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Comparative Structural And Conformational Studies

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Question: Discuss about the Comparative Structural and Conformational Studies.     Answer: Introduction Captopril is a potent drug which is a competitive inhibitor on the angiotensin converting enzyme which functions to convert the renal angiotensin I to angiotensin II. The angiotensin II is involved in the regulation of blood pressure as well as in the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (Sonsalla et al., 2013). In most cases ...

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Different Forms Of Insulin For Management Of Diabetes Mellitus

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Question: What are the side effects of using insulin, Recent advance of the formulation, Man made vs porcine and bovine insulin, inhaled insulin is an important subject and Is it another tool in the box?     Answer: Abstract While insulin forms the basis of diabetic treatment, the regimen, formulation and administration would vary by contexts of the passes. The administration may be through injection, inhalation or other form, b...

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Health Management And Protocol Knowledge

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Question: Discuss about the Health Management and Protocol knowledge.   Answer: Introduction Health Management Protocol (HMP) is an extended description that provides a detailed knowledge about drug therapy protocol. It is mostly applicable in the health context of rural regions, where the facilities and amenities are mostly do not favor quality healthcare and medication service (Runciman et al., 2012). Therefore, using HMPs, the heal...

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Challenges Of Canadian Pharmaceutical

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Question: Write an Essay on Challenges of Canadian Pharmaceutical Policy.     Answer: Canadian pharmaceutical policy involves both provincial and federal levels of Government. The federal Government is involved in the manufacturer’s intellectual property rights, initial approval, prescription drugs labeling and looking after the competitive nature of the overall market. The provincial government on the other hand has jurisd...

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B1-adrenoceptor Polymorphism

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Review the clinical implications of B1-adrenoceptor polymorphism Prepare a concise, informative report according to the outline:- Section 1 Abstract (maximum of 250 words). Prepare as a single paragraph summarising the main points of your review. Section 2 Present your review (maximum of 1500 words, excluding references, figures, figure legends and tables). Be concise, yet informative. The word limit is a maximum. A 10 % penalty will apply for ev...

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Case Study Of Jessica

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Jessica.     Answer: Introduction The case study in the slide talks about the medical condition of a five-year-old girl Jessica. After going through the process of diagnosis, Jessica is reported to be suffering from asthma condition. Apart from that, the writing is going to outline on how the two drugs, Salbutamol and Prednisolone, work in the body of Jessica to fight asthma. In this pap...

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Business Management

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This practical report assessment principally assesses core learning outcomes 1 and 2:1.    Demonstrate a critical understanding of clinical pharmacology, the clinical use of therapeutics for the treatment of a variety of human diseases, and the use of clinical pharmacology as research tool.2.    Critically analyse and evaluate the experimental data and relevant scientific literature to understand current research adv...

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Morphine Sulfate

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Questions: 1.Identify the opioid receptors, provide locations in the body and the effects of triggering them.   2.Explain the way in which morphine sulfate acts as an analgesic include receptor binding and the cellular events.   3.Morphine sulfate has some listed adverse effects. For example, outline how this may occur.     Answers: 1.Opioid receptors are the collection of G protein with various opioids acting as li...

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Network Monitoring

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You are head of a pharmaceutical firm’s CNS division.  A salesman from Jackson Labs (Bar Harbor, ME) approaches your management with the claim that they have developed a schizophrenic mouse for preclinical research.  A corporate vice president gives you the task of determining the validity of the claim and for recommending whether or not the company should adopt this new model. Failure to arrive at the correct assessment will res...

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HUBS2203 Pharmacology

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Question: Discuss about the Drug Scheme for Stomach Ulcer.     Answer: Gastric ulcers or stomach ulcers occur in the form of painful sores in the inner lining of the stomach. They are non-malignant, mucosal lesions in the stomach. Pepsin and gastric acids play important pathogenic roles in their occurrence. Corrosive action of hydrochloric acid and pepsin on the mucosa of upper gastrointestinal tract leads to the formation of such ...

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NUR231-Analysis Of Drug Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor

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Answer: Introduction Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor (TKI) is a drug that inhibits the action of the enzyme called tyrosine kinase. This drug belongs to the class of medications that deal with chemotherapy. TKI’s have been made out of the understanding and knowledge of the cell cycle, DNA, molecular signaling pathways. Thus, TKI represent a change in the conventional methods of cancer treatment. The drug tyrosine kinase inhibitor targets the ...

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Angiotensin II- And Salt-Induced Kidney Injury

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Questions: 1. What are the novel findings the manuscript “Angiotensin II- and Salt-Induced Kidney Injury”? 2. What is the effect of low and high salt on blood pressure and kidney function in normal mice (C57)? 3. What is the mechanism of actions of hydralazine and eplerenone? 4. Why there is an increase level of plasma aldosterone in THM mouse model? 5. What are the mechanisms involved in Ang II/salt-induced nephropathy? 6. What...

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Drugs Affecting Blood Pressure

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Questions: 1. Why is Mrs. Morales on these drugs? 2. How do these drugs work together to address Mrs. Morales's underlying pathologic conditions? 3. What patient variables are most important to consider for Mrs. Morales when assessing her drug therapy? 4. Are the any aspects of core durg knowledge that are especially relevant to consider because they may interact with the core patient vaiables? 5. Which findings from the nursing assessment d...

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Angiotensin II- And Salt-Induced Kidney Injury

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Use the research article “Angiotensin II- and Salt-Induced Kidney Injury “ to answer the following questions: 1-      What are the novel findings the manuscript “Angiotensin II- and Salt-Induced Kidney Injury”? 2-      What is the effect of low and high salt on blood pressure and kidney function in normal mice (C57)? 3-      What is the mechanism...

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Computer Network Assignment Help Online

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By definition, computer network is a set of computer system and other computing hardware devices interconnected for the purpose of sharing resources. Networks are commonly identified based on their characteristics. Availing professional computer network assignment help is the best way to improve your grades.. If you decide to write a technical article on computer networking assignment help, you need to implement many technical facts in your writi...

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