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42908 Engineering Project Preparation

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Answer: Introduction Background of this Study The report looks into the energy crisis which Australia faced due to their export of Liquefied Natural Gas to other countries, in large numbers. So, in one point of time the country was known to be an energy rich nation, gradually the scenario had started to change. They were left with insufficient energy to keep the citizens comfortable during heat wave, which had seen temperatures rising to 105...

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LML6002 Australian Migration Law

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Answer: Introduction The suit was filed by Tatenda Muradzi against the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship because the application submitted by Tatenda for skilled migration visa, was rejected by the Department of Immigration. Due to technical issues, Tatenda was not able to file her application through the internet. She sends her application using facsimile to the visa department, instead of using other prescribed methods. The officers ...

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SUST5001 Introduction To Sustainability

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Answer Increasing the proportion of Renewable Energy in Australia’s Energy Mix Introduction: Background to the topic and its significance Renewable energy is an umbrella term that refers to different types of energy that is collected from renewable sources that can be replenished naturally. This type of energy can include solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy and bio-energy (Weitemeyer et al. 2...

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GNED302 Energy And Environmental Sustainability

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Answer: Introduction This essay particularly discusses the importance of good maintenance to sustainable infrastructure and review the best practices of sustainability. Infrastructure management is a significant challenge facing sustainable development of infrastructure particularly in the Third World cities. The major issue in the field is that maintenance strategy is not incorporated or considered into the entire life-cycle costing of devel...

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ELEC4840 Engineering Project

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Answer: Previous Project Research In this research, machine learning and Computer strategies are applied to build up a few ways to deal with logically fragment mind tumors and stroke in MR pictures. The significance of this research is to clear, since stroke and cerebrum tumors are among initial five driving reasons for death in the United States. Stroke/tumor administration is a basic period in which exact position and division of mind tumor...

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ELECENG7059 Radar Principles & Systems An Introduction

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Answer: Introduction:      The UWB or Ultra-Wideband radar systems has been transmitting various signals. This is done around broader frequency than traditional radar systems. Further, it is complicated to determine. Customized signal processing algorithms, on the other hand, are applied to deploying UWB. This helps in detecting human respirations coming from distant sources. The following study focusses in various the respira...

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BBA203 Financial Accounting

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Answer: Calculating the investment needed by Sandy: End of year Cash flow ($)  Dis rate Dis cash flow Year 1  $         400.0           0.9  $         367.0 Year 2  $         800.0  &n...

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COMP26120 Knapsack Problem For The Dynamic Programming

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Answer: 1. We cant solve large instances by Enumeration because it invloves very large number of Calculations. On an Average for an instance of solving a problem of size n it will form at least 2 ^ n combinations. And in each cobination, It will lopp onto all terms . If n=20, Least number of calculations =(2^20)*20=1048576*20=  20971520 microseconds= 20 seconds  If n=200, Least number of calculations =1.6069380442589903e+60 *20 =ap...

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TR 121 Budget And Automation Plan Report

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Answer: Introduction: This Report provides a budget and automation plan for Nutritional Associates which is located in New Jersey. Nutritional Associates is a 400-patient medical practice specializing in nutrition and nutritional-related device rentals and sales. The practice has fallen way behind the technology curve, the victim of lack of vision, shortsighted decisions, and budget constraints. There operations are controlled on some twelve ...

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WOX 7001 Research Methodology

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Answer: Introduction: Big Data has seen a massive momentum in the recent times (Bello-Orgaz, Jung & Camacho, 2016). The education system has the capacity to produce a huge amount of data. With the recent improvements in the field of data science and big data, it is possible to unleash the vast sets of data. The research proposes to provide an overview of the use and impacts of big data in improving the quality of education (De Mauro, Grec...

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LML6002-Conditions Of A Valid Visa Application

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Answer: 1.To Chares Newman Sub: Information regarding Partnership Visa This is in reference to your inquiry with respect to the Australian Partnership visa. The following information shall address all your queries related to the visa. Fundamental distinction between the 820 visa and 309 visa In order to obtain a partnership visa in Australia, the applicant may apply for two types of partnership visas, namely, the subclass 820 visas and su...

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BUS2SUS Developing Sustainable Strategy For Adani Coal Mine

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Answer: Generating the strategy for Adani coal mine As per Stop Adani (2018) ‘Stopping Adani Coal is the fight of our times’ were the main keywords which had a major significance in developing the strategies for stopping the movement. As per the requirement the Adani maga mine had several approvals. Due to the pledge of the federal government for $1 billion taxpayers that is why coal was not the only factor but it was sustainabili...

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SET721 Sustainable Engineering Practises

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Answer: Introduction The report critically examines the chosen case study on the basis of range of articles on sustainable engineering practices like the green supply chain management. The chosen case study reports on environmental sustainability practices by Haigh's Chocolates. The chosen subject area to be critically analysed is “Green Supply Chain Management”. According to the chosen case study, Haigh's Chocolates appears ...

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Vehicular Communication Systems

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Question: Discuss about the Vehicular Communication Systems.     Answer: Vehicular communication systems may be defined as the networks that are used by the roadside units and vehicles for communication. The vehicular communication systems are beneficial as they can help in reducing traffic congestion as well as accidents. The vehicular communication systems help in providing traffic information and warnings. The deaths caused in...

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Effects Of Mathematics Teaching Using Augmented

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Question: Discuss about the Effects Of Mathematics Teaching Using Augmented.   Answer: Introduction Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the indirect or direct live view of any real world, physical environment where computers are used to generate perceptual information about the elements in question. Across several sensory modalities that include haptic, visual, olfactory, auditory, and somatosensory senses. The sensory information can be...

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