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Business Management

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Exam: DATE: 24/08/16 The exam will have two sections: (NO WORD COUNT AS LONG YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION) Section A includes 10 multiple choice questions and 4 short questions. The duration of Section A is 1 hour 35 minutes (including reading time of 5 minutes). You will have to complete Section A in one sitting. Section B includes 4 problem-solving questions. The duration of Section B is 1 hour 35 minutes (including reading time of 5 minutes). You w...

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Computers R Us, a computer manufacturer and retailer has recently launched a service and repair division, CompleteCare, for its portable/laptop/notebook computers. This division promises to provide a rapid response to customer technical enquiries and warranty repairs.  However, the division is experiencing: - a shortage of trained technical operators in its telephone centre;  Page 2 of 6  - distribution problems; and  - parts ...

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Computer R Us

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Question: What is Computer R Us?   Answer: Introduction Computer R Us is a manufacturer and the retailer of all the products of the computers/laptops has recently launched the service and the repair division with the provision of the rapid response to the technical enquiries. and the warranty repairs. The division deals with the shortage of the training operators over the telephone centre. , distribution problems and the various parts ...

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CNT 4713 Net Centric Computing

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Task Overview: The goal of this project is to practice Layer 3 routing in a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environment, and develop the skills to read and modify open-source software. You will implement Dijkstra’s algorithm in an open-source SDN environment consisting of: 1) Mininet, a virtual machine (VM) based network simulator; 2) FloodLight, an SDN controller in Java.    Background: Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging...

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Analysis Of Effects Of ICT On Knowledge Management

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Question: Discuss about the Analysis Of Effects Of ICT On Knowledge Management.   Answer: Problem statement/background In the current business scenario, the restaurant becomes a famous place for entraining the consumer.  It also provides opportunities to consumer for spending their leisure time at confortable place. Additionally, entrepreneurs need to gain their understanding towards the policies of competitors and demand of cons...

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Business Analysis: Start-up company Gloria Jones is a restaurant supply sales representative. She works in a large metropolitan area and calls on many of the restaurant owners in the city. Her dream is to one day own her own café. She has substantial savings from her restaurant supply business and has recently gone over some financial figures with her banker. The banker and her both agree that she has enough capital to get serious about in...

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GSBS6002 Foundations Of Business Analysis

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Answers: Introduction  The present assignment is an investigation into the customer satisfaction of Computer R Us and to present strategies to increase the level of customer satisfaction. Computer R Us is a manufacturer and retailer of different types of portable computers. It has recently launched a computer repair division – CompleteCare. The computer repair division is facing problems in three fronts – Shortage of compu...

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Net Present Value

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Net Present Value Net present value (NPV) is the method used by various organizations to make crucial decisions regarding their expansion. The concept of NPV allows you to make effective decisions contributing to the sustainability of your business. It enables you to do so by estimating the profitability of a project or investment. Here, you will learn that the net present value is nothing but the current value of cash inflows and outflows....

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MGMT223 Customer Centricity Research Report

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For this assignment you will conduct company research to gain an understanding of customer centric strategies in effect or being developed as part of a company or departmental strategy.Learning Outcomes:Examine the shift from product-centric business model to a customer-centric one to benefit thecompany bottom line. Discuss how customer service excellence is at the center of strategy for any customer-centricorganization. Discuss strateg...

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CSD 3354 C#. Net

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1. Create a new project with solution name Group Name and project name GroupName_A2 (e.g. GroupA_A2) 2. Remove all content from Home.cshtml and add you student ID, Name and Assignment Start Date on the home page for all the group members 3. Make sure to add AllStudents link in the menu 4. Create a new controller called StudentController with necessary code required as per the details below. 5. Create a database call...

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NET Programming

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Task 1The following task consists of three short scenarios; you are required to implement any TWO by designing the interface and the implementation of the selected scenarios.  You should provide fully working programs with pleasant graphical user interface. •    Design and develop a VB.Net program for a screen saver. The program should be able to load 3 different pictures using a timer control at the interval of 10 second...

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PROG32356 Programming In NET

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Object Collection 1• Create a C# class called Customer containing• ID (int)• Name (string)• Address (string)• Email (string)• Phone (string)• Create a List to store a collection of these objects.Object Collection 2• Create a C# class called Flights containing• ID (int)• airlineID (int – should be id of an airline from object collection 3, ie. Think of itlike a “foreign key” in da...

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PROG1815 Programming With C# .NET

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This review and the exam are broken up into snippets of code and a class, all of which can be tested in a single Windows form with multiple buttons, input fields … and rich-textboxes.   Part A ( Create a Class with fields properties (Id (Int32), PropCode(string),  ClubName(string)) and three Boolean class (static) methods, each validating a string parameter: Method 1: IsTwoDigits- Length of 2, only digits allowed, greater than ze...

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Internet Published Website, With Work Documented In Proforma

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You are required to research and discusshow the “Right to be forgotten” ruling (C131/12) may affect the quality of information shared on the Internet.  Build and publisha website to illustrate and draw out your findings. Create a blog style page on your website to discuss the topic. Each post should draw out a particular idea/angle you have considered on the subject.  Use Harvard referenced case studies and academic theori...

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Cloud Computing

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You are required to compute a temperature distribution for a rectangular 2D problem with boundary conditions set at top 20oC, bottom 60oC, left 10oC and right 80oC with a range of problem sizes. To do this you are required to modify this code to: a) reflect the boundary conditions described above, b) report the execution time, c) accept run-time parameters to alter the problem size and convergence criteria.   Record the run-time of...

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