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Management: Emotional Intelligence

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Question: Describe about emotional intelligence?   Answer: Introduction Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays an important role in a person’s working lives. It measures the behavior and the intelligence level of a person. EI sees the association and dominance of the person in their work field. This makes impact on the person’s personal lives also. People who use their knowledge and feelings effectively have some positive outco...

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Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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Question: Describe the literature review on ‘the Dimensions and Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)?   Answer: Introduction This paper described the literature review on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB).  The main aim of this paper is to evaluate the relevant information about the organization behavior. This research is able to collect relevant information and data in the perspective of dimensi...

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The Relationship Between Affect And Employee

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Question: Give the literature review on the dimensions and antecedents of organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB). The review is to focus solely on refereed academic publication?     Answer: Literature Review The thought of OCB has created a lot of consideration in today's exploration. As per (Podsakoff, 1997), this far reaching enthusiasm for OCB emerges from the way that OCB assumes a part in improved business productivity....

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Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Within Learning Environments

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Question: Describe about the Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Within Learning Environments?     Answer: Introduction Organizational Citizenship behavior is one of the most studied topics in the research field of Organizational Behaviour. OCB’s concept was first coined in 1980s by Organ and Bateman and then from there onwards a number of researchers and scholars strengthened and refined the concept with the changing tim...

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Marketing Theory: Euro Disney

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Question: Describe about the Marketing Theory of Euro Disney?     Answer: Walt Disney is basically the parent company of Euro Disney and some other companies. The organization is set in many countries for making it a channel of global family entertainment and creating a chain network in all family circles all over the world, with business diversification of four types which are resorts and parks, media networks, consumer products...

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Women College: Management

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Question: Write an Essay on Social Forces article about women’s college in the United States?     Answer: Introduction        Women education was typically provided within the family. With time, the culture of United States changed and women education become an integral part of the education system. There are specific women college in United States where only women can study and there are co-e...

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Reflection On Decision-Making Style

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Question: Discuss about the Essay on Reflection on Decision-Making Style?   Answer: From the self-assessment, I learned about the decision making style. The results of decision making style includes the allowance of independent actions in a job, the practical results in job,  creative approaches when I face with solving a problem, the preference of using many options during usage of information, the solving of difficult problem an...

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Literature Review: Organizational Behaviour

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Question: Describe the various elements of personnel selection.   Answer: Introduction The aim of this paper is to study the various elements of personnel selection. The report addresses the properties or constructs of interviews as a selection measure. Literature Review Content Validity Content validity refers to the level of accuracy of the measurement tool addresses to the specific construct. The measure ensures a full breadth o...

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Interview With The Manager Of The Tata Motors

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Question: Give a discussion of the interview with the Manager of the Tata Motors.   Answer: Introduction: In any business organization, the role of a manager occupies an integral part. It is the manager who manages the responsibility to supervise the tasks of the employees working in that particular concern, on which depends the growth of the firm. The presence of a manager in an organization is very much indicative of the evolution t...

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Observe Organizational Behavior Firsthand

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Question: Give a brief discussion on organization behavior.   Answer: The organization behavior is influenced by plethora of dimensions such as organizational culture, organizational structure, team spirit, organizational change, communication, diversity, power, leadership, motivation (Gordon, 1991) etc. It is quite essential to get into the organization and closely monitor the processes so as to have an insight into the domains of org...

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