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CK301 Law

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Answer The ECHR, i.e., the European Convention of Human Rights is a treaty of the European Union which aims to protect the human rights in Europe and the fundamental freedoms in its member states. It is not only a legal document but is a political one as well, where the ECtHR, i.e., European Court of Human Rights has to constantly walk the tight rope between respecting the sovereignty of the contracting member state and the vindication of...

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SCB101 Laws

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Answers: Question 1 Whether Sophie can stop Coronet Casino from legally refusing the renewal of lease based on the statement made while the original lease was being negotiated, or not? A collateral contract can be defined as a separate contract which runs parallel to the original contract. In general, it is a single term contract in which the agreement terms are based on contract. Lord Moulton, in Heilbut Symons & Co v Buckleton pro...

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WLAW02 Law

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Answers: Answer – 1 It is essential to keep in view that Common Law shall be the prevailing factor in deciding the fact whether a real estate agent has the obligation to inform a prospective buyer about all the unnatural deaths which have occurred on the property which is the subject matter of business between the two. The five precedents taken into consideration by the Honourable Brisbane Magistrates Court and why they were bindin...

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HRM499 Human Resource Management Applied Project

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Answers: 1: Systematic Approach to plan a Training Event  In order to train and improve the leadership skills of the newly hired executives and promoted managers of WCR department, it is evident to formulate a systematic approach to plan the proceedings. Precisely, the systematic approach of training and development must be composed of organised stages that have to be linked with one after another (Elliott and Turnbull, 2015). In terms o...

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BCTA 161 Small Claims Court Procedures And Practices

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Answer: On November 15, 2015 Gomez Tables & Chairs sold 100 dining room chairs for a contract price of $125.00 each.  At the point of time Walter Smithy placed the order, and gave a cheque of $10000 and same was bounced as the account did not had sufficient funds, bank also penalized $25. I called you so many times but you didn’t responded. A polite request is made by me to make the payment in full as soon as possible or else I ...

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HRMG601 Human Resource Management

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Answer: Introduction  Experimenters try out ideas that are considered being new, theories as well as techniques for finding out whether are working. An analysis needs to be provided using the methods that Mager has described, a description of the learner also needs to be provided, which will be focusing on their specific style of learning and also a lesson plan along with a rationale relating to the sequence of activities need to be desc...

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IRHR3510 Human Resource Development

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Answer: Introduction: In the competitive world of today, each company has to perform to their optimum level. The competition helps the company to perform better and achieve their best according to their capacity. In order to perform and function well, the employees of the company needs to perform to their optimum level. The framework of the company depends on a well-functioning and adequate human resource department. The development of the hu...

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FBLT086 International Human Rights Law

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Answer: Introduction The Human Rights Act, 1998 (Act) is a legislation applicable in the United Kingdom and gives effect to the different provisions of the ECHR, i.e., European Convention on Human Rights in the laws of UK. As a result of this, major changes were made to the constitutional law of the UK and new powers were granted under the Act to the judges. However, as is claimed, this Act does not disrupt or destruct the Parliamentary Sover...

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INRW 0302 Developmental Integrated Reading And Writing

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Answer      Depression - A Mental Illness  Depression is an illness which has a great impact on the brain of a person thus known as a mental illness. It is a very common mental turmoil wherein a person faces various mood swings such as loss of happiness and interest, developing a very low self esteem, unsound sleep, not feeling hungry, loss of energy and lack of concentration. But it is very important to understand that it...

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LA4505 Advanced Legal System

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Answer: African Union is one of the most important and an intergovernmental organization, which comprises of 55 other African States whereas the European Union is a combination of 28 European States. African Union’s main aim is to maintain and balance security and peace among the states so that states maintain the stability, on the other hand, European Union aims at good services and free movement of people and capital internally. Both t...

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IRHR3510 Human Resource Development

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Answer: Overview Human Resource Development Human resource development is the framework that helps the employees to develop the skills, knowledge and the abilities that helps in accomplishing the objectives of the organization. This framework provides the opportunity to the employees to upgrade their skills and promotes the career development of the employees.  It focuses on implementing superior performance of the workforce to accompli...

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NJW10 Human Resource Development

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Answer: HSBC is a British multinational banking as well as financial services holding organization tracing the origin in Hong Kong(HSBC.com, 2017). HSBC was founded in the year 1865 between West and Asia and in the present era, it is the world’s largest banking sector.  HSBC is the world’s largest bank in order to the total assets and it was established in London in the year 1991. HBC has over 4,000 offices in more than 70 cou...

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JOUR90006 Fundamental Principle On Legal Ethics

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Answer: Introduction: It is a well known concept of legal practice that every Advocate should have to follow certain legal rules for the sake of public interest. In United Kingdom, the Code of Conduct encompasses the necessary provisions on the subject. According to the SRA Code of Conduct, every legal professional should be committed in ethical acting and should abide by the mandatory principles engraved under the Code. However, the term leg...

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LAW110 Business Law

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Answer: The issues in this case are that- Whether Maria can claim damages for breach of civil liability against Amelia. Whether Nathaniel can sue Dan for negligence. foreseeable by any reasonable person. In this regard, Section 9 states that if the person had knowledge regarding the nature of the harm then he would have taken proper care and precautions on his part. It was observed in Dick Bentley Productions v Harold Smith Motors ...

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J-601-1269 Human Resource Development In Action For Job Designing

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Answer: Introduction Human resource management (HRM) is defined as a business function that focuses on managing and supervising the human capital in an organisation. The human resource department of an enterprise is responsible for managing the requirement of human capital in an organisation by performing various activities such as recruitment, selection, training, compensation, job designing, the setting of goals, motivating and many others....

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