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BULAW5915 Corporate Law

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Answers Part A 1. In a business country like Australia, there are numerous companies set up to continue their businesses and try to make profit from it. However, with the growing nature of the business, the companies are taken many steps or tricks to evade the tax system and avoid the government norms with an intention to earn money in an illegal way. In recent times, phoenix activities are observed in the society of Australia (Anderson, Hedg...

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NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice

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Answer: Generalization of research findings Generalization often refers to making conclusions about much broader population. This has brought the need for people demanding results immediately, thus well planned surveys and experiments need to be adopted. Generalization of research findings is an essential component in research process. Generalisation is efficient in order to minimise sampling the whole population. Variation are often used as i...

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ITC571 Emerging Technologies And Innovation

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Answer: Introduction: The author states that in cloud storage, various properties of data security like data integrity, availability as well as confidentiality is considered as significant applications in the commercial field. It is identified that different types of provable data possession schemes are quite helpful in protecting the data integrity. However, it is analyzed that in some cases the remote data possession helps in checking task ...

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HUSO2230 Criminal Law

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Answer: Answer 1: The case R v Crabbe [1985] HCA 22; (1985) 156 CLR 464 (26 March 1985), is a regarding a criminal offence involving death as a result of grievous bodily harm. The issue of the case revolved around Douglas Crabbe, a truck driver who drove his truck against a wall killing five people. The nature of the offences on the part of Crabbe was such that it took place early in the morning in the year 1983, 3rd August. Crabbe had i...

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Law Gives Everyone Equal Opportunity

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Question: Discuss about the Law Gives Everyone Equal Opportunity Critical Discussion With A Focus On Gender.     Answer: Australian Human Rights Commission defines equality as a state in which everyone in society shares the same rights, freedom and equal access to universal services resulting to equal treatment and same level of respect. Karl Max present the society divided into a class of haves and haves who the law applies to ...

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Achieve More Effective Negotiations

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Question: Dsicuss about the Achieve More Effective Negotiation.   Answer: Introduction In case of any kind of transaction negotiation is an integral aspect. For effective dispute resolution, negotiation would result in win-win situation for the involved parties. Thus, the discussion would focus on analyzing the ways of effective dispute resolution, principled negotiation, BATNA. Dispute and its outcome In case of Mrs. Z [author&rsq...

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Strengthening Coordination Of Humanitarian

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Question: Discuss About The Strengthening Coordination Of Humanitarian?   Answer: Introduction Humanitarian work can be defined as the work, which is related to the various human welfare activities. According to Burt (2012), “The concept of Humanitarian work is often confused with charitable works”. However, in the opinion of scholars like Büthe, Major and Souza these are two different concepts. As analyzed by B&u...

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Classroom Engagement Produces Longitudinal

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Question: Discuss about the Classroom Engagement Produces Longitudinal.     Answer: Introduction: Student engagement is an essential forerunner of learning. It leads to better achievement while it’s opposite i.e. disengagement results in more dropouts. Student engagement is flourished in a learning environment where there is student autonomy but in a defined level. The engagement of students is also influenced by peers. Th...

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Marketing Teams And Public Relation Lobbyist

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Question: Discuss about the Ngos Need Highly Professional Fundraisers, Marketing Teams And Public Relation Lobbyist. Argue The Pros And Cons Of The Said Proposition.     Answer: Introduction Non-government organizations or as is also said not for profit organisations, are formed to basically help the needy, poor, women empowerment, deal with child abuses of various kinds etc. They ensure upliftment of the society in a sustained ...

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Modern Philanthropy And Civil Society

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Question: Discuss about the Modern Philanthropy and Civil Society.     Answer: Introduction:  Philanthropy is the decision to promote human welfare which can be expresses especially by the generosity in terms of monetary donations for good causes. Philanthropy is a crucial aspect of a democratic society and is a tad different from charity and it focuses on the removal of social problems. It also supports projects as well as...

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BULAW5914 Commercial Law

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Question: Discuss about the Consumer Law Australia for Tort of Negligence.   Answer: Tort of Negligence Australian Consumer law is considered as the single law that is applied equally in all the states and territories. It is the most important consumer protection law in the country. This law is considered to be very important for the fair trading practices, protecting the consumers, regulating the trade practices and to reg...

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BUMGT5920 Management In A Global Business Environment

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Questions: Discuss about the Management and Does your own personal decision-making always reflect an objective process?   Does the desire to be accepted as a part of a group leave one susceptible to conforming to the group’s norms?   Identify and discuss situational factors that can enable a group to exert pressure strong enough to change a member’s attitude and behaviour.     Answers: Introduction: Thi...

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Project Management : Techniques To Analyze Production

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Question: Discuss about the Project Management for Techniques to Analyze Production.   Answer: Introduction In the modern business environment, every companies operating requires advanced techniques to analyze production cost and cost of sales to undertake pricing decisions for their finished goods. The proper determination of selling price of the products is important for every organization so as to obtain profit for the business for...

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Law Of Evidence

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Questions: 1. Jack’s barrister would like to the bar owner’s testimony admitted as evidence. What is the first question that must be asked in determining whether the bar owners testimony can be admitted: a. Is the evidence hearsay? b. Is the evidence relevant? c. Is the evidence probative? d. Is the evidence opinion evidence? 2. Based on your answer above, do you think the evidence of the bar owner could be admitted un...

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Challenges Of Web-Based Systems: Web Engineering Approach

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Question: Discuss about Addressing The Challenges Of Web-Based Systems Development and The Web Engineering Approach.   Answer: Over the time, the web-based system development has become fundamental to several applications in different aspects. As the dependence on Web-based system development persist to improve, there is an increasing interest concerning the way in which the system development aspects are implemented and their superior...

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