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PSY123 Mind To World

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Answer Many psychologists have argued that early attachments are having an impact on the later relationship that an individual forms. The emotional association that is formed in between the infant and their caregiver is the only way where the baby can get its basic needs met in their helpless state. This further becomes the motor for their following social, emotional as well as cognitive developments (Lamb, 2013). Therefore, attachment is a st...

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PSYC1010 Psychology Introduction

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Answer: Introduction Positive psychology is a part of science that deals with the functioning of human and this science understands human better. Positive psychology takes into consideration the concepts related to human performance by using interventions, which helps in building sustainability in well being of the individual (Gable &Haidt, 2005). The elements that the positive psychology deals with are: Positive emotions Engagement o...

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PSYC 212 Lifespan Development

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Answer: Stress is indeed a mitigating factor, especially to the wellbeing of one’s health. After taking the Perceived Stress Scale which I scored a 36, I was able to observe that I was quite unable to deal with a number of pertinent issues. For instance, it was apparent to me that in the past one month, I felt that I was not in total control of the situations around me and it was rather difficult for me to manage the important issues in ...

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PSY101 Introduction To Cultural Psychology

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Answer: Introduction Different cultures embrace different and specific values, ideas, and thoughts which they categorize as important or non-important. Such values and thoughts are highly influenced by the element of self-concept which is defined as the individuals’ beliefs about themselves including their individuals’ attributes of what and who the self is (MacLeod, 2008). MacLeod (2008) adds that the development of self-concept ...

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PSYC 100 Introduction To Psychology

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Answer Literature review Heavy prenatal exposure to alcohol in children is associated with central nervous system dysfunction. It has a devastating effect on the general intelligence, learning and visuo-spatial function. Children with prenatal exposure particularly experience deficit in attention. As there is lack of understanding regarding the pattern of shift in attention, literature review develops understanding on the topic. The stu...

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PSYC 100 Introduction To Psychology

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Answer Being a counselor or a psychotherapist must have certain qualities towards the approaches that have during their counseling sessions with their clients. The counselor in my locality also possesses some great qualities towards the approaches that she adopted while her sessions. The thoughts that came after going though the approaches that my counselor follows is discussed in this essay. She possesses skills like listening, showing empat...

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HFS103 Psychology For Human Factors

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Answer: Introduction Parents are the only source that exerts enormous form of influence over their children's development. They not only influence the behavior of their children, but they also influence their personality (Zarra?Nezhad et al., 2014). Not only does the parent give their children a good start but they also recognize the temperaments of their children and provide them guidance to prepare their children for complete independence. ...

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A10826 Psychology

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Answer: Introduction: Human being is inherent to its proactive tendency that engages one’s own social and psychological surroundings, which eventually assimilates ambient cultural and valuable practices. It can be said that human being is predominantly interested to respond towards its values that surrounds them, which arises from innate curiosity. Also, intensity of proactiveness is often found to be slothful among several individuals ...

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SIA1750 Self, Identity And Agency

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Answer: Biographical and thematic elements in Under My Skin Under My Skin is one of the masterpieces of Doris Lessing’s first volume of autobiography. As a matter of specification, the volume enhances the clarity of the readers about how she spent her childhood in the dense forest of Africa. Time and memory is one of an important theme of this volume. Recollection of the past from the perspective of a child Doris acts as a flashbac...

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PSYC 100 Introduction To Psychology

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Answers 1. The issue presented in the question is that the theories that have been used in the case study are the multiple resource theory, the cortical resource theory, recognition theory and the detection theory. 2. The questions that were asked by the authors in their research are that whether the perceptual similarity that has been reflected by the multiple items support or create a barrier in an individual’s ability to hold on and re...

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Psych 1001 Psychology 1

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Answer: Introduction In recent years, there has been an increase in the involvement of students with part-time jobs for supplementing their family incomes or for their own survival (Timiraos, 2014). The reason that can mostly be considered is the increase in the cost of higher education. With the rising costs of education, the number of students choosing to work part time during their school times, in order to meet their educational expenses,...

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PSY113 Child And Adolescent Psychology

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Answers 1: The developmental history of human beings indicates that nurture and nature both the experience interact for the mental development of the human beings. After the birth of a child, a lifelong procedure for mutual adaption gets triggered within the broad social surroundings. The patterns and relationship of the childhood interactions during the early stage of their lives serve as a prototype of the later life interactions; therefore it...

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PSY 101 Introductory Psychology

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Answer: An irrational or excessive fear of an object or situation. An excessive afraid of an object or situation can be the reason of specific phobia. Fixed but patently false beliefs, such as believing that one is being hounded by demons. it is the symptom of Hallucinate. A type of anxiety disorder involving repeated episodes of sheer terror called panic attacks. Repeated episodes of sheer terror are because of panic disorder. A vulnera...

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PSY 381 Abnormal Psychology

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Answer: The Memory retention has always been quite a challenge not only to the learners but also to the tutors too; who have to subject themselves to intense research for the sake of the students. A robust memory is the divine backbone of continuous learning which will thus lead to increased knowledge. A powerful memory that can retain the entire bulk of information fed into the same-if achievable is the ultimate tool to academic excellence (S...

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C801 Psychology

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Answer: Introduction TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is considered as the last resort in the field of neuroscience and psychology when rest of the treatments to deal with the patient’s depression fails to show any benefit. It is a noninvasive procedure, which improve the symptoms of depression requires the magnetic fields in stimulating the nerve cells in the brain. The process initiates with the placement of an electromagneti...

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