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The Role Of Stakeholders Sustainability

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Question: They journey to improved resource efficincy is not easy and requires input from many stakeholders. Discuss who are the stakeholders and what motivates their drive to resource efficiency?     Answer: Stakeholders are the group of members, who has a specific interest in a firm or enterprise. The key stakeholders of typical organizations are the investors, customers, employees and their suppliers. Though, the modern theory...

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The Incidence Of Stroke Among Pregnant Women

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Question: Describe the emotional and cognitive responses an individual is likely to experience in response to a newly diagnosed condition with a poor prognosis?     Answer: Pregnant stroke Pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy for any woman is a moment of excitement, joy, surprises and lots of inexperienced emotions. As we all are aware that blood pressure and weight of a pregnant woman is checked after every few days, so a...

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Infinite Bus: Reactive Power

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Question: Describe about the Infinite Bus for Reactive Power?     Answer: Infinite Bus: An infinite bus means a large system whose voltage and frequency remains constant independent of the power exchange between the synchronous machine and the bus, and independent of the excitation of the synchronous machine. A synchronous machine (generating or motoring) while operating at constant power supplies positive reactive power into the...

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Consumer Evaluations Of Sales Promotion

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Question: Describe about the Consumer Evaluations of Sales Promotion?     Answer: Introduction In present times, companies are taking serious steps to develop products which are in line with the theory of ‘ethical consumerism.’ By definition, ethical consumerism refers to the ethics and values followed by consumers while making any purchase or buying products from companies (Jay, 2008). Under the idea of ‘ethic...

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Internal And External Environments For Oil And Gas Industries

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Question: Describe about the Internal and External Environments For the oil and Gas Industries?     Answer: In the last few years, the oil and gas industries have gone through certain circumstances. The main key areas of oil and gas industries in the world are unexpected alterations in alliances and political views and familial changes in the countries that are producing the unconventional hydrocarbons resources. The share holder...

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International Financial Management Of Microsoft Dynamics

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Question: Describe about the International Financial Management of Microsoft Dynamics?   Answer: Investment Appraisal The report on investment appraisal for Cagoo Clothing PLC is prepared. The company is thinking of purchasing a new shop in London, which costs for £7 million. The investment appraisal method consists of two features, which are- To assess the expected returns level earned from the expenditure level. To estimate th...

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Business As A General Partnership: Independent Market

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Question: Discuss about a Report on Business as a general partnership  or as a limited liability company and Differenciate between an employee and an independent contractor?   Answer: Introduction (Aim Of The Report) Three friends want to start a new business. So, in this case, they required understanding the meaning of different kind of organisational setups. This paper finds the advantage as well as the disadvantage of different ...

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Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy: Social Cognition

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Questions: Tasks 1a) Summarise the meaning of Personal Responsibility and develop a set of responsibilities and performance objectives for Harrods employees. 1b) Explain the steps which Harrods can use to evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives. 1c) Based on the methods and techniques used by Harrods towards their employees, make recommendations for improvements on how they can help develop the skills of their employees. 1d) Re...

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Sports Nutrition: Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

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Question: Describe about the Case Study about Sports Nutrition for Exercising Through Your Pregnancy?   Answer: Calculation of BMR, DCR and Target Heart Rate Weight (pounds) Height (inches) Age Resting Heart Rate (bpm) 178 72 27 60       BMR 1905.74   For intense resistance exercise     DCR 3620.9...

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Business Sustainability: New Strategic Thinking For Business

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Question: Discuss about the Business Sustainability for New Strategic Thinking for Business?   Answer: The shareholders are one of the main financial support system of any organization. In terms of sustainable supply chain management, it includes some significant factors of an organization which have some difference with normal supply chain management. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in order to sustain in this competitive mar...

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