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FIN3220 Managerial Finance L

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Questions: A Present and Future Value U is equal to 64 in each equation. Compute how much tax is owed if your company earns $760,000+U dollars pretax (and pays out all the net income to yourself) under 3 different forms of organizations: proprietorship, limited liability company, and corporation (assuming your personal income tax rate is 37% and the corporate income tax rate is 21%). Compute how much you personally owe if your business go...

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Leadership Roles

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What is very important and under discussed? Short Answers and Essays Short Answers Please answer the following questions regarding you academic and personal experiences. Take the time to compose thoughtful responses. You are limited to the maximum number of characters listed for each answer. If you copy and paste your responses from Word into any of the essay boxes and your character count is over the limit, an alert will appear, and your text wi...

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The Health Belief Theory

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Questions: 1. Discuss the concepts and sub concepts of the theory with clarity and simplicity. 2. Describe the generality of the theory and how it is applied broadly across the culture. Give examples that support your view. 3. Discuss the impact and continuing influence or predictability for further development.   Answers: Introduction According to  Wills (2015), the health belief theory explains that the involvement or lack of i...

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Consider  the  Fourier  Series  where  each term in the sum  is given by  1/n* sin  and  the sum  is  for odd terms from n=1 to infinity. Write  a Matlab  script  that generates   a vector  named x that contains this Fourier  Series for the term  n=1, 3 where  the fundamental  frequency  is  fo= 1hz

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MGT430 Swot Analysis Of Marriot International Assignment

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Answer: Introduction Marriott International Marriott is an international premium brand of hospitality and hotels chain headquartered in The United States (Marriott 2018). The company owns seven and five-star hotels across 122 countries. This premium brand hotel chain has about 1.2 million rooms in the whole world. The below presented report wil be focused on the operations management of Marriott International by making use of SWOT analysis (...

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Differential Diagnosis

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Applied Differential Diagnosis Paper & Presentation You will be asked to present a mock clinical case to the class. In this assignment, you will choose a person/character from a movie, television show or historical figure with an identifiable DSM diagnosis and create paper as well as an in-class case presentation. You will need to provide video clips from the film, television show, media coverage, etc. to present diagnostic impressions and ot...

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Business Management

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Theatre Project Write a 1-page honest reaction to your theatre experience. Comment on at least 4 of the aspects we covered in class – sets, lights, costumes, acting, directing, pace of the play, music, dance (if any) , etc. Be concise and honest. The play is called proud to present, and its related to something in Africa. The essay should be exactly 1 page. We do not believe we need a reference since it is opinion based.

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CIT 130 Introduction To Computer Programming

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Task: Write a Java application to give calculate the change and give the least amount of coins for a shop in Great Britain. Most of Great Britain does not use the Euro although it may be accepted in some stores. Our shop does not accept the Euro. See the article for an explanation of British currency. Do not worry about archaic denominations like “groats” or “shillings”. As the article states, the pou...

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Option #1: Counting Principles Option 1 Question #1 Five Card Draw is a poker game in which each player is dealt an initial hand of five cards from a 52-card deck. How many unique five-card hands are possible? Question #2 A basketball team has 16 women on the roster. In how many ways can the coach choose a roster consisting of five different positions? Question #3 How many four-letter words (nonsense words included) can be created from the letter...

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Consumer Mathematics

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Consumer Mathematics Question #1 – Income Tax Compute the FICA taxes for a self-employed individual who make an annual net profit of $153,000. If the same person’s net income was reduced to $103,000, what would be the FICA taxes for those earnings? Question #2 – Annuity Payment Jake is saving money for a down payment on a car. He needs $1,800 in 10 months to make his down payment and is saving money in an annuity yielding an ann...

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1. Research the Affordable Care Act at:. Explain how this system will function. What consumer-costs and services are likely to be associated in each metal tier? Explore the implications of this type of system for specific population groups (Use the older adult population). 2. Complete an EVIDENCE-BASED NURSING PRACTICE PROJECT. Purpose To enable the student to use medical and nursing databases to find research articles that will provide evidence ...

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Risk Factors For Falls Among Older Adults

Downloads : 2 | Pages : 5

Question: Discuss about the Risk Factors for Falls Among Older Adults.   Answer: Introduction: Fall is very frequent in the elderly people. Therefore, the study has well focused on the elderly people under residential care. The purpose statement is referred to a statement, which highlights the goals and the specific topic of the research study. Here, the purpose statement is to determine the falls rate in residential care, which is pe...

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1- Name five health care delivery system and discuss there organization role ? 2- what are the dominos of leadership effectiveness and leadership efficacy? 3- describe the classification types of health service system 4- describe the goverming body structure of US health service organization and their responsibilities ? 5- explain healthcare outcomes in relation to systems issues and management ? 6- what is return on investment and how can it be ...

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Business Management

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Differentiate between Type I and Type II errors. When is the risk for a Type I or Type II error the greatest? How are Type I and Type II errors critiqued in a nursing study? #2. (1,500 Words) Reference: 5 Scholarly sourcesChism, L. & Magnan, M. (2009). The relationship of nursing students’ spiritual care perspectives to their expressions of spiritual empathy. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(11), 597-605.1.    Identify th...

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Mental Health

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1.    Assess the status of mental health services in Oakland, California. Identify (1) and describe primary, secondary, and tertiary mental health services; and (2) current community strategies to address service deficits. Compare your findings with Healthy People 2020 objectives. Summarize your findings in a written report. Research:

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