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Contemporary Issues In Hotel Industry: Chen

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Question: Describe about contemporary issues in the hotel industry?   Answer: 1. Introduction Chen (2014) presumed that hotel industry is one of the most fastest growth and dynamic corporate sectors in all part of the world. In accordance to Gibson (2012), hotel industry holds the employment generation, alleviation as well as the growth rate of economic of the majority of population throughout the world. On the other hand, Jones, Hill...

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Effective Managers: Reality Verus Hype

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Questions: 1: List in numbered sentences the key points or ideas the article is conveying? 2: Choose two points or ideas from above. how valuable this information. discuss? 3: How could this article assist you in your daily life/ a management career? give an example of how you could incorporate these two points in your life/ work? 4: Identify the foundation author(s) for each article?.( also mention how you get the answer?5: Identify the reliabi...

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Business And Corporate Law: New Zealand Law

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Questions: 1. What are the Directors’ duties under New Zealand Law?2. What are the shareholders rights under New Zealand Law?3. In relation to the law of torts, discuss liability for negligent misstatements under common law and current New Zealand law?     Answer: 1. Directors’ duties under New Zealand Law The New Zealand Companies Act, 1993 provides in details all the duties as well as the liabilities that are impos...

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Picture Narrative

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Question: Describe aboutBased on your initial response to something about the image, choose a photograph from one of your photo albums or from one of your family albums. Interview a family member about the history of its production (e.g., what was the occasion, where did it take place, is there a backstory) and develop a narrative based on this information. Has your research modified your appreciation of what the photograph represents? Now th...

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Companies And Benefits Of Six Sigma

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Question: Describe about the Companies and benefits of Six Sigma?   Answer: Background Manufacturing units have improved the quality of production activities. This has been possible due to continuous improvement process adopted and introduced by the companies. Sig Sigma is considered to be one of the best methods, through which the required changes in the production and manufacturing process could be introduced. The application of the...

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Eco-Innovation And Sustainability Management

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Question: Define and explain the concept of sustainability management and discuss whether adopting a sustainability management approach can provide useful information for management. Provide your justified opinion on whether organisation should adopt sustainability management or not.     Answer: Introduction: The term sustainability management is derived from the term sustainability which is synthesized in the management concept...

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Scope Of Sustainable Business Marketing

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Questoin: Discuss the scope of sustainability, comparative advantage and ethical and social responsibilities?     Answer: Introduction about Sustainability Businesses are required to market their products and services with a view to create awareness within their target customers for the products and services as offered by them. But in relation to such marketing of products and services, an important concept that has emerged sign...

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Workplace Culture And Other Factors

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Question: Describe about the Workplace Culture and Other Factors?   Answer: Introduction This report has been prepared to analyse different factors that could affect the performance of the employees of the company. Issues related to employee liberty, bullying, and unequal factors can impact the performance of the employees directly and indirectly. The management of the companies draft effective policies to control the same; however it...

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The Link Between Employee Satisfaction And Firm Value

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Question: Discuss the employee satisfaction and performance in kitchen environment?   Answer: Introduction        It can be said that Hotel industry is a type of service industry that depends a lot on the way ‘people’ would provide the services. An integral part of hotel industry is the kitchen industry. The kitchen would be responsible to manage all the food related ask. It is important that ...

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Theatre Experience Related To Africa

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Question: Discuss about theatre experience related to Africa.   Answer: This particular assignment has focused to discuss about my experience on theatre that is related to Africa. I have recently visited a play named Proud to Present in the theatre hall named Durban’s theatre. I was amazed to behold the entire setting of a theatre hall. I have visited a large theatre hall where spectators got enough space for enjoying the play. The...

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