, grouping by three bit and then evaluating by three bit, the binary number can be converted into octal equivalent. (43535)10 = (001...

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ENGG7302 Advanced Computational Techniques In Engineering

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Answer: [20 points] Mr. Optimal wants to find the values of x 2 [0; 2_] that minimize the functions f(x) = sin(x), g(x) = 5 sin(x), and h(x) = sin (5x) using Generalized Pattern Search. Please sort the functions (i.e., f, g, and h) based on the difficulty of finding the desired value using Generalized Pattern Search, and as usual, please explain your answer. Solution For the functions f(x) = sinx. g (x) = 5sinx and h(x) = sin (5x) The ...

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MST124 Essential Mathematics

Downloads : 3 | Pages : 3

Answer: Question 1 Differentiating  (a).  f(x)=6x^2ln(4x) f’(x)=d/dx(6x^2ln(4x)) First we remove the constant f’(x)=6 d/dx(x^2ln(4x)) Second the product rule (f*g)’=f’*g+f*g’ f=x^2 , g=ln(4x) f’=d/dx(x^2)=2x ,  g’=d/dx(ln(4x))=1/x Third substitute the values into the product rule f’(x)=6 (2xln(4x)+(1/x)*x^2) Final Result f’(x)=6(2xln(4x)+x)  (b).  f(x)...

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