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MRKT11029 Marketing Fundamentals

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Answers:  Introduction  The company in focus is Telstra company, it was founded in 1975  the industry it operates in is the telecommunication industry where it provides services to more than 14 million people in Australia  (Lancaster, 2006). Telstra is Australia leading telecommunication company but faces formidable competition from other companies such as Optus and Vodafone. Last year the company pulled in 27.1 billion i...

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BSBMGT616 Develop And Implement Strategic Plans

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Answer: Background of the purpose for this presentation This main purpose of this presentation is based on two facts: Healthy employees are more productive as compared to chronically ill employees; Marketing is essential component to maintain growth as well as market penetration Basic market need means reduction of corporate costs as well as increases in employee efficiency that can be achieved by conducting long-term wellness programs (...

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NURS3008 Community Health Nursing

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Answer: Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) refers to the funding system that is applicable to residents in an aged care facility and is operational in the Australian domicile. The Australian Government confers care subsidy for the care recipients subjected to fulfillment of the accreditation requirements by the concerned aged care services authority as proposed in the Aged Care Act of 1997. These aged care facilities are obliged to abide by t...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems

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Answers: Introduction BHP Limited and Billiton Plc planned to merge and continued their business venture, they together named their collaboration company as BHP Billiton. A Board of management team now runs the company and establish their own headquarter in the city Melbourne and other branches in the city London and Johannesburg (Jaffeand and Irizarry 2014). This report will highlight that BHP Billiton must adopt DLC structure to prosper thei...

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INFO6030 Systems Analysis And Design

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Answer: Introduction HCL Info system is a multinational IT organization which is known for its brand as well as quality in India. There are various ranges of products which are being provided by HCL Info system in India. Organization provide an infrastructure in which people could work properly also avails the employment opportunities to the people of India. In first assignment the research was done in relation with the market research of HCL...

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FAE001 Advanced English

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Answer: Introduction Modern technology brings family and friends closer together. The above thesis builds from the previous research that have held that modern technology is unassociated and interferes with families spending quality time together (Golombok 2015). This paper thus argues against this belief and derives its premises on the research commissioned by Tesco that discovered that nearly 25% of Brits surveyed had a better feeling conne...

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BSB60215 Advanced Diploma Of Business

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Answers: Research and Portfolio Viable international marketing opportunities  There are various international marketing opportunities such as increased size of the market, which can allow shareholders to invest in more numbers and make the organization expand its customer base and ensure generating more profit too. McDonald's want to launch a new food item named shrimp burgers in the international market of Japan, and thus it is importa...

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ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought

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Answers: Introduction: The provided essay describes about the conceptual framework on quality of accounting records such as financial statements. According to Australian accounting standard board it has emphasized the relevance of faithful representation and neutrality in financial statements. After this, the essay provides a brief on historical cost accounting. It is basically recording of assets and liabilities at their purchase cost, which...

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MGMT617 Production Planning And Inventory Control

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Answer: Media violence and its effect on viewer’s aggression The project will be seeking to prove the following hypothesis. The hypotheses will be proven null or alternative after the research project is carried out. They include; Viewers aggression and influence on media content depends on the age factor Media content and viewers’ aggression may play a primary role in increasing crime in the society There are other factors t...

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MANG1014 : Corporation And Commercial Law

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Answer: Issue: In the given circumstances the issue that exists is whether Mike can limit and restrict his liability by relying on the exclusion clause printed on the invoice. Law: 1). In this given scenario the principle of exclusion clause is relevant.  Exclusion clause can be defined as a term in the contract which aims to limit or restrict the liability of either of the parties to the contract. However an exclusion clause will be i...

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BFA201 Financial Accounting

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Answer: Acquisition Analysis at 1 July 2017:   Consolidation Worksheet Entries: Consolidated Worksheet:   Consolidated Balance Sheet: Bibliography: Gornik-Tomaszewski, S., & Larson, R. K. (2014). New consolidation requirements under IFRS. Review of Business, 35(1), 47 Gray, S. J. (Ed.). (2014). International accounting and transnational decisions. Butterworth-Heinemann Henderson, S., Peirson, G.,...

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Issues In Crisis Management: Western Australian Government

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Question: Write about the Issues in Crisis Management for Western Australian Government.    Answer: Introduction The study aims at covering several aspects related to the shark culling procedure. It also aims at the procedure of getting rid of sharks, adopted by Western Australian Government. In the year 2014, the government officials of Western Australia took a major decision of killing sharks for minimizing the human attac...

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Integrating Life Cycle Costing And Assessment

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Question: Discuss about the Integrating Life Cycle Costing and Assessment.     Answer: Introduction This proposal shows the importance of developing the Accounting Information System in a Fitzroy medical center in order to gain effective revenues and achieve competitive advantages. Fitzroy is a small medical center which falls under the service industry as the business type. It has been providing healthcare services to the peopl...

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Principle International Taxation Bloomsbury

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Question: Discuss About The Principle International Taxation Bloomsbury?   Answer: Introduction: The taxation ruling of 92/2 provides the explanation relating to the expenditure that is occurred on carrying out the scientific research and the same can be considered as deductions under subsection 73A (1) of the ITAA 1936 (Barkoczy 2016). The activities of Research and development enables the business and the non-profit organization...

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Aged Care Complaints In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Aged Care Complaints in Australia.     Answer: Statement of problem In Australia, the aged care system bestows a wide range of options in order to meet the care needs of the aged population residing in Australia (King et al., 2013). The urge of the majority of older population in Australia to stay in their own homes as they age has increased the focus on the procurement of care under the community set...

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