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Theatre Experience Related To Africa

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Question: Discuss about theatre experience related to Africa.   Answer: This particular assignment has focused to discuss about my experience on theatre that is related to Africa. I have recently visited a play named Proud to Present in the theatre hall named Durban’s theatre. I was amazed to behold the entire setting of a theatre hall. I have visited a large theatre hall where spectators got enough space for enjoying the play. The...

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Essay On Simply Jesus

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Question: Write an essay explaining first how Wright tries to show the roots of these beliefs in the actions and teachings of the historical Jesus.  Secondly, whether or not you agree with or hold these beliefs, do you find Wright’s analysis explaining why and how these beliefs arose to be persuasive?   Answer: Nicholas Thomas Wright (Tom Wright) is a renowned British scholar who strongly believes and supports the need o...

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Against Ordinary Language: The Language Of The Body

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Question: Discuss about the Against ordinary language for the language of the body.   Answer: In the book, ‘Against ordinary language: the language of the body’, the author Kathy Acker write the chapter in the form a diary entry when the author tries to tell the experience that the person has experiences while body building[1]. Through the art of bodybuilding, the author tries to explain the language of the body in differen...

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Risk Factors For Falls Among Older Adults

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Question: Discuss about the Risk Factors for Falls Among Older Adults.   Answer: Introduction: Fall is very frequent in the elderly people. Therefore, the study has well focused on the elderly people under residential care. The purpose statement is referred to a statement, which highlights the goals and the specific topic of the research study. Here, the purpose statement is to determine the falls rate in residential care, which is pe...

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Community Health Nursing Project

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Question: Describe about the Essay for Community Health Nursing Project.   Answer: Introduction This assignment aims to analyze the data and plan for a population living in Oakland, which is has a port and is situated in the West Coast of the United States of America. This population is the seat of government of Alameda County. After collecting the data, it is important to interpret the information in order to identify any significant...

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Affordable Care Act

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Question: Write an essay on Affordable Care Act.   Answer: The Affordable Care Act is the federal policy that facilitates the Americans with the security for better health by upholding the insurance reforms of comprehensive health that act to expand the coverage, makes the accountability to the insurance companies, more choices are guaranteed and the quality of care gets enhanced for the Americans. This act joins the two separate ...

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Managing Organizational Change And Innovation

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Question: Introduce the change effort by including the situation, organization, industry, and explain the context for change. Analyze the change effort. Provide considerable discussion about the following: Description/images of the change held by the change agent. Culture and the role of culture within the change process. Diagnosis of change – what, why, any resistance. Theoretical constructs and concepts that characterizes the change...

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The Health Belief Theory

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Questions: 1. Discuss the concepts and sub concepts of the theory with clarity and simplicity. 2. Describe the generality of the theory and how it is applied broadly across the culture. Give examples that support your view. 3. Discuss the impact and continuing influence or predictability for further development.   Answers: Introduction According to  Wills (2015), the health belief theory explains that the involvement or lack of i...

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Research In Nursing

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Question: Explain Research in Nursing.   Answer: Introduction: Nursing research has a great influence professional nursing training and practices. It is an important component in the educational process. Throughout this century, the role of the nurse has gained importance and evolved significantly. The clinical learning in this field has made the nurses more efficient in handling cases, that earlier was not possible. In recent times, ...

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Disability In An Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum

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Question: Critique of the attitudes towards disability in an undergraduate nursing curriculum.   Answer: Summarization of three websites and tutorial for future students The literature search on the topic of the nursing problem that has been chosen is the people with disabilities and their care in the current nursing system. The emphasis on the special care for the patients with disabilities and the inclusion of the topic in the nursi...

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