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Medical Disease

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Question 1  Which of the following descriptions is consistent with pleuritic pain? A.    deep, dull and poorly localised chest pain B.    constant, severe, crushing, substernal pain C.    unilateral, sharp, stabbing pain worse on inspiration/coughing D.    tightness, heaviness or constriction in the chest E.    burning, scalding pain that radi...

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MLS245 Medical Biochemistry

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Crude method of extractionProcedures (Use strawberry as example)1. Prepare DNA extracting solution – (mix about 1 cup of dish detergent and ¼ cup salt into 4 ½ litres of water)2. Place a strawberry in a zip-closure bag and remove most of the air before you seal the bag.3. Mash the strawberry through the bag in your hand. Do not hit against the table.4. Add 2 tablespoons of the DNA extracting solution5. Continue mixing and mash...

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Question: Describe about Prednisolone?     Answer: Generic/Trade Name of Drug The generic or trade name of prednisolone is milipred, orapred, pediapred, prednisolone solution etc. The brand name of prednisolone is as follows – deltasone, orison, prednisane etc. Prednisolone is available in different formulations ranging from oral tablets to oral suspension and syrup. The other forms availablefor prednisolone is creams, gel...

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Medical Enthusiasm

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Case Study 1Ms. A. is an apparently healthy 26-year-old white woman. Since the beginning of the current golf season, Ms. A has noted increased shortness of breath and low levels of energy and enthusiasm. These symptoms seem worse during her menses. Today, while playing in a golf tournament at a high, mountainous course, she became light-headed and was taken by her golfing partner to the emergency clinic. The attending physician’s notes indi...

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Assessment Brief: This assignment is based on a case study of a patient I service user, The case patient I service user need to be one of the case studies provided on Blackboard or, if agreed with your tutor, a case study of a patient I service user from practice In the case study you need to discuss and critique the decision making processes required in the assessment and delivery of care for the patient / service user in the case study (3,500 w...

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Medication Error, Diabetes And Pharmacokinetics

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Question: Discuss about the Medication Error, Diabetes and Pharmacokinetics.   Answer: Introduction The type of medication error that occurred in the case study is the wrong route for drug administration. The medication wrong route administration of crushed up ciprofloxacin into the nasogastric tube (NGT) led to the death of Mrs. C.  After the nurse RN.R administered the crushed ciprofloxacin via the PICC line, the patient becam...

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NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing

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Assessment 1 Tasks:Based on the handover you received at the beginning of your shift today, other informationincluded below and current reliable evidence for practice, address the following 5 tasks.Do not make up or assume information in relation to or about Neville, the photo is not anindication of his age or appearance. Only use what you know from the information youreceived today.Note:Students are expected to demonstratePerson-centred careThat...

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Medical Terms

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Define the following terms as simply as you can. Use 1-2 sentences each. Dermabrasion Cytology Fibrosis Anaerobic Hypoglycaemia Appendectomy Lethargy Leukopenia Immunologist Change either the prefix or suffix of each of the following, and in doing so, create a different medical term for each. Cardiorespiratory Cytology Histogram Dermatosis Hyperactive Define each of the terms (in one to two sentences) you created in Question 2 above.

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Expectation Of Medical Interpreters

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This assignment is the discussion of expectation of medical interpreters, from both healthcare providers and users' (Patients) view. There are A and B two sections and 5 subtitles in total. I hope the expert can write 500 words in each subtitles and use critical writing style. The citation (references) number is 12. A. Health care providers’ view    1. Medical interpreters as a ‘conduit’    2. Medi...

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Endocrinology Assignment Help Online

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In this competitive world, you must see every minor detail to stay on top of things. Endocrinology assignment help provided by experts offers you the much-needed edge to stand out from the rest of the class. Our writers provide valuable Endocrinology essay writing help so that you can earn not only good grades but also gain an insight into the topics. Read on to know about our exclusive Endocrinology assignment wri...

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Anatomy Assignment Help Online

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Anatomy Medical Assignment Help Anatomy assignments can be intricate at times and students usually find it hard to validate the arguments. This is when our anatomy assignment help service proves to be valuable. Our experts provide a clear insight into the subject and timely anatomy medical assignment help. Do not be stressed or anxious about self and community exploring the anatomy of modern society. Just sit back and get anatomy medical assignm...

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Biostatistics Assignment Help Online

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Biostatistics Medical Assignment help had been a trusted academic writing service provider for decades. Spending so many years in the industry makes us experienced enough to understand different problems students may face with biostatics medical assignment. On applying suitable statistical methods to the medical data, medical students can develop appropriate treatments for a particular disease. It will help in examining the ...

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Past Medical History

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A 38 years old female from Nepal , married with 1 child. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June 2010 . No family history of diabetes.Past medical historyMyopia diagnosed at the age of 10.Hypo and hyperglycaemic episodesHeight 164cmWeight 65kgLife style Exercise: daily 45 min walk.Well controlled diet but only when not on night shift (missed meals)Non-smoker and no alcohol consumptionDiagnostic test 2010Random BGL: above 15mmolPostprandial BGL: 28...

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Pathophysiology Research

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Aim of assessment : The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to:  1. Explain in visual format (concept map) the causes, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic procedures, management, course, prognosis, and prevention of left-sided heart failure (Learning outcomes 1 and 5). 2. Explain the underlying pathophysiology of the clinical manifestations of an acute exacerbation of chronic left-sided heart failure (Learning...

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Forensic Toxicology-Case Study

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Question: Discuss about the Forensic Toxicology Case Study.     Answer: The spectra of each case samples linked to the testing of Human Growth Hormone is interpreted in this section based on the confirmatory results. Together with the information obtained in part one and two of the case study, this paper presents a written final case report on all the case samples. Interpretation High HGH levels linked to high levels of IGF-1...

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