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Australian Research Immigration Museum

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Question: How does the Immigration Museum present the history of cultural diversity in Australia?     Answer: The immigration history of Australia is primarily displayed in the Immigration Museum. The museum is located in the Old Customs House in Melbourne Victoria, on the Flinders Street (Victoria, 2017). The Immigration Museum is famous for its significant space, which is the Long room, and this is considered as one of the nota...

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Photography In Criteria Structural Nature

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Question: Discuss about the Photography in Criteria Structural Nature.     Answer: Introduction: Photography has been viewed as the mechanical form of reproduction with the undergoing immersed debates in the respective cultures. It emerges with the modernism that has been always conscious of the engagement and the culture that is popular in these criteria. There have been found to be some relationships that are uneasy and have c...

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Australia Company Law: Illegal Phoenix Activity

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Question: Discuss about the Australia Company Law for Illegal Phoenix Activity.   Answer: Introduction Illegal phoenix activity is a situation whereby the company directors intentionally try to evade paying the company creditors. It involves the planned relocation of assets from obligated business to a new business to evade paying creditors, tax or workers rights. Directors abandon the old company for the new one leaving th...

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Affordability Of Housing And Rentals In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Affordability of Housing and Rentals in Australia.     Answer: Introduction: The first article “RBA governor Philip Lowe only sees one way to solve Australia's housing affordability problem” by Scutt (2017) is concerned about the issue of housing unaffordability owing to the hiking property prices. The clearing of the housing market is non achievable since the supply is not adjusting to me...

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Concept On The Specific Environment Relevant To All Organisations

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Question:  Define and Describe Academic Theory/Concepts on the Specific Environment relevant to all Organisations.     Answer: An introduction to the academic theories of motivation: Motivation is the force which drives individuals and organisations towards innovation and achievement targets. The explorations of the concept by experts from diverse fields have led to the foundation of several academic theories. The assignmen...

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Market Analysis Of Green Kinetic Product

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Question: Create a Marketing Plan to Introduce the Green Kinetic Product into the Melbourne Metropolitan Market.       Answer: In order to introduce the Green Kinetic product into the Melbourne Metropolitan market, it is important to scan the micro and macro environments in this particular area. PESTEL analysis is an effective tool that can be used to assess the attractiveness of the market environment of a particular p...

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Marketing Analysis Of The Green Kinetic Ltd

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Analysis of the Green Kinetic Ltd.     Answer: Market Segmentation: Another idea worried with the market division is promoting blend. It is imperative in promoting technique, with an objective of fulfilling purchasers' needs. It is additionally perceived as the 4Ps, comprising of product, price, promotion and place (Flynn and Goldsmith, 2015). Green Kinetic Company want to expand their busi...

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Physical Distribution And Logistics Supply Chain Management

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Question: Discuss about the Physical Distribution and Logistics Supply Chain Management.     Answer: Introduction Supply chain is the management of flow of corporate goods and services, with involves movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress and delivering the finished goods to the point of consumption (Schoenherr and Speier?Pero 2015). The organization chosen for the study is Domino’s Australia, which is the...

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Marketing Segments Of Boost Juice

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Segments of Boost Juice.     Answer Specifications of marketing segments The specific target market segments in order to capture the frequency of consumer Boost Juice should venture into further classification of their marketing outreach. In fact, since its inception in Australia, the number of population and consumer segregation has also increased over time. Therefore it naturally have  ...

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National Economic Policy

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Questions: 1.Assume that the Policy Makers in a Closed Economy want to Increase output without Changing Interest Rates. What kind of Policy Mix would you Recommend and how would your Policy Mix affect the Components of GDP? 2.In the Short-run, the Effect of an Expansionary Fiscal Policy on the output level is very large when money Demand is highly sensitive to the Changes in the Interest rate. Do you agree or disagree with this Statement? &...

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