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Strategic Role Of Human Resource Development

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Question: Senior HRD management must understand the variety of individual learning demands of their staff before they can design effective training, learning and development interventions. Critically justify this statement using your conceptual knowledge of learning theories and case?     Answer: Introduction: Human Resource Development can be conceptualized as a framework that is enabled to help employees so that they can devel...

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LLB (Hons) English Legal System And Skills

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Question: In light of the above statement, discuss why judicial diversity is important and evaluate whether we ensure judicial diversity in England and Wales. Do barriers remain in place to achieving judicial diversity?     Answer: The determination of the position of a judge should not be based on sex, religion, race, or other protected characteristics of an individual; this has been mentioned in the Equality Act 2010. The basic...

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The Boundaries Of The Criminal Law

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Question: Describe about a Report of The boundaries of the Criminal Law?   Answer: Introduction Under the English Legal System, non-fatal offences against the person are defined to be such attacks which a person is subjected to, not leading to the death of the person concerned. No fatal offences have been dealt with under the Offences against the Person Act, 1861. The Law Commission has widely criticized the non-fatal offences against t...

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Human Resource Management: Growth And Development

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Questions: A. Prepare a competency framework and action plan to empower and allow all staff to choose the areas of their strengths and weaknesses for the following workforce (LO: 2.1): I. Specific competencies – Store Manager and first line supervisors? II. Generic competencies – Customer facing store staff? B. Taking into consideration your research and study into UK competency framework initiatives I. Explain how this will impa...

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Ansons Law Of Contract

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Question: Describe about the Ansons Law of Contract?   Answer: The law of agency also includes “lingering authority” or “apparent authority”. According to it, if the principal fails to inform the parties involved in the transaction of the termination of the agency and the parties act in the belief that the agency is still in effect, or the parties have enough reason to believe that the agency has in fact not bee...

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Consumer Law And Policy In Australia And New Zealand

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Question: Describe about the Consumer Law and Policy in Australia and New Zealand?   Answer: Issue JM is the managing director of JM Pvt. Ltd. The Company is into manufacturing of clothes. JM has bought fabric in bulk from Cloth Hall and Partners. JM is, however, not happy with the material that is delivered to him. He believes that the structure is not made up of the same material as described in the order. Based on the facts the iss...

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Develop Training Program

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Question: Discuss the outline of a Half-Day (Off-the-job) training program, on-the-job training initiatives and reasons on the chosen methods.   Answer: Outline of a Half-Day (Off-the-job) training program It has to be realized that investing in employee’s additional trainings and not necessarily always directly linked to their role in the organization, is extremely valuable. Furthermore investing in employee’s well being ...

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Human Resource Practice Management

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Questions: 1. Produce an outline of a ‘half-day’ training programme (off-the-job) focusing on ‘customer care first and employee values at the heart of excellent customer service’? The half-day programme should include relevance to training needs analysis, your key targeted aims, learning objectives, outcomes, timings, activities, assessment and a training feedback evaluation form. 2. Explore and produce at least three &ls...

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International Law

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Questions: 1. Identify relevant sources of international law.2. Demonstrate a knowledge of appropriate case studies.3. Demonstrate a familiarity with key current or historical debates in international law as reflected in scholarly works.4. Understand key theories of international law.   Answers: In the international scenario, the issues and the concerns of human rights are ones that are debated broadly in modern world. The reason for t...

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Imperative Role In The Law Country

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Questions: 1. Explain the concept of actus reus and mens rea generally.2. Explain the actus reus of murder.3. Explain the importance of voluntariness to this concept.4. Describe causation in fact; causation in law, and omission.5. Explain the mens rea of murder using decided cases.6. Explain the difficulty of proving intention using decided cases.     Answers: Introduction The law country plays imperative role in order to mainta...

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