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STAT1300 Fundamentals Of Statistics

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Answer: Introduction Australia being one of the countries where cars are produced, it is in our expectation that most of the car brands spotted around the cities and towns within the country should be local made vehicles. This does not hinder or nullify the fact that other foreign brands were spotted, but the larger proportion of the cars’ population in the country were expected to be local made brands such as Ford, Holden, Toyota, Nissan...

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HRMG204 Organisational Behaviour

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Answer: Introduction Over the year’s organizational failure have taken place all around the world within several organizations. The issue of organizational failure mostly aims to understand the reasons and administration of the organizational failure. However, most of the researches within the business management sphere, the notion of organizational failure has been considered to be less significant. Due to the global financial crisis t...

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COIT20274 Information Systems For Business Professionals

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Answers 1. Introduction Cougar Couriers is a local delivery company that relies on cyclists to deliver cross-town parcels. Customers make delivery requests by phone or using a form on the website. The details of the delivery requests are entered manually or automatically. The company is best known for its fast delivery when it comes to a distance less than 5km with this aspect it is the second cheapest company. For deliveries more than 5 km t...

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ACCT20076 Foundations Of Management Accounting

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Answers: Introduction Cisco Manufacturing Pty Ltd. (Cisco) manufactures radiators for triple B semi- trailers and has three plants for the same. All plants have separate costing systems. The company wishes to minimise its costs in order to maximise its profits. A cost volume profit analysis was carried out to determine which plant should produce what quantity in order to maximise profits depending upon their respective cost structures under...

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BSBWHS501 Ensure A Safe Workplace

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Answers: Provide answers to all of the questions below: 1.Identify and document the title and date of the WHS/OHS Act and Regulation for the state in which you are located. Discuss the rationale for nationally harmonised work health and safety laws and identify participating and non-participating states and territories. By agreement, the Commonwealth and state and territory governments (which have constitutional responsibility for regulatin...

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CIS5302 Professional Skills For Business Analysis

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Answers: Case 1: A “College Education Completion” Methodology Answer: 1.1 There may be different approaches for completing the college life successfully, because every student thinks different and plan his/her college life accordingly (Clinton Community College, 2015). One approach includes the phases like; Planning for taking the admission in the college, Analyzing the need that what you wish after completing college, Getti...

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BSBHRM512 Develop And Manage Performance Management Processes

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Answers: 1. Following are the three characteristics of learning organization- Learning organization possess feature i.e. well-built culture, emphasizing on creativity, experimentation, and risk taking. Another trait of the learning organization is adopting information system that helps in improving and supporting practices that move beyond work culture of traditional businesses (Beer, Boselie and Brewster, 2015). Also, learning organizat...

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HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources

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Answer: Introduction In the current time, there are millions of people who are working in food industry. As the present staff ages and retire along with the growth in the industry, there will be a huge need for a constant supply of newer talent that is presently is not joining the industry currently. A lot of people are required for certain kind of skills. There are a number of roles which consist of packaging technologies, developers of produc...

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ACC701 Accounting Financial

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Answer      1.Events leading to Liquidation of One Tel Company  OneTel company came into existence only in 1995 but by the year 2001 the company was the 4th biggest in Australia telecom sector with an estimated 2,000,000 customers. The company was listed in ASX to years later in 1997 and was immediately valued at $200 million with an initial capital investment of $5 million in 1995. The company built the 3GSM network in 19...

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ARBE6403 Project Communication

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Answer: Assess and compare the communication practices of the company's two main competitors Cole's food chain store has a market share of 24% of the total market share in Australia. The communication strategy that has enabled Coles to conduct its business is investing on website communication. (Elmuti & Kathawala, 2013).  In the Coles websites, they update their wide range of offers and relevant product information needed by cl...

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BUS702 Economics For Managers

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Answer: Introduction The period from 2007 to 2008 marked as the period of Financial Crisis and is considered as first contraction of global economy after the period of Second World War (Aguiar, Hurst and Karabarbounis, 2013). Many economies were affected by this Financial Crisis and sluggish recovery was observed subsequently (Lo and Rogoff, 2015. This recession period was observed to be different from prior recessions, since it marked simult...

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ICT90003 Applied Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction A research is an orderly exploration into and study of tackles and foundations to inaugurate facts which help in coming up with certain conclusions. Cyberbullying is described as using know-hows of information and statement to cause deliberate, hostile and recurrent conduct by a group or an individual, with the aim to cause trouble or of harm other people. Cyberbullying is concerned with bothering, threatening or harassin...

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SIT50416 Hospitality Management

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Answer: Introduction The aim of the following report is to make a business report that will focus on making an in-depth evaluation of the strategies, which are utilized frequently by the restaurant and bar managers. In accordance with the aforementioned aim of the present report, the focus of the following report will be to identify the role or significance of competitive advantages in the hotel and hospitality sector. Thereafter, it will be ...

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BUMGT1501 Management Principles

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Answers: Management Principles One of the challenges that face the modern brick and mortar or “box” stores is the increased competition from online stores which threaten to consign such stores to the dustbin of oblivion and obscurity. The modern store has to be innovative in order to attract clientele to its stores and give them an experience that will endear them to keep on making repeat visits. Such repeat customers are instrume...

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BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications

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Answer Introduction In a day to day life of a person it could be analyzed that work related with any of the aspect cannot be completed without communication, in the same manner organizations working in the huge market which is full of competition it is required that effective as well as appropriate communication system should be used. Promoting the activities which could help in enhancing the use of communication at the workplace provides a c...

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