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MN603 Wireless Networks And Security

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Answer: Introduction  Medium Access Control or MAC protocol which is considered key element for various kinds of underwater acoustic networks that is UWANs. It has some special features like long delay in propagation, small capacity for channel, small reliability, proper dynamics for quality of channel [1]. It has some MAC designed strategies for which was originally designed for radio frequency based wireless networks (RWNs) which canno...

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NRSG355 Clinical Integration

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Answer: Module 1 According to the events listed, the event that will get my highest priority is the collapse of the post-operative elderly patient, who had undergone facial surgery. Facial or skin surgeries can give rise to complications, like excessive bleeding resulting from abnormalities of blood clotting due, medications like heparin, aspirin, warfain can cause excessive bleeding (Hunt, 2014; Agarwal et al., 2012). Excessive bleeding can ...

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MLC101 Law For Commerce

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Answers 1. Issue There are legal three issues which have been identified in the scenario which are Whether Prestige Designscan claim the contractual amount from Susan under the principles of breach and discharge of contractual obligations under contract law Whether Susanwould be able to claim damages from Prestige Designs for the flight cancellation bases in the principles of remoteness of damages in contract law Where the cont...

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MMH230 Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management

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Answer: Introduction The nature of work is changing considerably in different sectors of the industry over the past few decades. It has been found that modern organizations consider job stress and job satisfaction as the major issues in the organization. The effects of poor job design and job dissatisfaction is an important concern for large companies as well as small business owners. Several work areas might be affected if the employees are ...

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BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance

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Answers: Assessment task 1 Formative assessment (a) Why is it necessary to consult relevant group and individual on work to be allocated the resources they will need? (b) Give a list of at least 10 resources that might be required in a business organisation Ans.  An employee’s consultation can assist manager to identify the requirement as most of the staff performing the job and they know needs and better able to define t...

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LSC6006 Integrated Case Study Analysis

Download : 0 | Pages : 26

Answer: The report is a detailed analysis of the case study of prêt a manager. Prêt a manager is famous not only for the pre packed sandwiches that has been a craze in the entire nation but also for the customer service that it offers. The company is known for the fast customer service. The company has developed with the passing time. The CEO of the company kept on making efforts to work on the issues faced by the company. The most...

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MCOM4040 Marketing And Communications

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Answer: An organization much like any other individual requires communicating in order to exchange thoughts, ideas, offers, discounts and announcements etc. With the help of promotional activities the company simply communicates with the stakeholders of the organisation (Barrett and Weinstein 2015). Promotional mix is a part of the marketing mix that the management of the company uses for strategic management. Promotion can be termed as a pro...

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NUTN404 Nutrition And Chronic Disease

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Answer: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus a life style disease is considered as 21st century epidemic. In type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, the body develops a resistance against insulin (Tuomilehto et al., 2012). However, the beta cells of pancreas produce adequate insulin in response to the glucose level in the blood but, due to insulin resistance, the insulin receptors located on the cell becomes unresponsive and thus failure in the uptake o glucose. T...

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BUSA421 Data Mining

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Answer: The tables below show the output for the regression of Percentage Successful Drilling Completion and Slant Rate Differential for a random sample of 16 wells drilled in the Cotton Valley Zone. Table 1: Model Coefficients for Regression of Percentage Successful Drilling Completion and Slant Rate Differential   Coefficients Intercept -58.7703125 Slant Rate Differential 16.390625 Tab...

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ACCG835 International Accounting

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Answer: Confucianism is a cultural tradition adopted by the Chinese and the Japanese, though most vibrant in the Chinese setup. The culture operated on the values of truthfulness, rituals, righteousness, benevolence, honesty, filial piety and loyalty thus the western society trusted their accountants and would not question the accounts. The doctrine advocated for communal welfare to be paramount rather than individual interests. The doctrine ...

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BST221 Management Of Human Resources

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Answer: Management of Human Resources Management of human resources in the workplace is one of the most important factors that the manager must be concerned about. It is because of these human resources that the company is operating and earning profits. Without them, the company would not be where it currently is, as all the clients or the customers would remain unsatisfied because there would be no one to look after and satisfy their needs a...

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TX600 Professional Tax Practice

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Answer: To, The appropriate authority (Agent / manager), Internal Revenue Service One Montvale Avenue Stoneham, MA 02180 Re: Tax protest letter point out detailed explanation to justify the letter. Respected sir / madam, I have been appointed to represent D, E, F and the D, E and F PC on tax related matters and writing this tax protest letter on their behalf. The agent had rejected the arguments put forward by the clients regarding fees...

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MGT87515 Information Organization And Strategy

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Answer: The future innovation of mobile applications integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will allow real time assistance with businesses and daily functions of users. Application of AI and MR will help with the detection of traffic and will contribute to learning behavioural patterns of the users through app utilization practices. AI and MR will also help in tracking the real time customer activity of the customers, pr...

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BOS4025 OSHA Standards

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Answer: Allocation of label elements (mandatory) It is mandated that label for hazardous chemicals must comprise of product identifiers that is used on the data sheet (Osha.gov 2019) It is also mandated that labels over shipped containers must also comprise of name, address, contact of chemical manufacturer, importer and the responsible party The label of the hazardous chemicals are expected to include signal word, pictogram, precautiona...

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EC320 Financial Markets And Institutions

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Answer: The level of 3 of the mistaken behavior is the strong unmet needs. I will like to ventilate in this matter that this kind of situation arises within the child because of the judgment errors by the child. There are some reasons for this identification. It has to be identified to ensure that the child does not commit any kind of activity i.e. not permitted by the society (Scott & Baillargeon, 2017). The children have to be directed...

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