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HIST3312 The British Civil Wars And Interregnum

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Answer: Driving Factors behind Execution of Charles I Charles I ascended the English throne in the year 1625 after the death of King James I. In the very first year of his reign, Charles offended his protestant subjects by marrying Henrietta Maria who was a Catholic French Princess. In order to deal with the political opposition against him he dissolved Parliament on several occasions. Later in the year 1629, he decided to rule the entire...

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HIST 276 France Since 1871

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AnswerS: Introduction France launched its imperial expansion under the guidance of Prime Minister Jules Ferry. His ambitious efforts to make France a colonial power and his decisions to defend his ideas are portrayed in the case study. The research is based on the answers to three different questions on French Imperialism. 1. Recent Developments in World Trade According to Jules Ferry the recent developments of world trade have made it...

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HIST1051 The Australian Experience

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Answer      Introduction  When the very first European mariners had sailed through the Australian waters, they have observed the land as ‘Terra Australis Incognita’ or the unknown land in South. Between the years 1606 and 1770, approximately fifty four European ships had reached the land from various nations in Europe. However, in 1770, when Lieutenant James Cook reach the east coast of Australia with his ship HM...

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HIST 377 The Vietnam War

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Answer: Introduction The war of Vietnam has been considered to the most important event in the history of Vietnam as well as United States. This conflict has affected the lives of Americans as they were enrolled in army (Young, 2017, p.570). According to data, millions of people were traumatised, wounded and lost their lives and family due to this war. The conflict began in 1955, encompassing the era of Cold war and finally ended in 1975...

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15PHIH051 Independent Research Essay In History 1

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Answer: The Chinese immigrants came to the United States in three periods 1849-1882, 1882-1865, 1965 to the present time, now. The first Chinese migration began immediately after the Chinese gold rush and ended after the passage of the Chinese exclusion of 1882.The Chinese immigrants came to the United Stated first of all with the main aim of getting rich and sending the money they would earn back home. Some wanted to even work for a while and...

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HIST 3056 Doing History

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Answer: Was Nazism nationalist or racist? The national socialist worker's party which is popularly referred to as Nazi was established back in the year 1919. In 1921, the party emerged not only as the most influencing but also as the most powerful political force in Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.  Germany was governed using the party’s ideology from 1933 to 1945. The party’s ideology was based on nationalism an...

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EPHUMA131 Australian History To Federation

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Answer:  Were Gandhi’s social and political views ‘utopian’? Gandhi had been politically active at a time when the Indian national struggle for freedom was at its peak. The Indian people had been aspiring for a total political and administrative change. The mood of many of the people had been demoralized because of the long term British occupation on the Indian soil. Therefore it is necessary that a political ideology ...

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EDU2210 : USA Constitution And Its Significance

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Answer:  The constitution of any nation forms one of the core components of the government of the concerned nation and in a way decides the kind of government which that particular nation is going to follow (Campbell & Goldsworthy, 2017). The same concept hold true for the nation United States of America as well. The constitution of USA clearly indicates the kind of government which the nation is to follow and it can even be said that...

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HIS250 : History Essay

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Answer: The consequences of the Vietnamese war decided the end of the imperialistic approach of the Western capitalist forces in Southern Asia. On the 1st of August, 1946, President Truman declared before the US citizen his decision of rendering help for freedom and independence of the Vietnamese. However, a section of the US government did not support President Truman’s decision. They held the view that the statutory French rule of Thi...

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HIS114: American History II

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Answer: Introduction: Islamic Modernism and revival are considered as two approaches from different replies, and both these approaches operate within the framework of Islam to Western colonial influence. In other words, political decline of Muslim powers in the 18th Century. Islamic modernist faces different types of criticism or rivalry. The technological, scientific, and legal achievements of the west mainly intended to overcome an app...

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HIS200-The Impact Of Great War In Transforming The West

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Answer: Introduction: The essay aims at describing an instance in history related to the World War I also known as the Great War. The Great War represented a global war that originated in the Europe and lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11th of November 1918 (Joll, James, and Gordon). The war is one of the largest wars in history that led to mobilization of around sixty million Europeans and seventy million personnel. The essay primarily focus...

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SOC 401 Arrival Of Industrial Capitalism And Modernization

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Answer: Introduction: Industrial capitalism is the trade system which includes economic and social trends, where the industry and the capital are controlled for profit.  Modernization is the phase where the old process is changed and implications of new methods, techniques and phases with the help of technology. The purpose to write the essay is to throw light on identifying the solutions of the issues of the advent of industrial capital...

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HIS224A-Change Occured In The Urban Culture 

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Answer: The late 18th and throughout the 19th century in Europe represent large amount of change in the political, social, cultural and economic. This report comprises the changes taken place in 18th and 19th century. It includes urban politics and governance, urban economics, urban societies and urban culture of Vienna. The World War l was began in the year of 1914 in Europe which set new trends and defined modern Europe. ...

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The Concept Of Colonialism States

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Question: Write an essay about Colonialism.     Answer: Imperialism refers to the policy that pertains to the involvement of a nation in the extension of the power of the concerned nation by acquiring foreign lands by the various processes that might include the employment of the diplomatic strategies, the force of the militia that has been serving the concerned nation and by the method of the purchase of the concerned lands (Mat...

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Cartographic Journalism: Modern News Mapping In A History

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Question: “What features and landmarks are highlighted in the maps? What can these tell us about how people would have navigated and/or understood the city?”   Answer: The main objective of the discussion is to identify the significance of the maps in modern perspective. Modern 21st century cities relies on maps for precise identification of the location and people uses modern technological support to navigate and transpor...

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