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BCTA 161 Small Claims Court Procedures And Practices

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Answer: On November 15, 2015 Gomez Tables & Chairs sold 100 dining room chairs for a contract price of $125.00 each.  At the point of time Walter Smithy placed the order, and gave a cheque of $10000 and same was bounced as the account did not had sufficient funds, bank also penalized $25. I called you so many times but you didn’t responded. A polite request is made by me to make the payment in full as soon as possible or else I ...

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RSMT 3501 Introduction To Research Methods

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Answer: Section 1 Mom, Dad, and Grand-Dad are the three most important people in my life and credit them for who I am today. Having a strong family foundation is the most important factor that influences any child’s development and Mom, Dad, and Grand-Dad have delivers stability throughout my development. They have been so influencing in my life, I always turn to them for every concern I encounter, knowing they would deliver a solution ...

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F723 Fixed Income Analysis

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Answers: 1) In order to opine on the amount of debt in the books of Walmart Inc, the 10-Q for the quarter ending July 31, 2018 has been taken into consideration. The long term debt for the company stood at $ 44,958 million. Further, the component of long term debt that is due for repayment within next one year amounts to $ 1,090 million.  It is imperative to note that the given debt figure includes the $16 debt funding through issue of bo...

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ACCT 226 Taxation 1

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Answer: Introduction:  In the current trilogy of cases relating to timing namely “Canderal Ltd v Canada”, “Toronto College Park v Canada” and “Ikea Ltd v Canada” the Canadian supreme court laid down the principles which administers the time of identification of receipts and time of deducting the income expenditure. In “Ikea Ltd v Canada”, the court conversed whether the payme...

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HMSV3503 Research Methodologies

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Answer: “Cyber security is a most widely used in today’s world. It assures that data remains integrated, confidential and available. It safeguards the data from hackers and unauthorized users. Comparative analysis It was also found that power consumed by other algorithms very completely high then the blowfish algorithm. It makes use of low memory space as compared to other DES. It was observed that the confidentiality of 3DES and...

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ECON4260 Principles Of Econometrics

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Answer: Table 2: Means of Key Variables     Stores in: T-test   All New Jersey Pennsylvania NJ-Pa 1.  Distribution of store Types (%)         a. Burger King 41.71 41.09 44.3 -0.52 b. KFC 19.51 20.54 15.19 1.08 c. Roy Rogers 24.15 24.77 21.52 ...

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BCST1350 Broadcast Communications

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Answers Communication and Journalism 1: Chapter Reflections  Chapter 1 This chapter helps me to understand that Media and communication plays the important role in the society and culture and there has been the ever-shifting nature of the communication media. This can be understood by following the two different models of the communication. This chapter provides the updated information regarding the definition of the mass communication a...

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COMM 3020 Professional Communication

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Answer: Introduction  Dan Whilt , who was the public relations officer at the Essence Fruit Beverages Company , was assigned with the task of  drafting an important press release regarding sustainability focused promotional campaign (Mair & Laing, 2013) . He was informed from the Essence’s Sustainable Practices Department that the company used bottles, which are made of 100% recycled material, he drafted the document ...

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BUS310 Strategic Compensation

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Answer: Introduction There is a conventional agreement among researchers, academicians, business leaders and policymakers regarding the highly competitive nature of the international business arena. Businesses tend to outperform each other through a broad range of competitive advantages including low prices, advanced technology, diversification, specialization, and effective customer service among others. Essentially, the promotion and mainte...

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MGMT6054 Project Strategic Management

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Answer: Introduction Paper format was extensively used to review the account payable invoices by the City of Thunder Bay. In the hard copy format the invoices of account payable are being received which are further incorporated manually in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, SAP account. In the archive boxes 7 year’s data are keyed regarding the accounts payable through integration process and thus this project includes a t...

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KSA702 Literature Review

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Answer: Introduction The main purpose of this literature review is to study the impacts of Direct and Indirect Corrective Feedback on a student, in the case of Second Language Writing. Corrective feedback may be defined as a process in the field of education where the student receives a feedback from the teacher on his or her performance. There are two kinds of corrective feedback – direct and indirect, which will be explored in greater...

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MAN3147 Business Plan

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Answer: The project or mission  The main aim of the project will be to increase the sales of the real estate agency in the coming years and grow in a steady manner. It will also try to increase its gross margin of profit in a substantial manner so that the plan can be improved after a period of time. It will also try to reduce the level of crime rates that are associated with real estate business to a greater level. Century 21 will try ...

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ACAD100 Academic Discourse

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Answer: Section A : An important part of my school has been the time when my professors supported my academic goals. In spite of everything, she gave her father an expensive present.  Bobby jumped off the high diving board, before he had time to reconsider his decision. The dog was chasing its tail. The evening felt more exciting, after starting a game of cards. As the rain was soaking her clothes, she walked through the forest as...

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ENG 1112 Technical Report Writing

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Answer: Introduction This essay will concentrate on the role of media presenting the condition of indigenous community across Canada. As mentioned before in the proposal, this essay will research on various ways, which are portraying this community on various channels. According to Mastro, Dana: p. 11, it has been observed that both the print and digital media are less interested about presenting the truth about indigenous community. Civ...

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BICG9805 Global Strategic Management

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Answer: Domino’s Pizza: a case study in organizational evolution Q1. Porter’s five-force model This is a business analysis model that will evaluate the attractiveness of the industry in which an organization is operating. This model was explained initially in Michael Porter’s book in 1980. The industry structure of an organization and its corporate strategy is analyzed with the help of five forces that are undeniable and play...

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