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Class Actions And Duplicative Litigation

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Question: Discuss about the Class Actions and Duplicative Litigation.     Answer: Introduction: Class action is one of such lawsuits in which a group of people, come together and commence claims against another person. Such a group is collectively represented by one of the members, who belong to the group (Greer, 2010). Characteristically, the plaintiff sues the defendants in a class action on behalf of a group, which also consi...

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Global Procurement Purchasing And Supply Chain Management

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Question: Discuss about the Global Procurement Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.     Answer: Introduction Global procurement is perhaps one of the most important aspects of an organizational operation. This is because of one important reason hat in absence of a reliable and productive procurement system; it would be difficult for the Company to be competitive in the net profit margin. Procurement is such a process that pre...

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Housing Market Failure In Economy

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Question: Discuss about the Housing Market Failure in Economy.     Answer: Introduction: The article “RBA governor Philip Lowe only sees one way to solve Australia's housing affordability problem” by David Scutt on April 5th, 2017 shows the imbalances between demand and supply of homes in the main Australian cities. The demand for houses overshadows the supply resulting in shortages and high prices. Underinvestment i...

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Drones In Construction Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Drones in Construction Industry.     Answer: Introduction: Linear Project: the activities which have monotonous nature of work over a long extend of land with two parallel sides of work running along the way like water pipeline, railroad, streets and so on are known as Linear Project. While booking for straight tasks, we have to utilize same resources at various chainages from one action to other as i...

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A Prior Study Of The Region Is Necessary

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Question: Discuss About The A Prior Study Of The Region Is Necessary?   Answer: Introduction In the month of September, a field project will be conducted in the city of Greater Geelong by the unit. For this reason, a prior study of the region is necessary. The main aim of this study is thus to analyze the socio-spatial pattern in Geelong, Victoria. Description and Analysis To study and analyze the socio-spatial patterns in Geelong...

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Providing Merchandise Farmers In Australia

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Question: Discuss About The Providing Merchandise Farmers In Australia?   Answer: Introduction Wesfarmers is a renowned conglomerate headquartered in Western Australia in the capital city of Perth. It initiated operations in the year 1914 with a distinct aim of providing merchandise to farmers in Australia. It was founded by a group of farmers guided by Walter Harper and was then known as ‘The Farmers’ Company’ (...

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High Levels Of Urbanization: Urban Population

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Question: Discuss about the High Levels of Urbanization for Urban Population.   Answer: The spread of the globalization effect and capitalist societies in the modern world have led to the growth of urban population.  In this urban areas, cities serve as the vital economic and administrative centers. Currently, there is a rapid increase in the number of cities across the globe. This increase is driven by the belief that citie...

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Obtaining Registration Of Migration Agent

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Question: Discuss About The Obtaining Registration Of Migration Agent?   Answer: Introducation This letter is bringing the notice for you about the detail process for obtaining a registration of migration agent. According to the Code of conducts the Migration Agent 1958 provides those rules for obtaining the Migration Act. As per the migration that it is necessary to follow all the terms of the migration agent and what according t...

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Profitability Bakery Firms In Ebonyi State

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Question: Discuss About The Profitability Bakery Firms In Ebonyi State?   Answer: Introducation Coles Bakery has been the proud winner of around 30 awards in the year 2014 according to the Royal Melbourne and Royal Hobart Fine Food Award. They have products ranging from stone baked Turkish bread to that of Light Rye Sourdough. Coles supermarket also sells Quinoa Pane Di Casa Rolls that is made out of 100 % flour. The products have...

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Analysis Of British Multinational Grocery

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Question: Discuss about the Expansion Of British Multinational Grocery And Merchandise Retailer.     Answer: Introduction The focus of this macro- environmental analysis is on the British multinational grocery and merchandise retailer, Tesco. It also details a proposed expansion of its operation into the Australian Market. This analysis further throws light on the brief introduction of the organization and the products offered ...

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