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N201 Business Management And Leadership

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Answer: Introduction  Leadership is the essential part of every organization. It does not work only in certain organization but also it has wide nature in every sector. In this report Fit for the future - Public Health People, (PHE 2016) and Health 2020 (WHO, 2014) both highlight the importance of inter-sector working and planning. Apart from that it will reflect the development of ‘governance for health’ rather than the old ...

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EBPM 3303 Project Risk Management

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Answer: a) The company profile and motive of the company to invest in luxury property project Eco World Development Group Berhad, formerly renowned as Focal Aims Holdings Berhad, is one of the most famous public listed corporations in Malaysia dealing in property development industry in the target country. Precisely, the group has been involved in property and infrastructure development activities having a land bank of close to 8,052.7 acres....

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LAW 1510 Contract Law

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Answer: Introduction: A contract that can be brought before the court of law and is enforceable is deemed as a justiciable contract. In order to determine whether a contract is justiciable, the court shall consider the intention of the parties to become legally bound by the contract. If the parties to the contract have legal intention to bind the contract, that is, they have legal relations between themselves and intend to create a justiciabl...

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LAWS11062 Contract Law

Download : 0 | Pages : 10

Answers: Background context Simon and Dianne Lee (SADLee) was small business operators of a fish and chip shop. Their property was at the leased premises in Runaway Bay Shopping Centre owned by CashMax and MeaNNess were its directors However; this big corporate company was undergoing certain personal issues of their own. Most of their tenants stood to recover around $3,000 whereas SADLee thought they might recover more. As SADLee faces a fam...

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49001 Judgment And Decision Making

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Answer: Parkin electronics is a company with a turnover of $ 20 million, and it manufactures emergency switchgear, electronic shaft driving controller and small crane motors. This electronic company has its leases up for renewal, and thus the company managing director is considering relocating to a place which can accommodate its employees while meeting its cost constraint of $1,000 000 pa. Therefore, four sub-urban development sites have been...

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LAW60003 Corporation And Contract Law

Downloads : 2 | Pages : 17

Answers: 1. a. To create a contract between Shona and Raymond, some elements must have been there such as:- -     There must be an offer whether in writing or in verbal mode (jifkins, 2017). -     Offeree must accept the offer before it is revocation by the offeror (Tepper, 2014). -    Such acceptance need be free from fraud or misrepresentation or any kind of undue influence of a ...

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ME502 Masters Of Engineering

Download : 0 | Pages : 13

Answer: Introduction Erdal Arikan introduced polar codes in 2009 and the first deterministic was provided by construction of capacity by attaining the codes for binary memory less symmetric known as BMS. Arikan’s research took more than 20 years and finalized the computational cutoff rate of sequential decoding and concluding the fundamental problem in communication theory. If the sender has the information in bits to send after the app...

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Convention Contracts For International Sale

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Answer Introduction Restraint of trade clauses are defined as an attempt through which employer restrict the conduct of the former employee at the time when employment relationship ended between the parties. Post-employment restraints are considered as invalid and unenforceable conditions, unless it is showed by the employer that these conditions are necessary for ensuring the protection of the commercial interest. The burden lies on the employ...

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Tramways Advertising Pty Limited

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Question: Discuss about the Tramways Advertising Pty Limited.     Answer: Introduction: Whether Huang has right to sue the Bill for breach of his building contract or not, and whether he has right to claim sum of $150,000 from the Bill? Rights and obligations of the parties related to the contract are determined from the contractual terms. These terms are defined in two parts that are express term and implied term. Express term...

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Doctrine Of Undue Influence And Recession

Download : 0 | Pages : 7

Question: Discuss About The Doctrine Of Undue Influence And Recession?   Answer: Introduction The Doctrine of undue influence had been introduced as an equitable Doctrine in order to prevent a person from taking advantage of another person because of the position or power over such person. The position or power one person has over another party can manipulate the capacity of the other party to provide free consent in relation to c...

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Cost Of Dealing With Employee Information

Download : 0 | Pages : 9

Question: Discuss About The Cost Of Dealing With Employee Information?   Answer: Introduction In the past, I had worked in the finance department of a hotel, where I came across a dispute related to the confidentiality breach by the employee who was set to leave the company. The employee also had been working in the finance department, where he had the access to employee records and also of the salary packages of each of the clien...

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Law Of Consideration In Contract

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Question: Discuss about the Law of Consideration in Contract.     Answer: Introduction: The main aim of contract law is to enable the self-governing parties to have the power to use contracts to advance their shared objectives. The principle of formation of contract has been interpreted through various elements. The formation of a contract entails a process that is objectively viewed.[1] This means that a small child or a mental...

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Contract Between Ben And Johar

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Question: Discuss about the essential elements of Contract for creating a valid contract between Ben and Johari for the sale and purchase of the yacht.     Answer: Introduction A contract can be best put as a promise made between two or more parties, where each party promises to undertake the made promise, which is usually in form of one party paying the consideration and the other party carrying out the work stated in the contr...

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Contract Law: Consideration And Legal Intention

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Question: Discuss about the Contract Law for Consideration and Legal Intention.   Answer: Keith A. Rowley’s article, ‘You Asked for it, You Got it… Toy Yoda: Practical Jokes, Prizes and Contract Law This article discusses about the assent, contractual intent and consideration issues that are involved in offers or acceptances that are made jokingly or in jest, contests, reward offers and other related topics. T...

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Cloud Privacy And Security

Download : 0 | Pages : 12

Question: Discuss about the Security threat and risks evolving in the Australian Stare Government with the Implication of DAS in the scenario.     Answer: Introduction Cloud Computing is an emerging topic in the modern world of Internet Technology. It has created many advancement in the market of technology. The deployment models of cloud computing has provided risks and security in the business organization. There are different...

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