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EDSE 632 Survey Of Learners With Exceptionalities

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Answer: Learning Disability Individual sitting arrangement proves beneficial for the students with learning disabilities to grasp the things taught in the class. Sufficient visual and auditory stimulation enables the students to understand the words spoken by the teachers clearly (Bryant, Bryant & Smith, 2016). Color coding and labeling of the personal belongings of the students generates the skills of self-organizational skills. Caring, ...

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NUR3029 Fundamental In Nursing

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Answer Introduction The paper deals with the case study of a 78-year-old patient who was admitted from home with a medical diagnosis of pneumonia and dehydration. The handover details indicate the patient to be out of the bed 3 times a day and must be given regular diet as tolerated. The patient must be administered with oxygen 2LPM per nasal canula. The vital sign report shows Temperature of 100.8 F, heart rate 88, respiratory rate 18, BP100...

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MKTG101 Intro To Marketing

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Answers 1. To, The CEO XXX organization Date: 03/09/2017 Sub:  Particulars for the proposed board meeting Dear Sir, It is being proposed that board meeting will be commenced in the next month. Accordingly, there are a few aspects that are being identified to be discussed in the meeting. Thus, for effective and successful accomplishment of the goal and objective of the meeting, some reports should be made ready which will be further ...

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BUS3025 Introduction To Health Care, Wellness And Disease

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Answer: Tertiary Health Care Roles and Functions Role or Professional Area Chronic Care Model Component Services Provided Motivation Reimbursable by Insurance Education Needed Professional Organizations Nursing Informed, activated, families and individuals The patient has an understanding of his/her chronic health condition and proceeds to take the role of their personal health manage...

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MKTG101 Intro To Marketing

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Answer Introduction Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) is one of the outdoor recreation corporation and retail company based in Washington, United States(REI.com, 2017). It is also organized as one of the most popular “consumer co-operative” (REI.com, 2017). The company is responsible for the selling of camping gear, sporting goods, clothing and travel equipment. The company has over 154 retail stores in 36 states of USA (REI.com, ...

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ISSC363 IT Security And Risk Management

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Answer: In current era, the technology has developed globally and therefore the companies are dependent on information systems. The companies are facing challenges in order to provide security to their information management system. The hackers possess threats to the organisations besides threats of identity theft. These are the major areas of concern for the organisations. Many organisations have started giving importance to information secur...

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BUS301 Human Resource Management

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Answer: Communication styles in United States follow the western culture whereas that in Japan follows the eastern culture. Therefore, workers following the western culture have to adapt themselves with the eastern mode of communication to establish a proper foundation of successful business with their Eastern counterpart. The western culture is known for its openness. They are comfortable while discussing religion, sex, gender and others. Ho...

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EDSE 632 Special Education

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Answer: Week 7- Special Education Discussion Debate Reasons to Protect Access to Education According to the NPR Story, protection of access to education of students with disabilities having behavioural disorders is necessary. Going by the experiences of teachers, guardians and superintendent, the children having behavioural disorders need to be well managed. As pointed out by Larry Abramson, the current system is forcing them to remove the...

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RADI230 Quality Assurance

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Answers: Design of the plan of prevention of stolen pills The report here will focus on the accountable plans that the CEO of the group of homes must take on the issue of the stealing of resident’s pill. It is mentioned that the person suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. The patient experiences acute pain and needs those pills to get relief. However, the stealing of the medicines has made the scenario really worse. So the CEO after being...

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HCMG 101 Health Care Systems

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Answer: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) diabetes in United States is one of the major causes for the burden of disease. The data on morbidity during the year 2011-2014 is classified into three categories based on the diagnosis and undiagnosed condition. Among the U.S. population, it shows that the 9.6% of the adults of the age 20 years and above have a diagnosed diabetic condition by a physician. About 3.0% of...

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CPSC 3600 Principles Of Information Security And Assurance

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Answer: a) Unethical Behavior of a person resembles its character towards the society and other places including organization (Cherdantseva & Hilton, 2013). The information about any person is generally asked to them with their permission. Anything beyond this is considered as an unethical behavior. The ethical behavior of a person towards an individual shows the dignity of character and responsibility. Asking for any private information f...

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CHLH 101 Introduction To Public Health

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Answer: 1.Health-related resolution New Year always comes with new things. Like any other individual, I had my own new year’s resolution. Unlike last year where my resolution was based on money matters and improvement of my living standards, this year I chose to make my resolution focusing on my health and well-being. The resolution was to keep fit and avoid complications that come along with the lack of physical activities like obesity...

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EDMA632 Ethics And Law

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Answer: Introduction Aesthetic model of learning is the  branch of philosophy that deals with the certain process of influencing people with the help of visual aesthetics or to appreciate a design that is considered appealing. Therefore, the significance of visual design in respect of learning is to gain stature and becoming growingly significant in the coming years. A special important trait regarding aesthetic activity is that it can b...

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ECEC 1100 The Early Childhood Profession

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Answers: 1.I am the elder sibling among the four in our family, which has promoted me to take responsibility since childhood. However, the situation became challenging once my father undergone a critical heart failure, though he survived, but became unable to support our family financially as well as physically. I had to take the responsibility of my entire family. This challenging situation helped me to understand the term multitasking. Inste...

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BUS3025 Introduction To Health Care Wellness And Disease

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Answer Health care evolution table.   Pre-historical Period (Early Humans) Ancient Historical Period (in Western History) Middle Historical Period Recent Historical Period (1800s and 1900s) Contemporary Period   (This Century in Western Culture) Future (2100s and 2200s) Primary causes of death Food shortage, infectious disease e.g. measles, small pox, leprosy and polio ...

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