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Radians Appendix

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Question: Describe about the Radians Appendix?     Answer: We have taken around 640 points for calculating the ordinates separated by 0.01 radians. Some of the points are shown in the following table, while rest can be found in the appendix.     V1 V2 R 0 121.2436 -100 21.24356 0.01 121.9375 -99.995 21.94248 0.02 122.6192 -99.98 ...

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Design And Analysis Of An Algorithm

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Question: Discuss about design and analysis of an algorithm?   Answer: Sorting algorithm Here selection of two sorting algorithm is- Bubble sort.   Selection sort. Time complexity of bubble sort algorithm In the bubble sort algorithm time complexity of best case is O (n), in time complexity of average case is O (n2) and the time complexity of worst case is O (n2). Expression for the worst case time calculation of the algor...

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Introduction To Algorithms

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Question: Discuss ? Use the Library and other resources to research divide-and-conquer sorting algorithms and how they compare to standard sorting algorithms?   Answer: Introduction Two selected sorting algorithms based on divide and conquer technique are, quick sort and merge sort. Another sorting algorithm based on standard technique is bubble sort. In the following sections there will be discussions on three of these algorithms along...

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Recent Developments In The Doctrine Of Consideration

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Question: Discuss how the development of economic duress has allowed the courts to move away from ‘a rigid adherence to the doctrine of consideration?   Answer: Introduction Generally, in contracts, there are three basic elements namely the agreement, the intention to create a legal obligation and the consideration. The doctrine of consideration is important because it endeavours to bind the parties to an agreement and checks the ...

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Kris Marginal Tax Rate

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Question: What was Kris’ marginal tax rate for 2014? Briefly explain. Kris’s marginal tax rate. Calculate the amount of income tax that Kris owed for 2014. Show your work. Round your answer to the nearest penny.   Answer: If an earthquake and its powerful aftershocks temporarily disrupt the production and distribution, then in long run the overall price level will increase and the level of output or GDP will stay remain same ...

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Project Risk Management

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Question: Describe about the Project Risk Management?.   Answer: Introduction Kitchen remodeling is the process, which is related to the building of projects that includes the implementation of the modification of the structure of the existing kitchen. The kitchen remodeling process includes the modification of the kitchen cabinets, cooking equipments, appliances, and storage system (Fang & Marle, 2012). The project aims at i...

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Legal Opinion On Contractual Obligations

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Question: Discuss about the Report for Legal Opinion on Contractual Obligations.   Answer: In common law, each party to a contract must precisely perform their contractual obligations.[1] The implication of this requirement is that if either of the contracting parties fails to meet their contractual obligations, that failure would be regarded as a breach of contract. As a consequence, the victim party can raise a claim of damages a...

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Contract Law : Deceptive Business Conduct

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Question: Discuss about the Contract Law for Deceptive Business Conduct.   Answer: Issue of the Case: Whether the University is legally obliged to pay the extra cost for work while it is already mentioned in contract that the work must be completed by 1st March, 2016. Facts of the Case: In Western Australia, a regional University made a contract with Marina Construction Limited (MCU) for some renovations in an old hotel to convert i...

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Australian Consumer Law: Exclusion Clauses

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Question: Discuss about the Australian Consumer Law for Exclusion Clauses.     Answer: Introduction As far as the Australian Contract Law goes, it can be said that an exclusion clause becomes invalid in any contract if it extends its scope in such a way that it avoids liability for conduct beyond the scope of the contract in any way[1]. This has changed in several ways over the years. This concept shall be discussed in...

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Contract Law: Sydney City Council V West

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Question: Discuss about the Contract Law for Sydney City Council V West.   Answer: Introduction The report provides the over view and the critical analysis of the two different cases that are the SYDNEY CITY COUNCIL V WEST (1965) and the THORNTON V SHOE LANE PARKING LTD (1971). The contract law of an exclusion cause with determining the invalid reasons that avoids the liability of the conduct. It thereby helps in determinin...

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