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Management Accounting And Finance In Nigerian Television Authority

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Question: 1) Assess the budgeting process and procedures for the organisation with regards to preparation techniques, uses for evaluation, differences between business units/divisions, etc.   2) Analyse how the organisation collects, stores, and prepares management accounting information, particularly the use of a management accounting system (MAS) and how information is disseminated throughout the organisation.   3) Evaluate the c...

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Question: You are required to collect and analyze data for the purpose of problem solving at your current workplace. If you cannot undertake this task, you may base your analysis on previous employment recollections where you have undertaken or participated a problem solving situation. In doing so, you have to discuss your developed competencies, together with intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, through participation in a group/individual pr...

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Strategic Management: Case Study Of Biocon India Group

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Question: Describe about the Strategic Management for the Case Study Of Biocon India Group.   Answer: Introduction Strategic management avails a business organisation opportunity to form and achieve specific goals through logical and steps. Indian pharmaceutical sector has grown over past few years to become one of the best-organised sectors. The industry is responsible for the development and sustenance of global medicine industr...

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Human Resource Manager:Role

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Question: Describe the task of the human resource manager of a leading retail organisation selling music CDs and DVDs.   Answer: Introduction The report describes the task of the human resource manager of a leading retail organisation selling music CDs and DVDs. The scenario of the report deals with a situation in which a famous retail organisation which sells audio and film equipments like CDs and DVDs is undergoing through downsi...

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Financial Feasibility Of The Business

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Question: Discuss about the Financial Feasibility of the Business.     Answer: Introduction Mrs. Fanny who lives in Chicago has recently taken retirement and has received a sum of $475000 for 30 years of work with the pharmaceutical company. She has decided to start a new venture with the amount in hand. Mrs. Fanny wants to sell gourmet chocolates imported from France in the US markets. She will be purchasing the gourmet chocola...

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Marketing Management : Zawawi Trading Company

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Question: Describe about the Marketing Management for Zawawi Trading Company.   Answer: Executive Summary Zawawi trading company is the distributor for Mercedes Benz in the country of Oman. The company has a fair place in the Oman market and Mercedes Benz is one of their main products that have kept up their place in the market. They have utilized the brand value of Mercedes which has worked to their advantage and have resulted in the...

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Relevance Of Foreign Direct Investment

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Question: Discuss about the Relevance of Foreign Direct Investment.     Answer: Introduction Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a type of an investment in which the investor is of a different country and controls the company that he has purchased by investing large capital in it. The companies that make FDI are known as Multinational corporations or Multinational enterprises (MNE). MNE that invests directly into a foreign enterp...

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HRM Management: Employee Friendly Google Offices

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Question: Discuss about the HRM Management for Employee Friendly Google Offices.   Answer: Video Case Analysis Comparison of Employee Friendly Google Offices Google implements innovative approaches to maintain friendly environment for their employees in every offices. They provide free breakfast, lunch and dinner to their employees and Medicare to the employees if needed. They offer to the employees various relaxing object...

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Statements On Standards For Accounting

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Question: Discuss about the Statements on Standards for Accounting.     Answer: Introduction: IAS 33 as we all know is an accounting standard in EPS. The basic objective behind IAS 33 is to enable the users of the financial statements to compare the performance of the company vide EPS among different financial reporting periods and also allow different companies to compare the financial statements of the same reporting periods o...

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Emotional Intelligence And Political Skill

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Question: Discuss about the Emotional Intelligence and Political Skill.     Answer: Introduction In the current epoch, most of the organizations deliberate on the maximization of human resources. It is indispensable for the organizations to have a better cognizance of human behavior. In this way, these organizations can comprehend the skills of human beings for a relative advantage. In the segment, I intend to reflect on the con...

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